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'Damn things', 'Aunt Janes', and other oddities
Much of our knowledge of the past comes from examination of surviving artifacts - but what if they LIE? This free wheeling lecture by living history specialist Darrell Markewitz will touch on what makes an object survive, and the limits to what can be determined from each. Illustrated with slides and physical samples, with a special focuss on the 'Dark Ages'.
Speaker: Darrell Markewitz

14th century Sewing and textile information
A survey of the sewing techniques found at the digs in London (from Textiles and Clothing), as well as Greenland. Samples of stitches will be available to see, both in sample and full dress form. Cardwoven edges will be discussed and demonstrated. Textile information from T+C as well as other sources will be presented, and samples of similar types of cloth will be available to look at. A good companion class to: Cotehardies from Greenland Gowns; and Houpelandes.
Speaker: Helen of Greyfells

Advanced Chainmail (2 hours)
Beyond the basics: mail is the most versatile, flexible armour ever developed. Able to be shaped to every part of the human form mail can also be the basis for wonderful jewelry. In this class some different chain patterns will be discussed. A basic understanding of mail is required. Bring two pair of pliers.
Speaker: Gary Snyder

Aromatherapy (2 hours)
Learn to create your own healing oils with scents of essential oils. Each participant will make 2 15mL bottles for personal use. Previous knowledge of aromatherapy or working with essential oils would be beneficial, but is not mandatory.
Class is limited to 15 people.   There is a materials fee of $6 for this class.
Speaker: Terra Jade Wallace

Arthurian Legends
Who was King Arthur? How did he come to be one of the most popular heroes in Western culture? This course will start with a look at the historical Arthur, then move through 1000 years of the development of the legend.
Speaker: Heather Dale

Bardic Arts
A quick survey of the role of the skald, scop, bard, troubadour and goliard -- the poets/singers/historians/story-tellers of the middle ages and renaissance. Examples of their poetry, stories and songs will be used in discussing oral tradition and its importance in the modern context.
Speaker: Richard Schweitzer

Basic Armouring Techniques (3 hours)
This course will explore the basic techniques of making steel plate armour, including: cutting, deburring, dishing, curving, planishing and riviting. Active participants will make a pair 14th century pauldrons ( shoulder armour ) from mild steel and leather ( for strapping ), or another project of similar difficulty. Maximum 3 active participants, due to a limited number of tools. Observers welcome. Cost - $10 for materials, (more or less depending on what you make.) Bring - work gloves, eye and ear protection if you have them, I'll try to provide them if you don't.
Speaker: Mark Patchett

Basic Fashion
This course provides simple instruction on how to make a basic 'medieval' costume. I will go over several different styles for both men and women, what types of fabrics are best to use and how to make the costumes. This course is for the person either just starting out in the SCA or wants to learn some of the basics of making a simple costume. There will be a handout with this course.
Speaker: Rosmuire na Findlay ni Farquhar

Beginner's Chainmail (2 hours)
Why was chainmail the ultimate armour for warriors for over a thousand years? So versatile, it is still in use today. Historical background, 'how to', and 'hands on'. Please bring two pairs of pliers.
Speaker: Gary Snyder

Beginner's Hand Drumming
This will be a basic class including the care and feeding of the doumbek, the tar, and other basic drums, and the drummer. It will introduce the sounds the Middle Eastern hand drum can make, drummers will learn the correct playing position for the hands and body. Some drum etiquette will be scattered throughout, and at least three basic rhythms will be taught (in "drumspeak"). Participants should bring their own drum if possible. The class is heavily weighted toward the doumbek.
Speakers: Seonag NicThomais, Streonwold Wulfesbana

Beginner's Middle Eastern Dance for Men
A basic course to teach men the power, grace and control of movement in the Middle Eastern dance style (especially within the SCA) and how it subtly differs from female form. Special attention will be paid to the stance and "attitude" of male dancers.
Speaker: Valizan al Bassim al Rakkas

Beginner's Tablet Weaving (2 hours)
A hands-on introduction to tablet weaving. The participants will be shown how to string up a loom, as well as a few basic techniques and patterns. Observers are more than welcome.
There is a materials fee of $3 for this class.
Speaker: Rob Schweitzer

