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Forward Into the Past 6

DateJuly 6, 1996
PlaceWilfrid Laurier University
Adult Pre-Reg Price$2.50 / class-hour
$15.00 whole day
Adult Day-Reg Price$2.50 / class-hour
$15.00 whole day
Other Costs$ 550.63

Interesting Stats         Class Statistics          Comments from Attendees

Interesting Stats
Speakers 30
Session Hours 64
Repeat hours 12 (18.75%)
Unique Hours 52
Canceled Hours0
Approx Attendance80
Most popular non-keynote sessionCastration, Virginity, and Sex (9,3)
Groups ParticipatingSCA


Basic Lucette Cord MakingCool Chicks IBeginners Tablet WeavingBeginners HerbsAdvanced Tablet WeavingArmies of Bonnie Prince CharlieIndian food of the 12th Century
Basket WeavingHistory of HerbsEnglish Elementary Education in the Later Middle AgesArthurian legendsHerbal Workshop
Peasants Introduction to Historical DanceEmbroideryIlluminationAdvanced Lucette Cord Making
  Medieval Fashion 1350-1450PetsHistory of Spanish JewsSo you want to be a vikingPre-Christian Religion
  Merchant of Venice (In Personna)Spanish Fashions in the Late Middle AgesHumours in Food Cool Chicks III
  Real Braveheart Medieval Fashion 600-1350Handspinning & dyeing
  Religion in Medieval Life Romeo and Juliet's Dance Politically Incorrect Woodcuts
  Stained Glass Cool Chicks II Historical Interpretation for Re-enactors

Class (Full List)Speaker (Full List)TimeAttendence
Advanced Lucette Cord MakingBernard Sebastian Wolfe4:301
Advanced Tablet WeavingRob Schweitzer2:150
Armies of Bonnie Prince CharlieAonghas macLeoid o'hAngusa of Strathafon3:303
Armour Fashions, Fads, and FanciesGlanddth Rhys Mordwen1:15, 2:1515,8
Arthurian legendsHeather Dale2:1521
Basic Lucette Cord MakingBernard Sebastian Wolfe9:004
Basket WeavingRosmuire na Findlay ni Farquhar9:0010
Beginners HerbsCaitrin of Chalswell1:158
Beginners Tablet WeavingRob Schweitzer11:0010
Black DeathGary Van Lingen9:00, 11:0018,4
Calligraphy (Practicum)Kim McAuley1:15, 3:307,10
Castration, Virginity, and SexElizabeth Cadfan1:15, 3:309,3
ChainmailGary Snyder10:00, 4:3015,7
Cool Chicks IAdrienne Dandy10:005
Cool Chicks IIAdrienne Dandy2:155
Cool Chicks IIIAdrienne Dandy4:303
Costume patternsArnora Dunestan9:00, 1:1514,7
EmbroideryLeonora da Liliacea1:159
English Elementary Education in the Later Middle AgesJim McColm1:155
Feast Manners and EtiquetteJanet Lloyd10:00, 2:152
GamesCynwrig the Wanderer10:00, 3:306,11
HakamaalHector of the Black Heights11:001
Handspinning & dyeingSuisan3:304
Herbal WorkshopPaddy Gillard-Bentley3:3014
Historical Interpretation for Re-enactorsDarrell Markewitz4:309
History of HerbsPaddy Gillard-Bentley11:003
History of Spanish JewsZadok ben Soloman ibn Alfakhar2:153
Holding a Feast for 4 to 10 PeopleJanet Lloyd11:00, 3:308,9
Humours in FoodAibhilin fra Skye2:158
IlluminationCaitrin of Chalswell3:303
Indian food of the 12th CenturyAibhilin fra Skye4:306
Introduction to Historical DanceRosina del Bosco Chiaro11:0011
Introduction to the SCAArnora Dunestan, Neil Peterson10:00, 1:157,5
Medieval Fashion 1350-1450Arnora Dunestan11:0012
Medieval Fashion 600-1350Susan Carroll-Clark, Ph.D.2:1515
Merchant of Venice (In Personna)Leonora da Liliacea11:004
MusicRob Schweitzer9:00, 10:005,11
Olde DancesEric the Peacock9:00, 4:305,6
PeasantsAdrienne Dandy9:007
PetsEalasaid Loginach na Kildare1:1511
Politically Incorrect WoodcutsGary Van Lingen4:3010
Pre-Christian ReligionCaitrin of Chalswell4:309
Real BraveheartHeather Dale11:0010
Religion in Medieval LifeSusan Carroll-Clark, Ph.D.11:009
Romeo and Juliet's DanceRosina del Bosco Chiaro2:159
So you want to be a vikingDarrell Markewitz3:307
Spanish Fashions in the Late Middle AgesGwendolyn Rosamond1:155
Stained GlassJ Caz Bentley11:0013

  • First year for Compendium Sales over $400 at $15/book. 206 pg
  • NO CANCELLATIONS ????!!!???

