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Forward Into the Past 15

DateApril 9, 2005
PlaceScholar's Hall
Adult Pre-Reg Price$3.00 / class-hour
$15.00 whole day
Child Pre-Reg Price$2.00 / class-hour
$10.00 whole day
Adult Day-Reg Price$4.00 / class-hour
$20.00 whole day
Child Day-Reg Price$3.00 / class-hour
$15.00 whole day
Site Cost$ 250.00
Speakers Cost$ 709.10
Advertising Cost$ 0.00
Other Costs$ 0.00

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Interesting Stats
Speakers 66
Session Hours 118
Repeat hours 0 (0%)
Unique Hours 118
Canceled Hours2
Approx Attendance79
Number of hours attended / 7 51.43
Adult hours attended343
Child hours attended17
Average attendance per session-hour3.1
Most popular non-keynote sessionViking Ship Building (for Dummies) (12)
Groups ParticipatingSCA


Board Games for Children - Alquerques Anglo-Saxon CookingBox BuildingArthurian LegendsAdvanced LucetBardic: Better Lyric WritingBoard Games for Children - Hounds and Hare
Anglo-Saxon Forging Demonstration
CalligraphyChainmail for BeginnersBattle of PoitiersBeginner's Embroidery for ChildrenBasic Arrow MakingCameo history- history, design, materials and construction
Costuming - Fiber Burn TestCostuming - Men's 14th Century EnglandCarvingCourtesans of Renaissance ItalyBasic Mask Making for KidsDissecting and Emulating a Design Style
Herbal PracticumCostuming - Getting StartedChainmail - Second StepsKnights Templar, who were they?
Introduction to the SCAA Dance of Love and War--Il Torneo AmorosoDivorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, SurvivedCostuming - Finishing Touches
Introduction to Glass Bead Making'Dirt into Iron' - Smelting Experiments 2004Fighting with the sword in one handCryptographyEuropeans in JapanMarket Place Gemnology
Latin PoetryGreen Sleeves and Duckies - their roll in late period costuming or how to find your inner truckerHardened Hides: Making Leather Cups, Bottles, and Armour BitsDyers' Round TableHistorical SheepMedieval Tiles
Making Tassels and Tassel Dolls for ChildrenNorse ShoesKumihimo for KidsHavamaal: Words of WisdomEleanor of AquitaineThe History of the Rom (Gypsies)Norse King's Sagas
Medieval Cheese-MakingMedieval Clothing for ChildrenIrish DressFighting in armour with the swordNaalbinding Hands-OnOld English Country Dance - Second Steps
Ninja and Warrior MonksSharpening Tools WorkshopMongol InvasionsPouch Making for KidsGenpei WarNorse Wire Knitting - Advanced
Presenting the Past - Approaches to Re-creating HistoryWeaving on a Warp Weighted Loom - hands-on introductionNaalbinding in HistoryRecreating JewelryKumihimo - The Art of Japanese CordmakingOseberg Ship Burial
Rebated Steel Combat DemonstrationNorse Wire Knitting for BeginnersTools, Technique and Ritual of the Early Medieval Hunt - An Introduction to Gaston Pheobus' Le Livre de la Chasse (The Book of the Hunt)Medieval History of the Kremlin of MoscowOld English Country Dance - Beginner's StepsReckoning, a first lesson
Warp-Weighted Loom - questions and theoriesPewter Casting for BeginnersUkrainian Costumes from 1000-1600Pewter Casting - AdvancedPastimes of the VikingsSengoku Jidai (Age of warring states)
Tablet Weaving for BeginnersPractical FlaxVenetian Martedi Grasso masks-history and constructionPhilosophies of Re-enactmentPlaywrighting - a workshop
  Stripes and Diamonds in SprangPractical TrebuchetSilverpoint DrawingSound and Fury, signifying... ?
   Viking Ship Building (for Dummies) Ukrainian Names and HeraldyTablet Weaving - Advanced

