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Forward Into the Past 11

DateApril 7, 2001
PlaceScholar's Hall
Adult Pre-Reg Price$2.50 / class-hour
$15.00 whole day
Child Pre-Reg Price$2.00 / class-hour
$10.00 whole day
Adult Day-Reg Price$3.50 / class-hour
$21.00 whole day
Child Day-Reg Price$3.00 / class-hour
$15.00 whole day
Site Cost$ 250.00
Other Costs$ 219.10

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Interesting Stats
Speakers 40
Session Hours 70
Repeat hours 2 (2.86%)
Unique Hours 68
Canceled Hours2
Approx Attendance78
Number of hours attended / 7 70.14
Adult hours attended449
Child hours attended42
Average attendance per session-hour7.22
Most popular non-keynote sessionPrincipals of Medieval Combat (21)
Groups ParticipatingSCA


Basic Armouring TechniquesAdvanced ChainmailAromatherapy
Japan - Beginning of the Edo PeriodThe Baltic CrusadeBeginner's Hand DrummingBeginner's Tablet WeavingDouble Faced Tablet WeavingArthurian Legends
JugglingBeginner's ChainmailBelt MakingHoupelandsBardic Arts
Running a Russian Household in 1550Entertaining with DrumsBeginner's Middle Eastern Dance for MenCotehardies from Greenland GownsCode breaking: A PracticeIntermediate Hand DrummingBasic Fashion
 Cross-stitch 101Code making: A StudyDebunking Myths of the Middle AgesEnglish History
 Making Mead'Damn things', 'Aunt Janes', and other odditiesGypsiesKnife SharpeningIntroduction to Rennaissance DanceMathematics
 Pewter CastingFletchingMiddle English as a second LanguageMedicinePrincipals of Medieval CombatMilitary Orders in the Middle Ages
 GamesMiddle Eastern Dance for beginnersThe Real Braveheart14th century Sewing and textile information
 Head GearViking Ship BuildingNaalbindingViking HoaxesViking Talk
 Bowyer's ToolsThe Mysteries of Henna Unveiled Poetics  
  The Painted Face: cosmetics in the Middle Ages Reading the Tarot  
  Reading Middle English    

Class (Full List)Speaker (Full List)TimeAttendence
'Damn things', 'Aunt Janes', and other odditiesDarrell Markewitz11:305
14th century Sewing and textile informationHelen of Greyfells4:4510
Advanced ChainmailGary Snyder1:305
AromatherapyTerra Jade Wallace3:4513
Arthurian LegendsHeather Dale4:4511
Bardic ArtsRichard Schweitzer4:456
Basic Armouring TechniquesMark Patchett9:304
Basic FashionRosmuire na Findlay ni Farquhar4:451
Beginner's ChainmailGary Snyder10:3015
Beginner's Hand DrummingSeonag NicThomais, Streonwold Wulfesbana11:307
Beginner's Middle Eastern Dance for MenValizan al Bassim al Rakkas11:300
Beginner's Tablet WeavingRob Schweitzer1:306
Belt MakingSelena Mann, Kevin Jarbeau1:303
Bowyer's ToolsMichael Kleinknecht10:306
Code breaking: A PracticePeter Westergaard2:306
Code making: A StudyPeter Westergaard1:306
Cotehardies from Greenland GownsHelen of Greyfells1:307
Cross-stitch 101Pavel10:304
Debunking Myths of the Middle AgesAdrienne Dandy2:3017
Double Faced Tablet WeavingRob Schweitzer3:451
English HistoryAdrienne Dandy3:453
Entertaining with DrumsStreonwold Wulfesbana10:304
FletchingMarcus Burnham11:3013
GamesJim McColm10:304
GypsiesMaddelena bala Kameskro1:307
Head GearDanute Dorion10:304
HoupelandsHelen of Greyfells3:457
Intermediate Hand DrummingSeonag NicThomais, Streonwold Wulfesbana3:450
Introduction to Rennaissance DanceSarah Scroggie3:455
Introduction to the SCANeil Peterson9:30, 5,5
Japan - Beginning of the Edo PeriodBrendan Smith9:3016
Knife SharpeningRoeloff Dolderson2:3010
Making MeadSeonag NicThomais10:303
MathematicsDaniele di Padola4:450
MedicineAnne Cox2:307
Middle Eastern Dance for beginnersMohasaba1:304
Middle English as a second LanguageRoselyne de l'Estrangere1:3014
Military Orders in the Middle AgesDavid Blanchard4:4517
NaalbindingSarah Scroggie2:304
Pewter CastingRichard Schweitzer10:3019
PoeticsTim Jennings2:305
Principals of Medieval CombatAEMMA3:4521
Reading Middle EnglishHeather Galoska11:304
Reading the TarotMaddelena bala Kameskro2:306
Running a Russian Household in 1550Kseniia Nikolaeva doch'9:307
Siege Attack Weapons - Theory and PracticeJerry Penner9:30, 11,10
The Baltic CrusadeDavid Blanchard10:306
The Mysteries of Henna UnveiledMohasaba11:308
The Painted Face: cosmetics in the Middle AgesGwendolyn Rosamond11:300
The Real BraveheartHeather Dale3:4513
Viking HoaxesDave Cox3:459
Viking Ship BuildingGrimmaldi1:308
Viking TalkDARC4:459
Warp Weighted LoomAnne Cox10:305

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