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14th Century Scottish Lady
So you are betrothed to the son of the Laird, or are you a member of her entourage ? Come and meet the first family of Clan MacLeod and find out what you can expect when you join the household. This is an "in Persona" class and the opportunity of a question and answer period will be offered.
Speaker: Ealasaid Loginach na Kildare

Being a talk/discussion of clothing, jewellery and accessories in European Middle Ages. How to take a costume and make it a finished/polished look using the correct accessories for that period, style and persona. This talk is geared towards SCA persons looking to present a more rounded appearance or members of the public who already have existing costumes they would like to see made more authentic.
Speaker: Ysabeau Herbier de Vauvert

Advanced Blacksmithing (4 hours)
This course will cover the more advanced techniques of the Blacksmith's art. A maximum of four people will have the chance to put hammer to metal so sign up early if that is your wish. Others are welcome to sign up for this class and watch and learn.
Class is limited to 4 people.   There is a materials fee of $10 for this class.
Speaker: Augustine du Charbonnieres

Advanced Chainmail
Beyond the basics: mail is the most versatile, flexible armour ever developed. Able to be shaped to every part of the human form mail can also be the basis for wonderful jewelry. In this class some different chain patterns will be discussed. A basic understanding of mail is required. Bring two pair of pliers.
Speaker: Gary Snyder

Archery: Bowbuilding, the basics, and the tools required
We will look at the things necessary to build a basic wooden bow, this will included where to find research material, tools and supplies.
Speaker: Michael Kleinknecht

Archery: Types of bows, history, usage, composition, effectiveness
In this class we will examine the various types of bows, their basic composition, why they were made that way and how they were used. Examples of these types of bows will be present.
Speaker: Michael Kleinknecht

Armour through the Ages
This class will look at how armour changed over the centuries of the middle ages using both physical and pictorial examples
Speaker: Mark Patchett

Aromatherapy Practicum
Learn to create your own healing oils with scents of essential oils. Each participant will make 2 15mL bottles for personal use. Previous knowledge of aromatherapy or working with essential oils would be beneficial, but is not mandatory.
Class is limited to 15 people.   There is a materials fee of $6 for this class.
Speaker: Terra Jade Wallace

Arthurian Legends
Who was King Arthur? Learn the origins and evolution of these popular legends over a millennium of history.
Speaker: Heather Dale

Beginner's Blacksmithing (3 hours)
This course will cover the basic tools and techniques of the Blacksmith's art. A maximum of four people will have the chance to put hammer to metal so sign up early if that is your wish. Others are welcome to sign up for this class and watch and learn.
Class is limited to 4 people.   There is a materials fee of $10 for this class.
Speaker: Augustine du Charbonnieres

Beginner's Chainmail
Why was chainmail the ultimate armour for warriors for over a thousand years? So versatile, it is still in use today. Historical background, 'how to', and 'hands on'. Please bring two pairs of pliers.
Speaker: Gary Snyder

Beginner's Guide to Herbology
Taking a first look at herbalism in the Middle Ages with applications to healing.
Speaker: Paddy Gillard-Bentley

Beginner's Tablet Weaving
A hands-on introduction to tablet weaving. The participants will be shown how to string up a loom, as well as a few basic techniques and patterns. Observers are more than welcome.
There is a materials fee of $3 for this class.
Speaker: Rob Schweitzer

Book Binding
A historical overview of the development of the book.
Class is limited to 12 people.   
Speaker: Mana Borisova Tchekrugina

Brocaded Tablet Weaving
This class is for those individuals who have some experience with tablet weaving or who have attended the introductory class. A hands-on introduction of various brocading techniques used on tablet woven bands. Historical applications and designs will also be discussed. Observers are more than welcome.
There is a materials fee of $3 for this class.
Speaker: Rob Schweitzer

Codes and Communications
As people develop and refine written language, they also developed and refined ways to keep written secrets. Learn a few codes used over the ages, the methods behind them, who used them, and why!
Speaker: Peter Westergaard

Cross-stitch 101(Practicum)
The Medieval Sewing Circle/Stitch-n-bitch Learn how to do basic cross-stitch. There will be some basic explanation concerning when and where cross-stitch was used, as well as a mostly practical class. Students will be able to have a small piece of cross-stitch (i.e. bookmark) to take away for completion on their own time. Students must bring their own embroidary hoop. There will be a $3.00 materials fee for Aida cloth, embroidary floss and the students choice of one pattern. Students who bring their own cloth and floss will not be charged the materials fee.
Class is limited to 10 people.   There is a materials fee of $3 for this class.
Speaker: Carolyn of Amberview

This class will look at the social dances of the past and how they have stayed with us. The function of dance as socialization will be examined.
Speaker: Eric the Peacock

This will be a basic class including the care and feeding of the doumbek, and the drummer. It will introduce the sounds the Middle Eastern hand drum can make, drummers will learn the correct playing position for the hands. Some drum etiquette will be scattered throughout, and at least three basic rhythms will be taught (in "drumspeak"). Participants should bring their own drum if possible.
Speaker: Streonwold Wulfesbana

