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Forward Into the Past 1

DateJuly 6, 1991
PlaceUniversity of Waterloo
Adult Pre-Reg Price$2.00 / class-hour
$10.00 whole day
Adult Day-Reg Price$2.00 / class-hour
$10.00 whole day


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Interesting Stats
Speakers 24
Session Hours 42
Repeat hours 8 (19.05%)
Unique Hours 34
Canceled Hours2
Approx Attendance35
Groups ParticipatingSCA


Archery SurveyDance IBoard GamesArmouringJuggling-TumblingCeltic HistoryBardic Arts
ChainmailEmbroideryCrusadesCard GamesMedicinal HerbsDance IIIDance IV
Dice GamesViking History Cooking Herbs Stained GlassPaper Making
HeraldryWood Construction Dance II   
Recipes  Illumination   

Class (Full List)Speaker (Full List)TimeAttendence
Archery SurveyCatherine of Haley Green9:00 
Bardic ArtsKnott Maelsson4:00 
Board GamesCynwrig the Wanderer11:00 
BrewingCANCELLED11:00, 3:00 
CalligraphyArin McLean of Loch Buie11:00, 2:00 
Card GamesCynwrig the Wanderer1:00 
Celtic HistoryBranwen3:00 
ChainmailGary Snyder9:00 
Cooking HerbsRagnheithr Thorbjarnarsdottir1:00 
Costume I (pre 1200)Arnora Dunestan2:00, 4:00 
Costume II (post 1200)Catherine (Artair's Lady)10:00, 3:00 
CrusadesGary Van Lingen11:00 
Dance IBjorn, Sorcha, Marc Collins10:00 
Dance IIBjorn, Sorcha, Marc Collins1:00 
Dance IIIBjorn, Sorcha, Marc Collins3:00 
Dance IVBjorn, Sorcha, Marc Collins4:00 
Dice GamesCynwrig the Wanderer9:00 
HeraldryBrand Thorwaldsson9:00 
IlluminationArin McLean of Loch Buie1:00 
Jewelry MakingNeil Peterson11:00, 4:00 
Juggling-TumblingOwain ap Emrys of Shrewsbury2:00 
LeatherworkArnora Dunestan11:00, 2:00 
Medicinal HerbsPaddy Gillard-Bentley2:00 
Paper MakingJ Caz Bentley4:00 
RecipesRagnheithr Thorbjarnarsdottir9:00 
Rennaisance HistoryMarc Collins9:00 
Songs/MusicElspeth2:00, 3:00 
Stained GlassJ Caz Bentley3:00 
Viking HistorySigridr Rognvaldsdottir10:00 
VintningNeil Peterson10:00, 4:00 
Wood ConstructionCathy10:00 
Wood DecorationJ Caz Bentley1:00 

  • I enjoyed this and would suggest only that you advertise it more widely next year. I saw one poster in Zehrs, and one in St. Jacobs.
  • Some seminars had too much info to be fit into 1 hour: Calligraphy, songs and music
  • A break would be nice in the middle of the afternoon
  • Great Day! Great enthusiastic instructors. Thanks
  • Very Interesting and enjoyable. I look forward to taking the courses next year that I could not fit in this year.
  • I attended 7 sessions and a short break mid am and Pm would have been good.
  • Didn't know refreshments were available in the lounge downstairs.
  • I would have liked to have sampled more than 7 topics. Perhaps an extended one day event (evening as well) or a two day event could be offered in the future.
  • Was impressed with the quality and knowledge of session leaders.
  • Felt the cost for the day was minimal