Summary of 40 Feedback Forms

How did you hear about us?
Poster9 St. Jacobs
Comic store in Wat.
East Side marios
UW Library
Now & Then books
Elizagoth (Stratford)
SCA meeting5 
Attended Before3 
Canada Day2 
UW newspaper1 

Where are you from?
New Hamburg3

What should be changed/added
  • Add session on research (how to do)
  • Alchemy / science
  • Archery Classes
  • Asian courses
  • Astrology
  • Cosmetics
  • Design applique - application
  • Flirtation
  • Garment embellishment
  • Hair styles
  • Meditteranian course
  • More classes on Literature & art
  • More time for more courses x2
  • Needlework (knitting crochet)
  • Play area, Kids classes

  • Enjoyed the day -- glad I came.
  • Good stuff
  • Great selection & quality
  • Highlight the "in personna" classes
  • I really liked it, had a good time
  • Liked castration lady, she was excellent
  • Lunch
  • Maybe shorten the day -- people seem to leave around 4
  • More hands on (twice)
  • More repeats
  • Overall great presentation - Well Done!
  • People should be allowed to wear garb
  • please continue women personna classes
  • review?? some of the teachers
  • This was great I didn’t whistle my money down the wind.

1=Bad, 10 = Excellent
Class Name Teacher Informative Interresting Amt. of Info Length
Adv. Lucette 8 8 8    
Armour 10,9,10,8,7,8,6,10 10,8,9,7,10 10,10,10,8,8 OK,6,9 OK,6
Arthur 10,10,7,9 10,8,8 10,6,9 6 6
Basketweaving 8,9,9 9,8 10,8 8  
Beg. herbs 4,10,1 1,8,2 1,10,1 too little - unprepared too long
Beg. Lucette 6,8 8 8    
Black Death 8,9,9,6,3,9,10 10,9,10,7,8,4 10,9,9,7,8,3 never enough,8  
Braveheart 10,8,8,10,9 10,8,8,10 10,8,7,10 OK,OK OK,OK
Calligraphy 8,7,9,4,8,7,10,8 8,6,8,6,9,6,10,8 8,7,9,4,9,7,8 8 9
Chainmail 9,10,9,8,8,4,10,9,10 10,8,9,8,6 10,10,9,7,6 OK OK
Charlie’s Army 57  
Cool Chicks I6,10,67,10,63,10  
Cool Chicks II6,8,106,106,10  
Cool Chicks III8,777  
Costume 6009,8,7,8,610,9,8,89,7,8,8  
Costume 135010,3,8,9,810,4,7,8,610,7,9,8   
Costume Pattern10,10,8,8,8,10,8,108,10,10,10,69,10,10,10   Please have visual pattern prepared to move class along
Dance8,2,8,8,8,10,8,106,2,8,6,10,109,18,7,108 too fast
Education7,8,8,610,9,8,99,9,8,6 Way too much but all very good 
Fashion7,8,10,86,8,105,85 Fashion Instructor used language base beyond that of a beginner w/o explaining terminology. Laymans terms would be greatly appreciated. Also Catholic bashing was disrespectful and not appreciated.
Feast 4-108,10,7,10,108,10,8,10,106,10,7,10,108  
Feast Ettiq.10,7,6,7,7,10,8,810,7,6,8,7,6,1010,7,6,7,8,6,10 6, too little6,OK
Herbal Workshop10,9,10,810,8,1010,8,910,9,10 
Hist Herbs99108 
Hist. Interpretation10,10,109,10,109,10,10 OK, not enoughOK,too short
Humours in Food6,9,7,3,24,9,54,9,9 not enough prep - did not fill 1 hr; after 20 min subject was over
not enough
Indian Food7,67,67,679
Intro Dance10,9101066
Intro SCA10,10,810,10,910,10,8  
Jewish Hist55559
Music1,7,5,5,32,7,4,22,8,7,7should have rehearsed too long
I would liked to have had a historical overview of what the music was like & I didnt’ appreciate the anti-church bias.
Should speak about music in general, in addition to the experimental aspect.
Should also discuss the instruments used at the time.
Old Dance10,9,109,9,1010,9,106,GREAT6,OK
Peasants8,8,8,8,8,1010,8,10,10,7,1010,8,10,9,7,106,OK, 6,OK
Pre Christian889  
Religion7,8,8,2,8,7,6,107,8,9,10,10,8,7,107,8,9,1,9,8,6,10 OK,OK OK,OK
Sex6,9,10,7,9,106,9,10,8,66,9,10,9,8 not enough prep - did not fill 1 hrWell paced / informed
Spanish Fashion101010  
Stained Glass1,5,8,91,8,81,81 9, More visual examples
Tablet Weaving9,9,8,89,89,89 
Wood Cuts7,5,7,8,6,6,7,107,5,4,7,6,47,6,7,5,9,7 Too little
teacher misunderstands mater.
too short