Dressing the Renaissance Man
An in depth of discussion of men's clothing focusing on the mid-fifteenth century, illustrated with contemporary examples from art and archaeology. Topics covered will include the appearance, materials, patterns, and construction techniques of men's garments in Europe at that time.
Speaker: Nicholas Cioran

Dressing the Renaissance Woman
An in depth of discussion of women's clothing focusing on the mid-fifteenth century, illustrated with contemporary examples from art and archaeology. Topics covered will include the appearance, materials, patterns, and construction techniques of women's garments in Europe at that time.
Speaker: Nicholas Cioran

Embroidery (Practicum)
This hands on class will discuss the basic stitches used in medieval embroidery while providing a chance to practice them. Some discussion will also occur about the patterns and images employed. Please bring your own equipment if possible. Soem hoops, needles and floss will be available.
Speaker: Tsharl Larmer

Eunuch Flutes
Come and make a renaissance version of the kazoo! This instrument will be playable immediately. Within the hour you will construct, learn how to play and practice a eunuch flute with the rest of the class!

Feast Etiquette
A delightful romp through the intricacies of medieval table etiquette.
Speaker: Janet Lloyd

The Age of the Rapier: A general overview of the development of the rapier and it's role in late medieval society.
Speaker: Vladislav cel Inalt Tepelus

Games at the time of the Hundred Years War
This practical lesson will look at games and the major changes that developed in this field after 1350. A focus will be on early card games. But rules will be provided for common board games. Again, game trial is encouraged.
Speaker: Jim McColm

Games- Early Norse and Anglo-Saxon
In this practical lesson participants will be provided with general information and rules for games that would have been popular in Northern Europe prior to the twelfth century. Trying the games is encouraged.
Speaker: Jim McColm

Games- what were being played where and when
In this lecture we will examine the origins of board, dice and card games, how they developed and the routes they traveled. The focus will be on games that were played within Medieval and Renaissance Europe. This class will lead into the three practical classes later in the day.
Speaker: Jim McColm

Gaming at the turn of the Sixteenth Century
This hands on class will examine games that were being played in the courts and inns of Europe during the period that Elizabeth reigned in England. Rules will be provided for the games taught. Time will be provided for trial.
Speaker: Jim McColm

A history of the Gypsies in the Middle Ages, covering their origins, daily habits, beliefs, and rituals.
Speaker: Maddelena bala Kameskro

Hats and Headgear
An historical overview of the various hats and other headgear worn during the Middle Ages and Rennaisance in Europe.
Speaker: Gwendolyn Rosamond

This class is going to cover the basic rules of heraldry as used in the 13th century English College of Heralds. This college was one of the first to establish the formal rules for heraldry, maintaining ordinaries and armorials, and differencing for family members/relations.
Speaker: Andree mac Byrne

Herbal Workshop
A workshop on making herbal preparations in medieval style.
There is a materials fee of $3 for this class.
Speaker: Paddy Gillard-Bentley

Historical Interpretation for Re-enactors
How do you re-create the past? Some background on basic principles used by historic interpreters, and how they can be applied to the SCA.
Speaker: Darrell Markewitz

Holidays& History
A comparison between modern holidays and their origins in the Middle Ages. This class will look at the history of Easter, Christmas, Halloween and a brief look at a rather misunderstood holiday -- Valentine's day.
Speaker: Eleanor ferch Hew

Indian Food - Pre 12th century
Come and learn about the varied and complicated Cuisine, that existed before the 12th Century. Learn some of the origins of your favorite Modern Southern Indian dishes. See what delicacies Southern India has to offer.
Speaker: Aibhilin fra Skye

Introduction to the SCA
So who are the people hosting this collegium? The SCA is a group of people interested in history. Come learn more of what else the group does, how widespread it is, how to contact your local group, some of its history and stories. This class will change depending on who attends but it could also cover: How to get involved, how the SCA can help your group, ways the SCA works with the schools, and many other topics.
Speaker: Neil Peterson

Is there any truth to the stories that jugglers were considered nobility? Of course not. Come find out some of the history of juggling and learn the basic patterns.
Speaker: Pavel

Legacy of the Spoken Word
"Once upon a time" is part of the magic of medievalism. This session will discuss why the spoken word is so important to past and present medieval people. It will include examples of the power of oral tradition within the active medieval culture of the Society for Creative Anachronism. If people want to bring in prose or poetry to discuss (including works in progress), any material is welcome.
Speaker: Hector of the Black Heights

Make a Tunic
Participants in this class will cut out and (time permitting) begin sewing a basic medieval tunic. Please bring four yards of 45" wide fabric (natural fibres preferable). Both men's and women's styles will be covered.
Class is limited to 8 people.   
Speaker: Ealasaid Loginach na Kildare

Middle Eastern Dance
This class is intended to show some of the more basic movements in Middle Eastern dance, giving the beginner a basic view of muscle movement and rhythm interpretation. The basic steps and exercises will be demonstrated and discussed, as will the origins of Middle Eastern Dance, and the basic differences between Balady and Danse Orientale.
Speaker: Moria The Black