Belt Making (2 hours)
The workshop will consist of a talk of the history of belts throught the middle ages in terms of style and functionality. We will have examples of various belts and their adornments as well as documentation for these and other styles. The second part of the workshop will allow participants to make their own belt, a simple strap and buckle type. The cost of the leather, the buckle and the dye is included in the materials fee, belt mounts are not provided. Basic leatherworking techniques will be explained and demonstrated, all tools will be provided.
Class is limited to 8 people.   There is a materials fee of $10 for this class.
Speakers: Selena Mann, Kevin Jarbeau

Bowyer's Tools
No description yet
Speaker: Michael Kleinknecht

Code breaking: A Practice
Where there is a code, there is a code-breaker. Learn about the people behind the greatest intelligence agencies in medieval and renaissance Europe and the middle east. Walk through practice code-breaking exercises using period encipherments.
Speaker: Peter Westergaard

Code making: A Study
Learn about the various means used to protect information from prying eyes - all the way from Ancient Greece right up to the real events behind the trial of Mary Queen of Scots!
Speaker: Peter Westergaard

Cotehardies from Greenland Gowns
A survey of the 14th century finds at Herjolfnes, Greenland, and London England, as well as contemporary artistic sources in order to discover one way that cotehardies were probably made. Includes a review of the sources and practical advice on constructing cotehardies, as well as patterning and fitting techniques. Focus is primarily on womens wear. For information on sewing techniques and material selection, please go to the related class: 14th century Sewing and Textile information.
Speaker: Helen of Greyfells

Cross-stitch 101 (2 hours)
The Medieval Sewing Circle and Stitch-n-bitch. Learn how to do basic cross-stitch. There will be some basic explanation concerning when and where cross-stitch was used, as well as a mostly practical class. Students will be able to have a small piece of cross-stitch (i.e. bookmark) to take away for completion on their own time. Students must bring their own embroidary hoop. There will be a fee for Aida cloth, embroidary floss and the students choice of one pattern. Students who bring their own materials will not be charged the materials fee.
Class is limited to 10 people.   There is a materials fee of $3 for this class.
Speaker: Pavel

Debunking Myths of the Middle Ages
Have you always thought that people dropped dead when they hit 35 during the Middle Ages? That lords of the manor had the right of the first night with new brides? Or that peasants ate gruel when they could get it, and old shoes the rest of the time? We all have beliefs about the Middle Ages that have been passed around as common knowledge. Many of these beliefs are false. Some of them are true. Come and separate some of the chafe from the wheat. We'll talk about the beliefs above, but participants are particularly encouraged to bring along questions they have about things they've long held as gospel truth. (Please note: Answers to such questions are much more likely to be answered in a thorough manner if they are asked at the time of pre-registration or emailed to Helewis.)
Speaker: Adrienne Dandy

Double Faced Tablet Weaving
This class is for those individuals who have some experience with tablet weaving or who have attended the introductory class. A hands-on introduction of various brocading techniques used on tablet woven bands. Historical applications and designs will also be discussed. Observers are more than welcome.
There is a materials fee of $3 for this class.
Speaker: Rob Schweitzer

English History (2 hours)
Prepare to be astonished! In two madcap hours, we'll take a mad rush at English history. We'll begin at the Roman retreat from Britain and end at the ascension of a Scottish king to the English throne. The management specifically disclaims any responsibility for participants falling out of their chairs laughing.
Speaker: Adrienne Dandy

Entertaining with Drums
As the title implies, this lesson is intended to help us, the drummers, entertain other people than ourselves. In a very interactive format, we'll explore accompanying other (melody) instruments, and voice. We'll look at when to play, and when not to, and how to introduce emotion (feeling) into our music. I would like to explore other percussive instruments than the drum, so I'm encouraging all participants to bring an improvised/home-made rhythm instrument to the class. This class is not just for drummers - all bards who would like to integrate percussion into their performances are welcome to attend.
Speaker: Streonwold Wulfesbana

A look at the manufacture and design of arrows through the medieval period and how to make both basic and medieval looking arrows for use in the current Middle Ages. The class will draw mostly on information from the 14th - 16th century, but will touch on some evidence from earlier periods.
Speaker: Marcus Burnham

