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A Ceramic Whistle
Clay flutes have been made in Europe and all over the world from ancient times onward. This history will be discussed in class while we make our own vessel flute based on archeological finds. Flutes will be fired and stained after the class by the instructor and mailed to participants. Students also have the option of making their own arrangements to have the item fired.
There is a materials fee of $12 (firing and mailing),6 (unfired) for this class.
Speaker: Robyn Whystler

A Passion for Learning: Taking the Next Steps in Research
Have you read a few books on the Middle Ages and "caught the bug"--but don't want to spend seven years getting a graduate degree? After this class, you'll never look at history quite the same way again. Learn how to sharpen your critical thinking skills, ferret out unusual sources, and discover the "big picture" about medieval life. Discussion will include advice for finding sources on the Internet.
Speaker: Susan Carroll-Clark, Ph.D.

Advanced Chainmail
Beyond the basics: mail is the most versatile, flexible armour ever developed. Able to be shaped to every part of the human form mail can also be the basis for wonderful jewelry. In this class some different chain patterns will be discussed. A basic understanding of mail is required. Bring two pair of pliers.
Speaker: Gary Snyder

Aromatherapy (2 hours)
Learn to create your own healing oils with scents of essential oils. Each participant will make 2 15mL bottles for personal use. Previous knowledge of aromatherapy or working with essential oils would be beneficial, but is not mandatory.
Class is limited to 15 people.   There is a materials fee of $6 for this class.
Speaker: Terra Jade Wallace

Arthurian Legends
Who was King Arthur? How did he come to be one of the most popular heroes in Western culture? This course will start with a look at the historical Arthur, then move through 1000 years of the development of the legend.
Speaker: Heather Dale

Astronomy, its uses and practices in the Middle ages
Why was astronomy important to both clerical people and farm labourers during the middle ages? How was it used by each, and to what end? Come join us for a discussion of the stars and their courses, as seen by medieval stargazers.
Speaker: Rufina Saavedra

Basic Medieval Patterns
Learn the basic shapes of some of the common medieval garments, and some understanding of how to construct a garment from these basic pattern shapes. Participants will learn how to take measurements, and adapt them to scale drawings provided.
Speaker: Arnora Dunestan

Basic Music Reading (2 hours)
Have you ever wanted to learn an instrument, but don't know where to start? Have you ever wanted to join the chorus, but too intimidated by all those black dots on the sheets? This class will clarify the basic fundamentals of music theory. We will go over note values, names, musical terms, and try to put some of this new knowledge into action.

Basic Tunic Making (2 hours)
Tunics have been a standard of clothing for both men and women for thousands of years. Come and learn some of their history and make your first tunic. No previous experience is required. Anyone may come and learn but there is space for only 5 to make their own.
Class is limited to 5 people.   There is a materials fee of $10 for this class.
Speaker: Beth Patchett

Bawdy Songs & Love Ballads
Popular songs from the halls and taverns of medieval Europe. We'll be discussing and learning rounds and catches, drinking songs and poetry that stirs the heart and the. . . imagination. All are invited to join in the singing, but convenient larengitis will be provided for those who just want to listen. This class is for adults only.
Speaker: Richard Schweitzer

Beginner's Chainmail
Why was chainmail the ultimate armour for warriors for over a thousand years? So versatile, it is still in use today. Historical background, 'how to', and 'hands on'. Please bring two pairs of pliers.
Speaker: Gary Snyder

Beginner's Guide to Freestyle Embroidery
Freestyle embroidery is like having a blank colouring book and a limitless box of crayons. You have the freedom to fill in your spaces and shapes however you chose. What works, and what doesn't, is a question of knowing your materials and some simple techniques for plotting your projects. Colouring between the lines is optional. Participants must bring own embroidery hoop and a pen or pencil which works on fabric. Materials fee covers embroidery blunts and some floss samples.
Class is limited to 15 people.   There is a materials fee of $5 for this class.
Speaker: Arnora Dunestan

