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Forward Into the Past 2

DateJuly 4, 1992
PlaceUniversity of Waterloo
Adult Pre-Reg Price$2.00 / class-hour
$15.00 whole day
Adult Day-Reg Price$2.00 / class-hour
$15.00 whole day
Other Costs$ 241.52

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Interesting Stats
Speakers 29
Session Hours 65
Repeat hours 23 (35.38%)
Unique Hours 42
Canceled Hours3
Approx Attendance38
Most popular non-keynote sessionCostume pre 1200 (9,8,?)
Groups ParticipatingSCA


ArcheryCourtly BehaviourHeraldryMythologyScholorshipCrusadesDance IIDyes & TextilesDance III
Candle-makingTraditions/FestivalsLiqueur MakingWoodworkSiege Engines  HouseholdsPlague
Dance IWomen in History  Wine Making  Social ChangesWeaving

Class (Full List)Speaker (Full List)TimeAttendence
ArcheryCatherine of Haley Green9:0010
ArmouringWulf11:00, 4:3010,10
Bardic ArtsKnott Maelsson1:00, 7:007,11
BrewingHenrod11:00, 3:00 
CalligraphyArin McLean of Loch Buie1:00, 7:006,?
Candle-makingRoeloff Dolderson9:001
Celtic HistoryBranwen10:00, 8:006,7
ChainmailGary Snyder2:00, 4:3017,9
Cooking HerbsAibhilin fra Skye9:00, 4:30 
Costume post 1200Arnora Dunestan1:00, 3:00, 7:00 
Costume pre 1200Arnora Dunestan2:00, 4:30, 8:009,8,?
Courtly BehaviourDavid Martin Failsworth10:0013
Dance IEyrny Ormarsdottir9:00 
Dance IIEyrny Ormarsdottir4:306
Dance IIIEyrny Ormarsdottir8:0010
Dyes & TextilesHanorah7:007
EmbroideryFace9:00, 4:306,?
GamesCynwrig the Wanderer2:00, 4:30 
HeraldryBrand Thorwaldsson11:008
HouseholdsArnora Dunestan7:00 
IlluminationArin McLean of Loch Buie3:00, 8:007,4
JewelryNeil Peterson10:00, 7:007,6
Juggling / TumblingOwain ap Emrys of Shrewsbury10:00 
Leather workOdd Grimsson10:00, 1:007,11
Liqueur MakingTamarra Amalthea of Romany11:006
Medicinal HerbsPaddy Gillard-Bentley10:00, 1:00, 3:0011,12,?
Paper MakingJ Caz Bentley7:00 
PlagueGary Van Lingen8:00 
RecipesAibhilin fra Skye11:00, 8:00 
ScholorshipGary Van Lingen2:00 
Siege EnginesTarver the Pole2:009
Social ChangesCANCELLED7:00
Songs/MusicRhiannon of Wye9:00, 11:00, 2:00?,8,5
Stained GlassJ Caz Bentley11:00, 3:0011
Viking HistorySigridr Rognvaldsdottir9:00, 3:00?,7
Wine MakingNeil Peterson2:00 
Women in HistoryBernard Sebastian Wolfe10:00
WoodworkJ Caz Bentley1:006

  • Thank you to teachers was in form of mead provided by Knott and Ragnar
  • Evening Classes were dropped after this as the post-dinner classes were VERY poorly attended