Games (2 hours)
This class will provide an overview of the history of games popular in the Middle Ages. The games will be presented in order of development throughout time. For many of the games time will be given to experiment playing. Come and join us for some fun and games.
Speaker: Jim McColm

A history of the Gypsies in the Middle Ages, covering their origins, daily habits, beliefs, and rituals.
Speaker: Maddelena bala Kameskro

Head Gear (2 hours)
So now you have this really nice outfit. Learn how to finish off the look by dressing your head. We will look at a variety of different headdressings and how to adapt them to different periods. And then we will make a simple headroll and/or a Rennaisance style headband. Some hand sewing experience would be an asset. Materials will be on hand. There will also be a handout. This is a beginner class. If you have something you might like to incorporate into your headdressing, please bring it along and we will look at it.
Class is limited to 6 people.   There is a materials fee of $7 for this class.
Speaker: Danute Dorion

A survey of a variety of ways one could pattern a Houpeland, using modern flat pattering, and draping techniques, as well as a look at Herjolfnes #63. Each example will be related to the statues and paintings that survive from the 14th and 15th centuries. Examples will be shown both on paper and in cloth on a manikin. Mens and womens costume will be discussed. For information on sewing techniques and material selection, please go to the related class: 14th century Sewing and Textile information.
Speaker: Helen of Greyfells

Intermediate Hand Drumming
In this class we'll explore better definition for your sounds, precision hand positioning, rolls, snaps, etc. Also extemporization: fills and trills, and when not to. Possibly more rythms, depending on student knowledge base. The instructor expects to learn as much as the student.
Speakers: Seonag NicThomais, Streonwold Wulfesbana

Introduction to Rennaissance Dance
From Early Italian Renaissance to English Country In this class I will cover a cross section of fun easy social dances that were done in Europe from around 1450 to 1650.
Speaker: Sarah Scroggie

Introduction to the SCA
So who are the people hosting this collegium? The SCA is a group of people interested in history. Come learn more of what else the group does, how widespread it is, how to contact your local group, some of its history and stories. This class will change depending on who attends but it could also cover: How to get involved, how the SCA can help your group, ways the SCA works with the schools, and many other topics.
Speaker: Neil Peterson

Japan - Beginning of the Edo Period
A look at Samurai armour and weapons featuring Tokugawa Ieyasu, Oda Nosunga, Takeda Shingen
Speaker: Brendan Smith

Is there any truth to the stories that jugglers were considered nobility? Of course not. Come find out some of the history of juggling and learn the basic patterns.
Speaker: Pavel

Knife Sharpening
Hand sharpening of knives is done the same way now as it was done in the Middle ages. See how to make your dull steel sharp and keep it that way.
Speaker: Roeloff Dolderson

Making Mead
This class will be in a lecture format. It will cover a brief history of mead, types of mead and various ingredients and types of yeast as well as an overview of how to make a basic mead.
Speaker: Seonag NicThomais

A look at math n the middle ages especially focusing on fractions and ratios.
Speaker: Daniele di Padola

No description yet
Speaker: Anne Cox

Middle Eastern Dance for beginners (2 hours)
This class is intended to show some of the more basic movements in Middle Eastern dance, giving the beginner a basic view of muscle movement and rhythm interpretations showing how easy and fun it is. The basic steps and exercises will be demonstrated and discussed, as will the origins of Middle Eastern Dance. There will also be some discussion on "dress" when dancing.
Speaker: Mohasaba

Middle English as a second Language
Lend medieval flavour andv erve to everyday conversation. Amaze your friends with your command of colourful medieval vocabulary and distinctive speach patterns. Learn to form contractions the Midevil way.
Speaker: Roselyne de l'Estrangere

Military Orders in the Middle Ages
Did you know that there was an order of Leper Knights? Most people don't. They only heard of the big 3 military orders in the Middle Ages - The Hospitallars, the Templars and the Teutonic Knights. This course will examine not only the big 3 but also the other religious military orders during the middle ages.
Speaker: David Blanchard

Single Needle Knitting - Emma will show you a simple technique for knitting that was used for centuries before the two needle method was invented.
Speaker: Sarah Scroggie