Beginner's Hand Drumming
This will be a basic class including the care and feeding of the doumbek, the tar, and other basic drums, and the drummer. It will introduce the sounds the Middle Eastern hand drum can make, drummers will learn the correct playing position for the hands and body. Some drum etiquette will be scattered throughout, and at least three basic rhythms will be taught (in "drumspeak"). Participants should bring their own drum if possible. The class is heavily weighted toward the doumbek.
Speakers: Seonag NicThomais, Streonwold Wulfesbana

Beginner's Tablet Weaving (2 hours)
A hands-on introduction to tablet weaving. The participants will be shown how to string up a loom, as well as a few basic techniques and patterns. Observers are more than welcome.
There is a materials fee of $3 for this class.
Speaker: Rob Schweitzer

Beginners Blacksmithing (3 hours)
This course will cover the basic tools and techniques of the Blacksmith's art. This years project is a fire pit tripod. A maximum of four people will have the chance to put hammer to metal so sign up early if that is your wish. Others are welcome to sign up for this class and watch and learn.
Class is limited to 4 people.   There is a materials fee of $20 for this class.
Speaker: Augustine du Charbonnieres

Belt Making (2 hours)
The workshop will consist of a talk of the history of belts throught the middle ages in terms of style and functionality. We will have examples of various belts and their adornments as well as documentation for these and other styles. The second part of the workshop will allow participants to make their own belt, a simple strap and buckle type. The cost of the leather, the buckle and the dye is included in the materials fee, belt mounts are not provided. Basic leatherworking techniques will be explained and demonstrated, all tools will be provided.
Class is limited to 8 people.   There is a materials fee of $10 for this class.
Speakers: Selena Mann, Kevin Jarbeau

Birch Bark Horn
This may well be the only medival instrument that can be made in under an hour. Come make your own period birch bark hunting horn. Also known as a "Touhitorvi" in Finland, this instrument is easy to make and easy to play (or at least make a loud noise with). No skills are necessary and there is no fee for supplies.
Speaker: Richard Schweitzer

Black Death
In 1347 Europe was a ticking ecological time bomb. With overpopulation there were too many underfed people. Something nasty was going to happen no matter what. That the Black Death got there first was possibly an act of kindness. But the aftereffects of losing over 1/3 of the total European population in less than 5 years was traumatic in ways never before experienced. The roots of European civilization were soundly rattled and what survived was substantially different than what appeared before the plague. This class is meant to be an introduction into the origins and mechanics of the plague as well as an examination of the cultural forces which then reshaped Europe.
Speaker: Gary Van Lingen

Blacksmithing - open shop (4 hours)
This open shop will allow individuals who do not get the chance to log hours on a forge, and who have some experience with blacksmithing to attempt projects that can be finished in one afternoon. If people in the morning class wish to continue on into the afternoon and make additional campware this is the opportunity. Individuals from previous classes may also register. A maximum of four people will have the chance to put hammer to metal so sign up early if that is your wish. Others are welcome to sign up for this class and watch and learn. It is expected that you have already taken a basic black smithing course.
Class is limited to 4 people.   There is a materials fee of $10 for this class.
Speaker: Augustine du Charbonnieres

Bowyer's Art and Tools
We will examine the tools and materials of Bow building.
Speaker: Michael Kleinknecht

No description available.

Brocaded Tablet Weaving
This class is for those individuals who have some experience with tablet weaving or who have attended the introductory class. A hands-on introduction of various brocading techniques used on tablet woven bands. Historical applications and designs will also be discussed. Observers are more than welcome.
There is a materials fee of $3 for this class.
Speaker: Rob Schweitzer

Buying a Book of Hours (In Personna)
Visit Percival Kempe, 15th C. publisher, and "order" your custom illuminated book of hours. Percival will lead medieval patrons through the contents of the book, allowing them to choose their desired texts and miniatures. By the end of the class you should be familiar with medieval books of hours and the process of patronage.
Speaker: Percival Winnett Kempe

An overview of the customs, beliefs, and practices surrounding childbirth in the Middle Ages. The focus of this class will be societal attitudes towards infants and women as well as "state of the art" medicine.
Speaker: Anne Cox

