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Forward Into the Past 3

DateJuly 10, 1993
PlaceWilfrid Laurier University
Adult Pre-Reg Price$2.50 / class-hour
$15.00 whole day
Adult Day-Reg Price$2.50 / class-hour
$15.00 whole day
Other Costs$ 121.06

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Interesting Stats
Speakers 25
Session Hours 64
Repeat hours 1 (1.56%)
Unique Hours 63
Canceled Hours15
Approx Attendance17
Most popular non-keynote sessionCourtly Etiquette (10)
Groups ParticipatingSCA


Arthurian LegendsBlacksmithing (Practicum)Clothing 1450-1600ArmouringEmbroideryCourtly Etiquette
Beer MakingBow MakingCastle Sapping (In Persona)Dance IIBardic Apprentices (in Personna)Rope and Cord MakingDance III
Black DeathChainmail Apprentices (In Persona)Clothing 1200-1450Calligraphy / Illumination (practicum)
CalligraphyClothing 600 - 1200Decorative BeadingMusical InstrumentsCeltic Society (In Persona)Scientific InstrumentsHerbalist Apprentices (In Persona)
History of ArcheryDance IFalconryChainmail PracticumMedical ApprenticesSiege Engines
Fighter Levy (In Persona)Decorative Weaving (Practicum)Jewelry Making (Practicum)Liqueur Making (Practicum)
 FeastsNorman Society (In Persona)WeavingNatural DyesPike Regiment (In Persona)Pottery
 IlluminationHair StylesViking Society (In Persona)Leather BottlesTapestry 
 Medicinal Herbs  Middle Eastern DanceWood Carving (Prcticum)
 Wine Making (Practicum) Silverpoint Drawing (In Persona)  

Class (Full List)Speaker (Full List)TimeAttendence
Arthurian LegendsArnora Dunestan9:007
Bardic Apprentices (in Personna)Sigurd2:159
Beer MakingCANCELLED9:00 
Black DeathGary Van Lingen9:005
Blacksmithing (Practicum)Brenneth10:005
Bow MakingYumi10:001
Calligraphy / Illumination (practicum)Scott Caple1:153
Castle Sapping (In Persona)CANCELLED11:00 
Celtic Society (In Persona)Paddy Gillard-Bentley2:155
Chainmail Apprentices (In Persona)Gary Snyder10:003
Chainmail PracticumGary Snyder1:152
Clothing 1200-1450Arnora Dunestan11:003
Clothing 1450-1600Susan Carroll-Clark, Ph.D., Amy Menary1:153
Clothing 600 - 1200Susan Carroll-Clark, Ph.D.10:002
Cooking HerbsAibhilin fra Skye4
Courtly EtiquetteDavid Martin Failsworth4:3010
Dance IEyrny Ormarsdottir10:002
Dance IIEyrny Ormarsdottir1:152
Dance IIIEyrny Ormarsdottir4:304
Decorative BeadingAmy Menary11:001
Decorative Weaving (Practicum)Cynwrig the Wanderer10:000
EmbroideryArnora Dunestan3:304
FeastsJean Ross10:001
Fighter Levy (In Persona)CANCELLED9:00 
Hair StylesPaddy Gillard-Bentley11:002
Herbalist Apprentices (In Persona)Paddy Gillard-Bentley4:303
History of ArcheryRob Schweitzer9:001
JewelryNeil Peterson9:00, 4:302,3
Jewelry Making (Practicum)CANCELLED1:15 
Leather BottlesOdd Grimsson2:151
Liqueur Making (Practicum)Tamarra Amalthea of Romany3:303
Medical ApprenticesKim McAuley3:305
Medicinal HerbsPaddy Gillard-Bentley10:008
Middle Eastern DanceElina de Braose2:153
Musical InstrumentsCANCELLED1:15 
Natural DyesCANCELLED2:15 
Norman Society (In Persona)Tamarra Amalthea of Romany11:004
Pike Regiment (In Persona)James3:302
PotteryFoote the Potter4:300
Rope and Cord MakingCANCELLED3:30 
Scientific InstrumentsCANCELLED3:30 
Siege EnginesCANCELLED4:30 
Silverpoint Drawing (In Persona)J Caz Bentley2:158
Stained GlassJ Caz Bentley2:152
TapestryElina de Braose3:301
Viking Society (In Persona)Neil Peterson1:156
Wine Making (Practicum)Neil Peterson10:000
Wood Carving (Prcticum)J Caz Bentley3:306

  • Thank you to teachers was in form of beer and root beer provided by Cynwrig
  • 1st introduction of in-persona classes well received by SCA and public alike
  • 1st FORMAL use of practicum-format classes (also fairly well received, esp. by teachers like Tamara)