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Advanced Basket Weaving (2 hours)
This class will focus on some of the more complex shapes and weaves that can be used for baskets.
Speaker: Rosmuire na Findlay ni Farquhar

Advanced Herbs
A discussion on herbcraft throught the middle ages, including theories on magic, signatures and the doctrine of humours.
Speaker: Paddy Gillard-Bentley

Advanced Lucette Cord Making
Come see the various techniques used to create a varity of patterns and textures in Lucette Cord.
Speaker: Bernard Sebastian Wolfe

Archaeological Evidence about Archery
A look at the sum of our physical evidence about archery in the middle ages and what conclusions can be drawn from it.
Speaker: Gwynfyr

Archaeological Evidence on the Mary Rose
A look at life in the 1400s through the evidence found on the wreck of the Mary rose.
Speaker: Gwynfyr

Show and Tell. Come and see many different kinds of medieval armour. Try some on if you like. Some discussion of how each type was made will also occur.
Speaker: Unknown

Arthurian Legends
Who was King Arthur? Come and learn both the legends and the history of the best known king of England.
Speaker: Heather Dale

Bardic Apprentices (Personna)
So you want to be a bard? An introduction to the bardic arts for apprentices who want to learn at the feet of a master.
Speaker: Hector of the Black Heights

Basic Calligraphy (Practicum)
A chance to try your "hand" on some medieval scripts. Class will consist of a short lecture on the more common writing styles followed by some time practicing them.
Speaker: Kim McAuley

Basic Lucette Cord Making
Lucette cord is a cord made from wool that is used as drawstrings and decorations. This course will cover the basics of creating your first length.
Speaker: Bernard Sebastian Wolfe

Bayeux Tapestry
A look at one of the greatest tapestries of the Medieval era. Its construction and history are discussed. This class focuses around examining a replica created by the teacher.
Speaker: Raymond Dugan

Bead Making
A Look at the history of medieval glass beads. This will be followed by a chance to make imitation beads using FIMO.
Speaker: Sherri-lynn

Beginners Basket Weaving
Participants will make a small basket of woven reeds.
Speaker: Rosmuire na Findlay ni Farquhar

Beginners Blacksmithing (Practicum) (2 hours)
A hands-on experience trying the basic blacksmithing techniques. Those wishing to watch are also welcome. Please wear cotton clothes, solid shoes and bring safety glasses if you have them.
There is a materials fee of $5 for this class.
Speaker: Jamie

Beginners Herbs
A class for those interested in studying herbs with little or no information or for those only interested in the basics.
Speaker: Paddy Gillard-Bentley

Black Death
The plague killed millions. Come and see how that affected the lives of those left behind. Learn a little about the Bubonic plague itself.
Speaker: Gary Van Lingen

Cardweaving produces a decorative band suitable for trimming costumes and heavily used as a fashion in the early middle ages. Come and see how it is done.
Speaker: Rob Schweitzer

Celtic Christianity
Has it made any difference to the church in 1994 that Celtic Christianity was oppressed in 664?
Speaker: Rev. Stuart

Why was it the ultimate armour for warriors for over 1000 years? So versatile it is still in use today. Historical background, 'How-to' and 'hands on'. Please bring two pair of pliers.
Speaker: Gary Snyder

Costume Accessories
A counterpart to the costume patterns course. The class teaches how to make those little extras that go into your costume outfit.
Speaker: Arnora Dunestan

Costume Patterns
Step by step instructions on making a simple pattern for medieval clothing for your own use.
Speaker: Arnora Dunestan

Costume Try-On (Practicum) (2 hours)
A time has been set aside when you may try on the costumes worn from 600 - 1450 AD. Assistance will be provided.
Speaker: Arnora Dunestan

Crusades (Personna)
See how the crusades affected life in the 1200s from the inside. The teacher will be fulfilling her "crusader's vows" by showing how you the townspeople of Leicester can support the crusades and take your own vows without ever leaving your home town.
Speaker: Susan Carroll-Clark, Ph.D.

Dance I (Dance from the time of Lorenzo the Margnificent)
These graceful dances were done in the courts of the early Italian renaissance. One or two of the easier dances from this repertoire will be taught, along with the steps needed.
Speaker: Rosina del Bosco Chiaro

Dance II (Introduction to Medieval and Renaissance Dance)
Simple dances of the late Middle Ages and Renaissance will be covered. Dances will include: Farandole, Salterello, Bransle, Pavan and may include others as time allows.
Speaker: Rosina del Bosco Chiaro

Egg Tempra Painting
A short demonstration of the techniques of egg tempra painting.
Speaker: J Caz Bentley

Eleanor of Aquitane
A look at the life of one of the great women of history
Speaker: Adrienne Dandy

Fashion 1200-1450
A look at the fashions and follies of the Middles ages. Clothing, cut and fabric will be discussed.
Speaker: Arnora Dunestan

Fashion 600 - 1200
An overview of the clothing worn during the early part of the Middle ages. Fabric, cut and colours will be discussed.
Speaker: Susan Carroll-Clark, Ph.D.