Children: Drumming
No Description
Speaker: Robyn Whystler

Children: Embroidery
No Description
Speaker: Aibhilin fra Skye

Children: Messy Cooking
No Description
Speaker: Aibhilin fra Skye

Children: Rune stones
No Description
Speakers: Neil Peterson, Ragnheithr Thorbjarnarsdottir, Robyn Whystler

Children: Stories
No Description
Speaker: Pavel

Children: Story Telling
No Description
Speaker: Sigurd

Codes and Communications
As people develop and refine written language, they also developed and refined ways to keep written secrets. Learn a few codes used over the ages, the methods behind them, who used them, and why!
Speaker: Peter Westergaard

Cross-stitch 101 (2 hours)
The Medieval Sewing Circle and Stitch-n-bitch. Learn how to do basic cross-stitch. There will be some basic explanation concerning when and where cross-stitch was used, as well as a mostly practical class. Students will be able to have a small piece of cross-stitch (i.e. bookmark) to take away for completion on their own time. Students must bring their own embroidary hoop. There will be a fee for Aida cloth, embroidary floss and the students choice of one pattern. Students who bring their own materials will not be charged the materials fee.
Class is limited to 10 people.   There is a materials fee of $3 for this class.
Speaker: Pavel

Dame Susanna, Anchoress (In Personna)
An anchoress is a woman who has "taken the veil" but who lives by herself rather than in a convent with other nuns. Although after "enclosure" she might never again leave her home, usually a room or set of rooms in or close to a parish church, she might entertain visitors at her door who came seeking advice and the wisdom which comes with living a contemplative life--a sort of medieval Dear Abby. Join Dame Susanna at her doorway and bring your questions on life and love, and listen to her talk about life as an anchoress.
Speaker: Susan Carroll-Clark, Ph.D.

English History (2 hours)
Prepare to be astonished! In two madcap hours, we'll take a mad rush at English history. We'll begin at the Roman retreat from Britain and end at the ascension of a Scottish king to the English throne. The management specifically disclaims any responsibility for participants falling out of their chairs laughing.
Speaker: Adrienne Dandy

Faeries, Goblins and Trolls, Oh My!
A stroll through an enchanted forest in Medieval Ireland to uncover some of the myths and perhaps truths of the magical kingdom!
Speaker: Paddy Gillard-Bentley

Feast Etiquette
A delightful romp through the intricacies of medieval table etiquette.
Speaker: Janet Lloyd

Fighting With a Longsword
The Academy of Medieval Martial Arts will present an introductory training class on the use of the Medieval Long sword. This class will focus on basic long sword guards, cuts and wards. The instruction will use as a basis of study Hans Talhoffer's Fight book from 1467 and Fiori De'Leber's Flos Duellatorum (1410). Required materials will be supplied for use.
Speaker: AEMMA

From Tree to Casket: a discussion of the construction of a 16th century German jewelry box
First, cut down a tree, use it to build the tools, then, using those tools, basic materials and medieval techniques, construct the casket. The chronological story of this undertaking, complete with samples, the tools, and the finished project will be presented.
Speaker: Mila Little

Games (2 hours)
This class will provide an overview of the history of games popular in the Middle Ages. The games will be presented in order of development throughout time. For many of the games time will be given to experiment playing. Come and join us for some fun and games.
Speaker: Jim McColm

A history of the Gypsies in the Middle Ages, covering their origins, daily habits, beliefs, and rituals.
Speaker: Maddelena bala Kameskro

Hats and Headgear
An historical overview of the various hats and other headgear worn during the Middle Ages and Rennaisance in Europe.
Speaker: Jo Duke

Herbal Workshop
A workshop on making herbal preparations in medieval style.
There is a materials fee of $3 for this class.
Speaker: Paddy Gillard-Bentley

Holidays and History
A comparison between modern holidays and their origins in the Middle Ages. This class will look at the history of Easter, Christmas, Halloween and a brief look at a rather misunderstood holiday -- Valentine's day.
Speaker: Eleanor ferch Hew