Class (Full List)Speaker (Full List)TimeAttendence
'Dirt into Iron' - Smelting Experiments 2004Darrell Markewitz1:0010
A Dance of Love and War--Il Torneo AmorosoJanet Wason12:001
Advanced LucetTina Gaston3:101
Anglo-Saxon CookingBeth Patchett, Aibhilin fra Skye11:004
Anglo-Saxon Forging DemonstrationKen Cook, Sam Falzone9:301
Arthurian LegendsHeather Dale2:009
Bardic: Better Lyric WritingTruly Carmichael4:103
Basic Arrow MakingRuss Sheldon4:1010
Basic Mask Making for KidsJanet Logan4:103
Battle of PoitiersRuss Sheldon2:001
Beginner's Embroidery for ChildrenStephanie E. Nyhof-Demoor3:102
Board Games for Children - Alquerques Tina Gaston, Christine Olliffe9:304
Board Games for Children - Hounds and Hare Christine Olliffe5:101
Box BuildingNicholas West12:003
CalligraphyElise Kingston11:003
Cameo history- history, design, materials and constructionKathy Page5:101
CarvingJ Caz Bentley1:002
Chainmail - Second StepsGary Snyder, Valerie West3:106
Chainmail for BeginnersGary Snyder12:004
Costuming - Fiber Burn TestTruly Carmichael11:002
Costuming - Finishing TouchesLarisa Kallaur-Telford, Tom Telford3:104
Costuming - Getting StartedLarisa Kallaur-Telford, Tom Telford1:002
Costuming - Men's 14th Century EnglandDeb Mattingly12:005
Courtesans of Renaissance ItalyBruce MacOdrum3:107
CryptographyPeter Westergaard3:106
Dissecting and Emulating a Design StyleJ Caz Bentley5:102
Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, SurvivedCatherine Ollerhead DeSantis2:004
Dyers' Round TableSarah Hughes, Karen Peterson, Vandy Simpson, Jo Duke, Nina Bates3:1010
Eleanor of AquitaineCANCELLED3:100
Europeans in JapanBrendan Smith4:10 
Fighting in armour with the swordBrian McIlmoyle3:103
Fighting with the sword in one handBrian McIlmoyle2:006
Genpei WarBrendan Smith3:100
Green Sleeves and Duckies - their roll in late period costuming or how to find your inner truckerNina Bates, Heather Galoska1:003
Hardened Hides: Making Leather Cups, Bottles, and Armour BitsMarcus Burnham2:005
Havamaal: Words of WisdomNeil Peterson2:003
Herbal PracticumPaddy Gillard-Bentley11:005
Historical SheepAnne Cox4:104
Introduction to Glass Bead MakingJean Ross11:009
Introduction to the SCAGrace Carr11:004
Irish DressJackie Wyatt2:005
Knights Templar, who were they?Nicholas West5:108
Kumihimo - The Art of Japanese CordmakingMelanie Robbins3:103
Kumihimo for KidsMelanie Robbins1:003
Latin PoetryAnn Graham11:001
Making Tassels and Tassel Dolls for ChildrenLaurie Woodward11:002
Market Place GemnologyNorah Kerr5:107
Medieval Cheese-MakingClare Stanworth-Cunnane11:000
Medieval Clothing for ChildrenTina Gaston1:000
Medieval History of the Kremlin of MoscowLaurie Woodward3:101
Medieval TilesFoote the Potter5:104
Mongol InvasionsBrendan Smith1:003
Naalbinding Hands-OnKim McAuley4:104
Naalbinding in HistoryKim McAuley1:005
Ninja and Warrior MonksBrendan Smith11:002
Norse King's SagasRichard Schweitzer5:104
Norse ShoesBrad Hovenden12:003
Norse Wire Knitting - AdvancedDeborah Welch4:105
Norse Wire Knitting for BeginnersDeborah Welch12:0010
Old English Country Dance - Beginner's StepsDiana Glennie4:104
Old English Country Dance - Second StepsDiana Glennie5:103
Oseberg Ship BurialDave Cox5:104
Pastimes of the VikingsNeil Peterson4:103
Pewter Casting - AdvancedRichard Schweitzer3:106
Pewter Casting for BeginnersRichard Schweitzer12:009
Philosophies of Re-enactmentV.M. Roberts3:106
Playwrighting - a workshopPaddy Gillard-Bentley4:101
Pouch Making for KidsJanet Logan2:003
Practical FlaxAnne Cox1:004
Practical TrebuchetJerry Penner3:102
Presenting the Past - Approaches to Re-creating HistoryDarrell Markewitz, Catherine Ollerhead DeSantis11:0011
Rebated Steel Combat DemonstrationMark Patchett11:004
Reckoning, a first lessonCary Timar5:102
Recreating JewelryNorah Kerr2:002
Resource Depletion and Surviving the End of EmpiresDavid Porreca, Ph.D.9:3018
Sengoku Jidai (Age of warring states)Brendan Smith5:102
Sharpening Tools WorkshopJ Caz Bentley12:005
Silverpoint DrawingJ Caz Bentley4:104
Sound and Fury, signifying... ?Tim Jennings5:101
Stripes and Diamonds in SprangJudy McKay1:001
Tablet Weaving - AdvancedRob Schweitzer5:101
Tablet Weaving for BeginnersRob Schweitzer11:002
The History of the Rom (Gypsies)Karina Bates4:101
Tools, Technique and Ritual of the Early Medieval Hunt - An Introduction to Gaston Pheobus' Le Livre de la Chasse (The Book of the Hunt)Chris Kerr2:002
Ukrainian Costumes from 1000-1600David Blanchard2:002
Ukrainian Names and HeraldyDavid Blanchard4:100
Venetian Martedi Grasso masks-history and constructionKathy Page2:003
Viking Ship Building (for Dummies)Dave Cox2:0012
Virtues and Vices in Medieval SocietySusan Carroll-Clark, Ph.D.4:1012
Warp-Weighted Loom - questions and theoriesCANCELLED11:000
Weaving on a Warp Weighted Loom - hands-on introductionJo Duke, Karen Peterson12:004
Witches, Witch Hunts, and WitchTrials, in period and beyondStephanie E. Nyhof-Demoor5:104

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