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Forward Into the Past 4

DateJuly 9, 1994
PlaceWilfrid Laurier University
Adult Pre-Reg Price$2.50 / class-hour
$15.00 whole day
Adult Day-Reg Price$2.50 / class-hour
$15.00 whole day
Other Costs$ 457.78


Interesting Stats         Class Statistics          Comments from Attendees

Interesting Stats
Speakers 32
Session Hours 72
Repeat hours 12 (16.67%)
Unique Hours 60
Canceled Hours10
Approx Attendance75
Groups ParticipatingSCA


Black DeathCard WeavingClothing 600 - 1200Bardic Apprentices (in Personna)ChainmailAdvanced Blacksmithing (Practicum)Cathedrals
History of ArcheryBeginners Blacksmithing (Practicum)Basic IlluminationClothing 1450-1600Blacks in HistoryAdvanced Medicinal Herbs 
 Cooking HerbsDyes & DyeingClothing 1200-1450Norman Society (In Persona)Decorative BeadingBrief History of Music 
 Dance IImpromtu DanceDance IIUkranian CostumeIntermediate Woodcarving (Practicum)Passions of the Saints 
 Drop SpindleFlirting 101 (In Persona)EmbroideryWar of the Roses (In Persona)Ukranian Egg Decorating (2 hours) 
 Origin of Law (Magna Carta) Herbs (Practicum) Beginners Medicinal Herbs 
 Silverpoint Drawing (Practicum)Spices and Spice routesOne Serious DanceLiqueur Making (2 hours) 
 Smelting Leather Carving Lucette Cord (Practicum) 

Class (Full List)Speaker (Full List)TimeAttendence
Advanced Blacksmithing (Practicum)Brenneth3:306
Advanced Medicinal HerbsPaddy Gillard-Bentley4:306
Armour Show and TellGlanddth Rhys Mordwen11:00, 4:309,9
Bardic Apprentices (in Personna)Sigurd1:1516
Basic CalligraphyCANCELLED11:00, 2:15 
Basic IlluminationAustrechild1:1510
Beginners Blacksmithing (Practicum)Brenneth10:00 
Beginners Medicinal HerbsPaddy Gillard-Bentley4:3014
Black DeathGary Van Lingen9:005
Blacks in HistoryInes de Rusconi3:301
Brief History of MusicPaul Zuwala4:3011
Card WeavingSigridr Rognvaldsdottir10:008
ChainmailGary Snyder2:1517
Clothing 1200-1450Arnora Dunestan1:1510
Clothing 1450-1600Amy Menary, Medinia2:156
Clothing 600 - 1200Susan Carroll-Clark, Ph.D.11:007
Cooking HerbsAibhilin fra Skye10:009
Costume PatternsArnora Dunestan9:00, 4:3012,9
Courtly EtiquetteDavid Martin Failsworth10:00, 1:1512,15
Dance IGodfroi10:0010
Dance IIGodfroi1:152
Decorative BeadingAmy Menary3:3016
Drop SpindleEtaoin10:001
Dyes & DyeingEtaoin11:006
FeastsJanet Lloyd10:00, 3:303,12
Flirting 101 (In Persona)David Martin Failsworth11:0011
HeraldryAustrechild?, ?1,2
Herbs (Practicum)Paddy Gillard-Bentley1:159
History of ArcheryRob Schweitzer9:0010
Impromtu DanceRosina del Bosco Chiaro11:00 
Intermediate Bardic TechniqueHector of the Black Heights3:30, ?12,6
Intermediate Woodcarving (Practicum)CANCELLED3:30 
Jewelry FashionsNeil Peterson9:00, 4:3012,6
Leather CarvingRob Schweitzer1:159
Liqueur Making (2 hours)CANCELLED3:30 
Lucette Cord (Practicum)Bernard Sebastian Wolfe3:302
Middle Eastern DanceElina de Braose9:00, 3:30?,3
Norman Society (In Persona)Elina de Braose2:153
Norse ResearchRagnheithr Thorbjarnarsdottir1:155
Norse Society (In Persona)Neil Peterson11:00, 3:3013,10
One Serious DanceRosina del Bosco Chiaro2:15?
Origin of Law (Magna Carta)Augustine du Charbonnieres10:004
Passions of the SaintsElizabeth Cadfan4:3014
Peasant LifeAdrienne Dandy9:00, 10:0018,6
RecipesJanet Lloyd11:00, 2:154,11
Silverpoint Drawing (Practicum)CANCELLED10:00 
SmeltingGary Van Lingen10:008
Spices and Spice routesLeonora da Liliacea1:152
Ukranian CostumeLilibeta Rudenko2:152
Ukranian Egg Decorating (2 hours)Lilibeta Rudenko3:301
War of the Roses (In Persona)CANCELLED2:15 

  • Thank you was Pewter medallions by Cynwrig & Richard [VERY well received]
  • huge turnout - 82 Attendees
  • Practicums / Personna classes should be used again - good response
  • Central rotunda "Atmosphere" layout was VERY popular
  • Info booth needs to be MUCH more visable / Active
  • Room signs / Big Sched. were GOOD
  • Need a teacher lounge organizer/clean-up/restock person
  • Heavy advertising WORKED. (comment that posters were seen everywhere)
  • day is still long - attrition in later classes was noticable as people left
  • fix class run on (classes going past 50 Minutes)
  • suggestion of a "teachers roundtable" room to talk about medieval units
  • good feedback about teachers in general - need better checking of how good