Hose for men and women
This class provides a discussion of the history of hose as used by both men and women with instructions for making your own. Basic sewing knowledge is a requirement.
Speaker: Beth Patchett

How Shall a Man be Armed
The Academy Of Medieval Martial Arts will present a demonstration class focusing on the armour of the 14th century Man at arms. This Class entitled "how a Man shall Be Armed" will demonstrate the complete harness of armour of a 14th century "knight". Each piece of armour and its defensive significance on the battlefield will be described. Participants will witness a man being armed all the way from his "small clothes" to his sword belt. This class will be of interest to anyone who ever wanted to know how real armour was worn.
Speaker: AEMMA

Intermediate Hand Drumming
In this class we'll explore better definition for your sounds, precision hand positioning, rolls, snaps, etc. Also extemporization: fills and trills, and when not to. Possibly more rythms, depending on student knowledge base. The instructor expects to learn as much as the student.
Speakers: Streonwold Wulfesbana, Dur of Hidden Mountain

Introduction To Renaissance Dance
From Early Italian Renaissance to English Country In this class I will cover a cross section of fun easy social dances that were done in Europe from around 1450 to 1650.
Speaker: Sarah Scroggie

Introduction to the SCA
So who are the people hosting this collegium? The SCA is a group of people interested in history. Come learn more of what else the group does, how widespread it is, how to contact your local group, some of its history and stories. This class will change depending on who attends but it could also cover: How to get involved, how the SCA can help your group, ways the SCA works with the schools, and many other topics.
Speaker: Neil Peterson

Iron working in the Middle Ages
Iron, in all its forms, is the fundamental material that forms the tools of Medieval society. What is the carpenter without a chisel, the cook without a spit, the warrior without a sword? But what IS wrought iron? How was it created and worked? Join Interpretive Program Designer and professional blacksmith Darrell Markewitz for a lecture illustrated with slides and artifact reproductions.
Speaker: Darrell Markewitz

Italian Rennaissance Women's Fashion
The class will give an overview of women's clothing in Italy, concentrating on the styles during the later-half of the 15th century, closing with a brief look at the styles that followed in teh 16th century. Samples of clothing will be available for perusal, and a pattern available for tracing (bring your own paper, please).
Speaker: Pavel

Is there any truth to the stories that jugglers were considered nobility? Of course not. Come find out some of the history of juggling and learn the basic patterns.
Speaker: Cerridwyn

Late 16th century Italian Dance
Bouncy rhythms, fancy footwork; all the elements that will later lead into English, Irish and Scottish county set dancing. In this class we will learn some of the footwork and work through one of these lively dances.
Speaker: Sarah Scroggie

Leather Armour
Not all knights had "shining armour". Here's a hands-on look at an alternative to plate -- hardened leather armour, sometimes called cuirboille. Time permitting, some other uses for cuirboille will be examined as well.
Speaker: Mark Patchett

Life on the First Crusade
In March, 1095, the Byzantine Emperor, Alexius, asked western Christians for support against the Turks. A sermon by Pope Urban, that November 27, launched an era of Crusades, which would remain strong into the 14th century. Why did this movement meet with such sudden popularity, and what was life like on the First Crusade?
Speaker: Rhys ap Bledri

Maps & Mapmakers
(We came, we saw and we made the map to prove it) This class will present an overview of the different styles of world maps produced in western Europe during the Middle Ages and early Renaissance, including a discussion of some of the philosophies behind them and their possible original sources. The discussion will be illustrated using maps of local geography created in different medieval styles, as well as extracts from original maps, including the Hereford and Vinland Maps, Ptolomy's Geography and Portolan maps of the 16th century.
Speaker: Marcus Burnham

Mead - a medieval drink
An introduction to the making of mead (honey wine). A discussion of techniques (modern and historical), recipes, etc.
Speaker: Rhys ap Bledri

