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DateApril 4, 2009
PlaceScholar's Hall
Adult Pre-Reg Price$3.00 / class-hour
$15.00 whole day
Child Pre-Reg Price$2.00 / class-hour
$10.00 whole day
Adult Day-Reg Price$3.00 / class-hour
$15.00 whole day
Child Day-Reg Price$2.00 / class-hour
$10.00 whole day
Site Cost$ 375.00
Speakers Cost$ 298.40
Advertising Cost$ 0.00
Other Costs$ 50.00

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Interesting Stats
Speakers 42
Session Hours 70
Repeat hours 1 (1.43%)
Unique Hours 69
Canceled Hours8
Approx Attendance41
Number of hours attended / 7 44
Adult hours attended306
Child hours attended2
Average attendance per session-hour4.97
Most popular non-keynote sessionThe Possibilities of Early Period Colour (11)
Groups ParticipatingSCA


Keynote Lecture: Statim inuenire: the Manipulus florum in the 14th and 21st centuriesThe Possibilities of Early Period ColourTablet Weaving for BeginnersLinen: flax seed to fibreDouble Faced Tablet WeavingWarfare in the Renaissance Part 2Viking age clothing and textile production
Bone CarvingTruth about the TudorsWarfare in the Renaissance Part 1Meaningful ScratchesBeginner EmbroideryEuropean Influence on Japan
Building a Viking Ship Model - A Boat for the BurningSamurai CookingViking Era Bead ProductionStories and Poetry of Medieval JapanViking North Atlantic Sites & MuseumsPopular Religion during the Middle Ages (c. 1100-1450)
An Introduction to Lindisfarne IlluminationDances from Tudor EnglandTowards an Icelandic SmeltWarrior Monks and Ninja of JapanTo build a Tent - Camping in the Viking AgeHistory of JapanReading Medieval Books - what is that word?
Cryptographic Praise PoetryExploring the Viking Age in DenmarkIntroduction to CalligraphyFlint and Steel Fire StrikingIntroduction to Black Hours Illumination
Who were the Samurai?Chainmail for BeginnersHarp 101Hand Sewn stitches for seams, edges and hemsChainmail - Second Steps
Farms to ForgesBattle of PoitiersMaking Medieval HelmsGoodhearted CastlesThe Mary Rose - what we have learned so far Christian catacombs of RomeGoodhearted Games
Intro to Fibre Prep for SpinningSilver Point DrawingThree Early Medieval CelebritiesWet FeltingIntro to Drop SpinningIntroduction to Naalbinding
Apprenticeship in the Artistic ProfessionsHistory of Andalusia European Dance - Mimed BranslesPottery in EuropeEuropean Dance - English Country Dances 
   Irish Bardic Music and How the Welsh Somehow Managed to Keep It AlivePewter Casting for Beginners 
   Pewter Casting for Triflers and Sadmen Simple Medieval Dice and Table Games 

Class (Full List)Speaker (Full List)TimeAttendence
An Introduction to Lindisfarne IlluminationEve Harris11:001
Apprenticeship in the Artistic ProfessionsJ Caz Bentley11:006
Battle of PoitiersRuss Sheldon12:005
Beginner EmbroideryJackie Wyatt4:102
Bone CarvingCANCELLED11:00 
Building a Viking Ship Model - A Boat for the BurningGary Snyder11:001
Chainmail - Second StepsJerry Penner4:101
Chainmail for BeginnersJerry Penner12:002
Christian catacombs of RomeLianne Maitland4:103
Cryptographic Praise PoetryCANCELLED11:00 
Dances from Tudor EnglandSarah Scroggie12:007
Double Faced Tablet WeavingRob Schweitzer3:103
European Dance - English Country DancesDavid Learmonth4:103
European Dance - Mimed BranslesDavid Learmonth2:002
European Influence on JapanBrendan Smith5:101
Exploring the Viking Age in DenmarkDarrell Markewitz12:008
Farms to ForgesRonald A. Ross, Ph.D.11:0011
Flint and Steel Fire StrikingMark Patchett2:008
Goodhearted CastlesCANCELLED2:00 
Goodhearted GamesCANCELLED5:10 
Hand Sewn stitches for seams, edges and hemsValerie West2:001
Harp 101CANCELLED1:00 
History of AndalusiaKarina Bates12:005
History of JapanBrendan Smith4:101
Intro to Drop SpinningBridget Jankowski3:104
Intro to Fibre Prep for SpinningBridget Jankowski11:007
Introduction to Black Hours IlluminationLinda Kalusik3:102
Introduction to CalligraphySusan Carroll-Clark, Ph.D.1:007
Introduction to NaalbindingMark Patchett5:109
Irish Bardic Music and How the Welsh Somehow Managed to Keep It AliveCANCELLED2:00 
Keynote Lecture: Statim inuenire: the Manipulus florum in the 14th and 21st centuriesChris Nighman, Ph.D.9:3033
Linen: flax seed to fibreWendy Maurice2:008
Making Medieval HelmsKen Cook1:003
Meaningful ScratchesCANCELLED3:10 
Pewter Casting for BeginnersRichard Schweitzer3:1010
Pewter Casting for Triflers and SadmenRichard Schweitzer2:003
Popular Religion during the Middle Ages (c. 1100-1450)Susan Carroll-Clark, Ph.D.5:1010
Pottery in EuropeKarina Bates3:104
Reading Medieval Books - what is that word?Helen Marshall5:105
Samurai CookingBrendan Smith12:008
Silver Point DrawingJ Caz Bentley12:007
Simple Medieval Dice and Table GamesJo Duke4:102
Stories and Poetry of Medieval JapanBrendan Smith3:103
Tablet Weaving for BeginnersRob Schweitzer12:004
The Mary Rose - what we have learned so far Russ Sheldon3:108
The Possibilities of Early Period ColourNina Bates11:0011
Three Early Medieval CelebritiesRonald A. Ross, Ph.D., Debbe Kerkoff, Natalie Kauntz, Kristel Schmidt1:007
To build a Tent - Camping in the Viking AgeDarrell Markewitz, V.M. Roberts3:1010
Towards an Icelandic SmeltDarrell Markewitz1:006
Treasure NecklacesJean Ross1:00, 5:103,1
Truth about the TudorsCatherine Ollerhead DeSantis1:003
Viking Era Bead ProductionNeil Peterson, Sarah Backa2:006
Viking North Atlantic Sites & MuseumsNeil Peterson, Karen Peterson4:108
Viking age clothing and textile productionV.M. Roberts5:109
Vikings and the Inuit in GreenlandRonald A. Ross, Ph.D., Anatoly Venovcev2:006
Warfare in the Renaissance Part 1David Stamper2:007
Warfare in the Renaissance Part 2David Stamper4:106
Warrior Monks and Ninja of JapanBrendan Smith2:002
Wet FeltingSarah Hughes2:009
Who were the Samurai?Brendan Smith11:006

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