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Forward Into the Past 16

DateApril 1, 2006
PlaceScholar's Hall
Adult Pre-Reg Price$3.00 / class-hour
$15.00 whole day
Child Pre-Reg Price$2.00 / class-hour
$10.00 whole day
Adult Day-Reg Price$5.00 / class-hour
$20.00 whole day
Child Day-Reg Price$3.00 / class-hour
$15.00 whole day
Site Cost$ 250.00
Speakers Cost$ 556.10
Advertising Cost$ 0.00
Other Costs$ 0.00

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Interesting Stats
Speakers 42
Session Hours 77
Repeat hours 0 (0%)
Unique Hours 77
Canceled Hours0
Approx Attendance58
Number of hours attended / 7 47.86
Adult hours attended302
Child hours attended33
Average attendance per session-hour4.35
Most popular non-keynote sessionNaalbinding - a workshop for Beginners (16)
Groups ParticipatingSCA


Children's Interactive ActivitiesBox BuildingIntroduction to the SCA12th century Hair StylesArchery Equipment for Beginners12th century Clothing Styles12th century Dress Accessories
Egg Tempera PaintingCarvingBlack DeathBuilding a Viking Ship ModelThe Art of Displaying your Work
Knightly VirtuesFlint and Steel Fire StrikingMongol InvasionsChainmail for BeginnersEarly Period Beaded NecklacesChainmail - Second Steps
Japanese Food HistoryFrench Beaded FlowersEuropeans in JapanHow to Organize your ResearchCryptography
Kumihimo - The Art of Japanese Cordmaking Finger BraidingGames
Plants and StonesMaking Norse InstrumentsGoldwork EmbrodieryIntroduction to the Cut-and-Thrust Swordplay of the 15th and 16th CenturiesJapanese History from 794-1543Handsewing: period seams and seam finishes
Spinning with Flax - Advanced Drop Spinning Naalbinding in History Herbal WorkshopIntermediate Calligraphy
Textiles 101: Colour and Pattern in Dark Age and Medieval FabricsPortraits and Clothing Design Library StudiesKnights Templar, who were they?Literacy in Western EuropeIron Smelting - a Practical Guide
 Practical TrebuchetNatural Dyes in Medieval History, a WorkshopPastimes of the VikingsMedieval Experience of LeprosyJapanese History from 1543-1605
 SprangNinja and Warrior MonksShetland SheepNaalbinding - a workshop for BeginnersNaalbinding - a workshop for the More Experienced
 Survey of Norse Bead Making Playing with Kennings Renaissance Era DancePirates of the Elizabethan Era
Tablet Weaving for Beginners Ukrainian Names and Heraldy Ukrainian Clothing from 1400-1600Political Uses of Medieval History

Class (Full List)Speaker (Full List)TimeAttendence
12th century Clothing StylesElise Kingston4:208
12th century Dress AccessoriesElise Kingston5:201
12th century Hair StylesElise Kingston2:107
Archery Equipment for BeginnersMichael Kleinknecht3:2010
Black DeathGary Van Lingen3:209
Box BuildingNicholas West11:002
Building a Viking Ship ModelGary Snyder4:2010
CarvingJ Caz Bentley1:105
Chainmail - Second StepsJerry Penner4:205
Chainmail for BeginnersJerry Penner2:106
Children's Interactive ActivitiesChristine Olliffe, Tina Gaston9:302
CryptographySteven Strang5:202
Early Period Beaded NecklacesJean Ross3:208
Egg Tempera PaintingJ Caz Bentley11:004
Europeans in JapanBrendan Smith3:202
Finger BraidingKarina Bates2:107
Flint and Steel Fire StrikingMark Patchett12:0012
French Beaded FlowersJackie Wyatt1:106
GamesJim McColm4:206
Goldwork EmbrodieryKathy Page1:102
Handsewing: period seams and seam finishesNina Bates5:2013
Herbal WorkshopPaddy Gillard-Bentley2:102
How to Organize your ResearchJoanne Blumetti4:200
Intermediate CalligraphyTamara Manning4:201
Introduction to the Cut-and-Thrust Swordplay of the 15th and 16th CenturiesDavid Stamper3:201
Introduction to the SCAGrace Carr1:1013
Iron Monks and Steel Lords: Pursuing the Medieval Origins of the Industrial Revolution in Rural ShropshireRonald A. Ross, Ph.D.9:3028
Iron Smelting - a Practical GuideDarrell Markewitz5:209
Japanese Food HistoryBrendan Smith11:001
Japanese History from 1543-1605Brendan Smith5:200
Japanese History from 794-1543Brendan Smith4:201
Knightly VirtuesSusan Carroll-Clark, Ph.D.11:006
Knights Templar, who were they?Nicholas West3:205
Kumihimo - The Art of Japanese CordmakingMelanie Robbins11:000
Library StudiesJudy McKay2:101
Literacy in Western EuropeAnn Graham4:201
Making Norse InstrumentsRichard Schweitzer12:004
Medieval Experience of LeprosyGary Van Lingen4:205
Mongol InvasionsBrendan Smith1:105
Naalbinding - a workshop for BeginnersKim McAuley4:2016
Naalbinding - a workshop for the More ExperiencedKim McAuley5:203
Naalbinding in HistoryKim McAuley12:009
Natural Dyes in Medieval History, a WorkshopKaren Peterson, Vandy Simpson, Jo Duke, Nina Bates, Sarah Hughes1:109
Ninja and Warrior MonksBrendan Smith2:104
Pastimes of the VikingsNeil Peterson3:204
Pirates of the Elizabethan EraDavid Stamper5:207
Plants and StonesPaddy Gillard-Bentley11:005
Playing with KenningsRichard Schweitzer2:104
Political Uses of Medieval HistoryGary Van Lingen5:202
Portraits and Clothing DesignCatherine Ollerhead DeSantis12:005
Practical TrebuchetJerry Penner12:000
Renaissance Era DanceDavid Learmonth4:204
Shetland SheepAlfredo De Santis, Catherine Ollerhead DeSantis3:205
Spinning with Flax - Advanced Drop Spinning Sarah Hughes11:006
SprangJudy McKay12:004
Survey of Norse Bead MakingNeil Peterson12:001
Tablet Weaving for BeginnersLaura Stein11:003
Textiles 101: Colour and Pattern in Dark Age and Medieval FabricsJo Duke11:009
The Art of Displaying your WorkJoanne Blumetti5:200
Ukrainian Clothing from 1400-1600David Blanchard4:201
Ukrainian Names and HeraldyDavid Blanchard2:101
Wood WorkingScott Thorburn2:102

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