Medieval Calendars and the Labours of the Months
The Medieval Calendar and the Labours of the Months (as presented in illuminated calendars) Bring the medieval Christian calendar to life. By studying various illuminated calendars, you will learn about the twelve monthly labours, the zodiac, feast days ("red letter days"), important terms and how to tell what day it is. You'll elevate this beautiful art and understand its functional nature.
Speaker: Percival Winnett Kempe

Medieval Medicine
The combined use of the words medieval and medicine is almost something of a joke from our viewpoint today. With its roots firmly grounded in Classical Greece, medieval medicine was largely centered on the notion of balancing the elements or humours of the human body. This notion of balance is, perhaps, something of a lesson for modern medicine. However, the way in which medieval doctors went about achieving this balance leaves us wondering how we as a people survived the time period at all without killing ourselves off. This class is thus meant to be an introduction into the structure, practice and philosophies of medieval medicine.
Speaker: Gary Van Lingen

Middle Eastern Dance (2 hours)
This class is intended to show some of the more basic movements in Middle Eastern dance, giving the beginner a basic view of muscle movement and rhythm interpretations showing how easy and fun it is. The basic steps and exercises will be demonstrated and discussed, as will the origins of Middle Eastern Dance. There will also be some discussion on "dress" when dancing.
Speaker: Mohasaba

Mongolian Costume
Background information and step-by-step costume construction of Mongolian garb worn in the 13th Century. Male and female styles, and accessories will be discussed. Reference books will be on-hand.
Speaker: Joleicia of Litchfield

Musician's Jam Session (2 hours)
Come one, come all to a Medieval Dance Music Jam Session. In addition to playing various pieces of music a brief overview of when and where the dance/music would be performed/played will be given.   Students must bring their own instrument (woodwind or strings) and an ability to sight-read music or improvise is preferable.

This class will cover hoods, tabbards and cloaks. Although these pieces remained fairly consistant over time this class will cover the detailing that will or won't make them dateable. Basic patterns will be included. If participants bring paper (ie wrapping paper roll) they can copy full size patterns.
Speaker: Aenflaed of Wansbeck

Paper Making (3 hours)
Papermaking is an ancient craft that has been practiced for almost two thousand years. This class will provide an introduction to western style papermaking, covering the use of commercial half-stuff, sheet formation, couching, pressing and drying. The use of sizing, pigments, retention agent, and decorative additives will be also covered. Attendees should bring a smock or otherwise dress for wet and messy work.
There is a materials fee of $25 for this class.
Speaker: Audrey Hollinger

Preserving Food
A look at the history of food preservation and some examples of what you can prepare with dried, preserved food.
Speaker: Eleanor ferch Hew

Puppetry: history and techniques
Don't be frightened by all the talking fur creatures hanging around - come join in the fun! Puppetry has a long and colourful past worldwide as more than just entertainment for the kiddies. We will take a serious look at various historical forms of puppetry and discuss techniques for both performance and construction (time permitting). Older children welcome if accompanied by an adult.
Speaker: Rufina Saavedra

Reading the Tarot
Want next weeks winning lottery number? SO DO I! This class won't teach you about the future, but it will provide a brief history on the use of Tarot cards, and a lesson in how to read them
Speaker: Maddelena bala Kameskro

Siege Attack Weapons - Theory and Practice
In this class, we will be introduced to the four basic types of siege attack weapons - the belfroi, the catapult, the ballista, and the trebuchet. We will discuss the technical benefits and shortfalls of each, and find out where to use these marvellous machines. Each person will build a model catapult, and the class, clan McUs, will begin a siege against a castle held by clan McThem using our new weapons of war.
Class is limited to 10 people.   There is a materials fee of $2 for this class.
Speaker: Jerry Penner

Silver Point Drawing (In Personna)
Find out the medium that folks like Leonardo da Vinci used for their sketches. Silverpoint on Gesso. Please bring a 3mm mechanical pencil.
Speaker: J Caz Bentley

Come play in the spice box! Learn about some common scents! This class will discuss the spices used in the middle ages. There will be some sampling.
Speaker: Janet Lloyd