Pewter Casting
Make your own buttons and pendants from a mold you carve yourself out of soapstone. It's dusty, but it's fun. Beware -- the instructor is a historian.
There is a materials fee of $3 for this class.
Speaker: Richard Schweitzer

This class will examine three types of early period poetry with a mind to writing poetry in these styles. As part of the workshop, students will be asked to participate by working on new pieces during class. Please bring pencils and paper.
Speaker: Tim Jennings

Principals of Medieval Combat
Principals of Medieval Combat will present the Attributes of the Medieval warrior. Using Primary source material from historical fighting manuals we will investigate the characteristics of the well trained Medieval Warrior. We will then focus on the foundation skills of the Medieval fighter and discuss a method of developing basic combat skills. The presentation will include an opportunity to learn and practice some basic grappling and dagger fighting methods. This presentation is not designed to be specifically applicable to SCA type Armoured combat however it is applicable to the development of a better understanding of European Medieval Fighting Arts.
Speaker: AEMMA

Reading Middle English
Transport yourself back in time by reading the actual written word of the people of the Middle Ages. In this class we will take a brief look at the history and evolution of the English language. You will learn and become comfortable (hopefully!) with the texts of Chaucer and some Medieval Romances in their original Middle English. We will be reading aloud (if you want to) and learning some history along the way. No standardized spelling required!!!
Speaker: Heather Galoska

Reading the Tarot
Want next weeks winning lottery number? SO DO I! This class won't teach you about the future, but it will provide a brief history on the use of Tarot cards, and a lesson in how to read them.
Speaker: Maddelena bala Kameskro

Running a Russian Household in 1550
This is an in-persona class. Kseniia Nikolaeva doch' will be teaching the new servants of her father's household the proper way to run a Russian household during the time of Ivan the Terrible as stated in the book "Domostroi". Topics covered will be an introuction to Russia in 1550, religion in Russian households, daily life and some duties of a servant. A brief talk on weddings may happen, depending on time.
Speaker: Kseniia Nikolaeva doch'

Siege Attack Weapons - Theory and Practice
In this class, we will be introduced to the four basic types of siege attack weapons - the belfroi, the catapult, the ballista, and the trebuchet. We will discuss the technical benefits and shortfalls of each, and find out where to use these marvellous machines. Each person will build a model catapult, and the class, clan McUs, will begin a siege against a castle held by clan McThem using our new weapons of war.
Class is limited to 10 people.   There is a materials fee of $2 for this class.
Speaker: Jerry Penner

The Baltic Crusade
A crusade unlike the others, it was an expansion of Western Europe into the East. The Wild West has its beginnings in the east as the civilized peoples of the Western Europe moved against the tribes of the Eastern Europe.
Speaker: David Blanchard

The Mysteries of Henna Unveiled
A discussion on the history and many uses of henna for the first 1/2 hr . Starting with early Egyptian use to today's. Then we will learn how to best apply henna to the body, how to keep the stain longer, what designs to use, and discuss what types of henna are available to day.
Class is limited to 10 people.   There is a materials fee of $5 for this class.
Speaker: Mohasaba

The Painted Face: cosmetics in the Middle Ages
is a discussion of cosmetics used during the SCA period. The class deals almost exclusively with period recipes.
Speaker: Gwendolyn Rosamond

The Real Braveheart
Made popular by Mel Gibson's film "Braveheart", the Scottish Wars of Independence at the turn of the 14th century have enflamed the patriotism of Scots everywhere. But what *really* happened? This course will take a madcap romp through the political situation of the time, and make comparisons between history and Hollywood.
Speaker: Heather Dale

Viking Hoaxes
An examination of frauds, hoaxes and archeological misinterpretations- from the Kensington stone, and the Vinland Map, to the Viking sword from Port Arthur Ontario. This presentation will show the importance of re-examination of archeological thought & practice, as well as the humourous happenings brought about by North America's fascination with owning Viking history.
Speaker: Dave Cox

Viking Ship Building
The class will be on the general development of the Viking Longship and the period methods used to make them.
Speaker: Grimmaldi

Viking Talk
An in personna chat about some aspects of viking life. Details to follow.
Speaker: DARC

Warp Weighted Loom (2 hours)
No description yet
Speaker: Anne Cox

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