Feast Budgeting
A look at the "down and dirty" of a large feast. Bulk buying, measuring, and cooking will be discussed. This class will interest people planning fundraising medieval dinners or weddings.
Speaker: Jean Ross

Finding Books
So you want to read up on the middle ages but you can't find any books? This course covers some topics and titles for the beginning researcher and the serious "libraryaholic". This will be of intertest to school teachers, newcomers to the SCA, and people with a particular interest in medieval topics. Use of certain library facilities will be discussed.
Speaker: Neil Peterson

Come and learn the games common throughout the middles ages. This class will include time to play some of them.
Speaker: Cynwrig the Wanderer

Goldwork Embroidery
A beginners look at adding the Medieval flair of Gold thread to your embroideries.

Herbal Practicum (In Persona) (Practicum) (2 hours)
A medieval apothecary. The class will be taught and observed in herbal preparation. The herbalist is choosing two apprentices this year.
There is a materials fee of $3 for this class.
Speaker: Paddy Gillard-Bentley

History of Archery
An overview of archery up to the 1600s with a comparison of Mongol horse archers and English Longbowmen.
Speaker: Rob Schweitzer

History of Magic
During the 12th and 13th centuries, a formal church-sponsored system of magic and medicine supplanted previous folk-magic traditions. We look at why and how.
Speaker: Frederick of L'avarre

How to do a Medieval Feast
A "how to" guide for doing a medieval feast in your home for 6 to 8 people
Speaker: Jean Ross

Intermediate Blacksmithing (Pract) (2 hours)
A hands-on experience trying the more advanced blacksmithing techniques. Those wishing to watch are also welcome. Please wear cotton clothes, solid shoes and bring safety glasses if you have them.
There is a materials fee of $5 for this class.
Speaker: Jamie

Intermediate Wood Carving (2 hours)
This is intended as a "hands-on" so try to bring something you are working on. Please bring your own tools.
Speaker: J Caz Bentley

Introduction to the SCA
What is the SCA? Why are you doing this? How can I join? What else do you do? How did it all start? Other questions are also welcome.
Speakers: Neil Peterson, Paddy Gillard-Bentley

Italian City States (In Persona)
A look at life in the city states of Italy through the eyes of a 13th Century merchant. The class will be assumed to be new hirelings in a spice shop and will be instructed in their new duties and how these will differ from what they may have know in other cities.

Jewelry Question and Answer
Bring your questions and hear the answers. This class will be a discussion of the jewelry of the Middle ages controlled by questions from the class.
Speaker: Elizabeth Cadfan

Kassarian Society (Personna)
A look at life on the Turkick steppe before it became Russian (c. 700 AD). The class will be assumed to be Magyars recently annexed by the Kassars and will be instructed in their upcoming choice - to become a citizen or not.
Speaker: Moria The Black

Language of Flowers
Flowers speak more fluently then most people. Come and see how flowers were used to speak a silent language during the middle ages.
Speaker: Tamarra Amalthea of Romany

Leather Bottle Making (Practicum) (2 hours)
Design and create your own leather bottle. Hands on for a small group but observers are welcome. Please Pre-register.
Speaker: Rob Schweitzer

Medieval Household
Have you ever wondered what the day to day workings of a medieval house were? Then this class is for you.
Speaker: Tamarra Amalthea of Romany

Middle Eastern Dance
Come and learn the basics of "Belly Dancing"
Speaker: Moria The Black

You think you're part of the downtrodden masses? You should have seen the 1300s.
Speaker: Adrienne Dandy

Pewter Casting
A practical guide to medieval stone mold construction and pewter pouring.
Speaker: Elizabeth Cadfan

Playing the Harp
Harpers added some of the beauty to a Medieval Court. Come and learn the basics of this lovely instrument. Bring your harp if you have one.

Politically Incorrect Woodcuts
See pictures of the art of the middle ages preserved in wood. From the lightly humourous to the most bawdy Wierd shows it all.
Speaker: Gary Van Lingen

Politics of Fashion (1500s)
A discussion of how the clothes of the "Elizabethian" age reflected the turmoil and changing values of an era.
Speaker: Anthea

Roles of the Storyteller
The various roles of the patronized storyteller / singer / musician in the Celtic and Heroic societies.
Speaker: Hector of the Black Heights

Silverpoint Drawing (2 hours)
A fun filled frolic in the world of Quattro cento (and earlier). Drawing materials will be provided but a 2mm lead holder (mechanical pencil) will make life easier.
Class is limited to 1 people.   
Speaker: J Caz Bentley

Spices & Spice Routes (Practicum) (2 hours)
A look at the paths spices traveled in the middle ages and a chance to taste several of them.

The Sonnet
How to take one of the most popular literary forms in Medieval Europe and get the most out of it.
Speaker: Hector of the Black Heights

Viking Society (Personna)
So you're taking advantage of the "Moving Days"? Welcome to Sigridr's garth in Iceland in the 990s. Here you will learn your new duties and how they may be different from what you have known.
Speaker: Neil Peterson

Waterloo County Teacher's Roundtable (3 hours)
Are you a teacher in Waterloo County? A Supply teacher? Have you ever done the Medieval Unit or the Viking Unit? Then this discussion is for you. Bring your ideas, bring your enthusiam. Talk with others who do these units and swap some ideas.
Speakers: Jan Hember, Jill Evans

Women's Underwear of the late 1500s
As never seen in Victoria's Secret. A discussion of undergarments worn in the "Elizabethian" era making them the first fashion slaves.

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