Stained Glass
An evaluation of stained glass techniques used by early medieval and renaissance stained glass artisans. Topics covered will include: glass manufacture, colours available, methods of assembly, and techniques of painting and firing. An ongoing demonstration of assembly techniques precedes and follows the class.
Speaker: J Caz Bentley

If you think Bayeux when you hear the words medieval tapestry, prepare to have your thinking changed. This course will look at woven tapestry from the Greeks to the Flemish tapestry makers of the Renaissance. We'll also talk about changes in loom technology, subject matter and themes, and technique.
Speaker: Adrienne Dandy

An introduction to textile production in the Middle Ages with a hands on component.
Speaker: Anne Cox

The Art of Building a Persona
Aimed at SCA novices and others interested in developing persona or character background, this course provides one way of approaching background research by posing a large number of questions participants can try to answer from a persona point of view. Looking at background details provides a lush, three-dimensional texture to personas, LARP characters, stage and screen roles. There will be some discussion on sources for research material as the class proceeds.
Speaker: Arnora Dunestan

The Cobbler's Science (2 hours)
Every wonder about what you should be wearing on your feet? Or how shoes were made in the Medieval Era? We will take a look at the history of cobblery, and some patterns for shoes of this era. The development of footwear, and the development of a pattern for you to take home. Students should bring an extra pair of socks which may be destroyed, scissors, and some duct tape if possible.

The Mysteries of Henna Unveiled
A discussion on the history and many uses of henna for the first 1/2 hr . Starting with early Egyptian use to today's. Then we will learn how to best apply henna to the body, how to keep the stain longer, what designs to use, and discuss what types of henna are available to day.
There is a materials fee of $5 for this class.
Speaker: Mohasaba

The Oseberg Viking Ship Burial
An overview of a 9th century ship burial with examples of the artefacts recovered and what they reveal about the norse (viking) culture of that time.
Speaker: Dave Cox

The Real Braveheart
Made popular by Mel Gibson's film "Braveheart", the Scottish Wars of Independence at the turn of the 14th century have enflamed the patriotism of Scots everywhere. But what *really* happened? This course will take a madcap romp through the political situation of the time, and make comparisons between history and Hollywood.
Speaker: Heather Dale

The Tudors go to the movies
A light hearted review of the life of Henry the Eighth, his wives, childern and court according to the movies. Movies from the early Charles Laughton classic to the most recent offerings of Shakespear in Love and Elizabeth will be dicussed.
Speaker: Catherine Ollerhead DeSantis

This class will cover the development of Medieval theatre from the fall of the Byzantine empire to mumming and masquing.
Speaker: Roberto Muchado

Timber Framing in Anglo Saxon England
A look at timber framing for houses, barns, sheds and the like throughout the Anglo-Saxon period. A quick look at joints, fasteners and tools is included.
Speaker: Ken Cook

Vegetarian Food
Which one's the vegetarian? Fyshe Dayes and Fasting in Medieval Europe Most folks in Medieval times ate meat whenever they could. There were few people who would be classified as what we have more recently come to call vegetarian. That said, there were many who could not afford to eat meat regularly, and who were prohibited from eating meat on particular days by the church. This class would be a suitable introduction for anyone who wants to know more about medieval foods aside from whole roast beast. We'll discuss some of the whens, wheres and whys of foods being restricted as well as a number of medieval recipes for vegetarian food.
Speaker: Jo Duke

Viking Talk
An in personna chat about some aspects of viking life. Details to follow.
Speakers: Dave Cox, Neil Peterson, Darrell Markewitz, Ragnheithr Thorbjarnarsdottir

Wisdom and Lies - tales from the Middle East
Come, and listen to tales used in the instruction of the princes of Georgia, and common to many lands throughout the Middle East, Persia, and India. Time will be taken for questions about the stories, and storytelling in general.
Speaker: Dur of Hidden Mountain

Wood Carving (2 hours)
A discussion of wood carving in a medieval context. If you wish to work please bring your tools and any work in progress.
Speaker: J Caz Bentley

Contact us if you have any questions or suggestions