Middle Eastern Dance for Men
A basic course to teach men the power, grace and control of movement in the Middle Eastern dance style (especially within the SCA) and how it subtly differs from female form. Special attention will be paid to the stance and "attitude" of male dancers.
Speaker: Valizan al Bassim al Rakkas

Musician's Jam Session (Practicum)
Come one, come all to a Medieval Dance Music Jam Session. In addition to playing various pieces of music a brief overview of when and where the dance/music would be performed/played will be given. Students must bring their own instrument (woodwind or strings) and an ability to sight-read music or improvise is preferable.
Speaker: Carolyn of Amberview

Norse Art
A brief look at the development of different Norse art styles and their regional variations and continental influences.
Speaker: Dave Cox

Norse Construction
This class will focus on the techniques used by the norse to provide their day to day arifacts such as boxes, chairs, and beds.
Speaker: Darrell Markewitz

Opus Anglicanum Embroidery
A look at the techniques and materials used in the Opus Anglicanum embroideries - some the finest work produced in the middle ages.
Speaker: Tsharl Larmer

This class will cover hoods, tabbards and cloaks. Although these pieces remained fairly consistant over time this class will cover the detailing that will or won't make them dateable. Basic patterns will be included.
Speaker: Aenflaed of Wansbeck

Pants & Skirts
Comfort and fit are the by words here but the magic is in the details. Basic patterns will be included.
Speaker: Aenflaed of Wansbeck

Playing Two Recorders
Two at Once! The Art of Accompaniment on the Recorder. Learn the basics of improvisational accompaniment using your recorder. Drone, chordal arpeggio, and simple counterpoint techniques will enhance performances. You will also be introduced to the period technique of accompanying yourself by playing two recorders at once! Participants are encouraged to bring a soprano and an alto recorder, but any one recorder will be sufficient.
Speaker: Robyn Whystler

Preserving Food
A look at the history of food preservation and some examples of what you can prepare with dried, preserved food.
Speaker: Eleanor ferch Hew

Reading the Tarot
Want next weeks winning lottery number? SO DO I! This class won't teach you about the future, but it will provide a brief history on the use of Tarot cards, and a lesson in how to read them
Speaker: Maddelena bala Kameskro

Silver Point Drawing (In Personna)
Find out the medium that folks like Leonardo da Vinci used for their sketches. Silverpoint on Gesso . Please bring a 3mm mechanical pencil.
Speaker: J Caz Bentley

Come play in the spice box! Learn about some common scents! This class will discuss the spices used in the middle ages. There will be some sampling.
Speaker: Janet Lloyd

Stripping an Elizabethian Lady
This class will look at the proper layering of clothing for an Elizabethan Lady. Both outerwear and underwear (smalls) will be discussed.
Speaker: Gwendolyn Rosamond

An introduction to textile production in the Middle Ages with a hands on component.
Speaker: Anne Cox

The Real Braveheart
A madcap romp through the 13th century Scottish Wars of Independence, which inspired Mel Gibson's film 'Braveheart'.
Speaker: Heather Dale

This class will cover the development of Medieval theatre from the fall of the Byzantine empire to mumming and masquing.

The medieval tournament of knightly combat represent one of our strongest images of the Middle Ages. The knight in his shining armour with a feathered crest racing down the list to break his lance against an opponent. His lady love watches from the stands wearing a rich gown and an ornate hat. It is little known that these displays of arms started three hundred years earlier as huge warlike meelees that were fought over many miles. During the Middle Ages the tournament was to see many changes eventually dying out in the Elizabeth's time. In Victorian times the first attempts were made to hold them again. In the late twentieth century tournament companies have yet again formed to recreated this Western Martial art. This approximately one hour talk will cover history, development, styles and roles of the medieval martial tournament.
Speaker: Richard Larmer

Vegetarian Food
Which one's the vegetarian?
Fyshe Dayes and Fasting in Medieval Europe
Most folks in Medieval times ate meat whenever they could. There were few people who would be classified as what we have more recently come to call vegetarian. That said, there were many who could not afford to eat meat regularly, and who were prohibited from eating meat on particular days by the church. This class would be a suitable introduction for anyone who wants to know more about medieval foods aside from whole roast beast. We'll discuss some of the whens, wheres & whys of foods being restricted as well as a number of medieval recipes for vegetarian food.
Speaker: Jo Duke

Viking Life (In Personna)
This class will examine some of the great controversies of the Viking era through the unique method of having four Norsemen from various time periods discuss the issues. The topics for debate will include Following this discussion the panel will take questions from the audience on all aspects of Norse life.
Speakers: Dave Cox, Ragnheithr Thorbjarnarsdottir, Neil Peterson, Darrell Markewitz

Wood Carving (Practicum)
A discussion of wood carving in a medieval context. If you wish to work please bring your tools and any work in progress.
Speaker: J Caz Bentley

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