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AEMMA - The Academy of Medieval Martial Arts is an organization devoted to the research and resurrection of Western Martial Arts. It is AEMMA's goal through study, practice and education to elevate Western Martial Arts to a level equal to that enjoyed by Eastern Martial Arts in our culture today. Brian Mcilmoyle is the lead instructor of AEMMA's Toronto chapter and Co-Founder of the AEMMA organization. Brian has been practicing and studying Swordsmanship for 17 years.
Class: Historical Techniques of Armoured Combat

Alfredo d'Courci is a diplomate to the Court of Henry VIII from the Italian Kingdom of Napoli. Alfredo De Santis is a technical computer specialist originally from the region of Abruzzo in Italy and owner of 12 acres of prime Italian real estate.
Class: Italian for Re-enactors

Alisaundra Juliana de Sentis was born in 1550 in the province of Catalonia, the daughter of a wealthy french textile merchant. At an early age, her parents sent her to Valenciennes to stay with her aunt and uncle. It was there she was taught her letters, amongst other things, by Father Francesco, the family priest and scholar. Alisaundre became a collector of manuscripts, incunabula and fine books and she now takes care of the family library in Paris, France. Amy Menary (B.A., B. Admin. Dip., M.I.St.- in progress) works at Wilfrid Laurier University in the library.
Class: Books, Articles, and Research

Anne le gris was born in 1452 at Wilton House in Somerset. After spending her formative years in Paris, she now lives with her artist husband in Venice. She fills her days with managing his atelier. Among other SCA projects, Anne is currently studying modal music composition. Ann Graham owns Silver Writing, which offers technical writing and editing services to both the high tech and manufacturing businesses in the Ottawa area.
Classes: Introduction to reading square notation
               White Ruffs, Black Turtlenecks - Development of the English Sonnet

Anne Cox is an obstetrical nurse who is an amateur textile enthusiast with special interest in Western Europe from 900 to 1400 AD. Class: Warp Weighted Loom

Artus Faucon is a guy from around 1530 Normandie, who travelled as a sailor and a jongleur. Jonathan Whiteley will be traveling to Simon Fraser University to start the Master's thing in Ecology, having graduated from the Environmental Sciences program at Guelph. In the interim, he is a Stewardship Assistant for the Nature Conservancy of Canada, and a part-time professional Cheerleader with Canadian Cheerleading Inc
Class: Dueling and the Rapier Culture

Audrey Hollinger attended a three-hour workshop in papermaking five years ago, and took to it like a duck to pulpy water. She and her husband now own the Papertrail, which specialises in supplies and equipment for hand papermakers throughout Canada and the world. For more information, please call the Papertrail 884-7123 (1-800-421-6826 outside the K-W area)
Class: Papermaking

Viscountess Rylyn Buchanan is a 11th century saxon lady very happily married to a Norman lord. She spend most of her time running the manor, taking care of the children, and sewing. Beth Patchett is a happily married stay at home mom.
Classes: Conquest Era clothing in England

Yoshikuri Nagayo is a samauri from the late 1500's. The son of a powerful Daimyo, he came to Europe to find the assassin of his father and restore is family's honour.
Classes: Japanese History of the Azuchi-Momoyama Period (1543-1603)
               Japanese Tea Ceremony

Konrad Mattias Jager used to be a lndsknecht but currently finds himself drifting back in time to the 14th century. Brian Dorian lives in the 21st century and is happy that this is so.
Class: Pavillion Making

Swannoc lives in Scotland in the year 1292, her father owns a bit of land in the country and has two peasant families working it. Three years ago she went to visit an aunt and was kidnapped by Vikings. After spending a year with the Vikings Swannoc was able to win her freedom in a bet. When she returned home she found that she was missing the land of Ealdormere, a land that she saw during her year with the Vikings, she convinced her parents to allow her to spend some time there. Swannoc is having lots of fun and meeting many new people. Caroline McLachlan-Darling is an OAC student who found out about the SCA while at a chapters Demo two years ago. She loves Dancing, riddles, history and reading. She hopes to eventually get her Ph.D. in Medieval Studies and teach at a University.
Class: Children - Dance

Mistress Tangwystl d'Courci, Vicountess Ealdormere, Countessa Midrealm, Lives in the England of the 1530's. Before the real impact of the King's Great matter and the dissolution of the monasties was felt. Caitrin De Santis is a Surgical nurse at the Ontario Veterinary College, Honours History student and owner of Romanza, a sewing and design studio for re-encators. Caitrin lives in Guelph with her husband Alfredo, three egocentric cats, and two horses (Drummer and Bella).
Classes: Bodices and Corsets
               Life during the Tudor Era
               Tudor Clothing

Daniele di Padola is a poor student, who has worked his way up through the Italian school system on the charity of the teachers. Hoping to find work teaching noble sons (since he'd have to take on a lot of charity cases, teaching school is rather... unlucrative), he is trying to branch out into teaching arms. Nathan Kronenfeld is the proud father of the Purpose of the Universe - little else about him is really relevant at the moment.
Class: Quarterstaff

Alyce de Sheppey is a noble woman of the Middle Ages. She was born on the Isle de Sheppey and has travelled far and wide exploring her Norman roots and tasting the pleasures of other places. Danute Dorion is a contract worker whose experience is as diverse as her Medieval pursuits.
Classes: Fashion Accessories
               Pavillion Making

Master Sylard of Eagleshaven has been a prominent citizen of Septentria 'almost since the very beginning'. Sylard is a late 10th century Norse merchant and craftsman living near Duhblin. Darrell Markewitz is a Living History specialist who designed and implemented the 'Norse Encampment' interpretive program for Parks Canada at L'Anse aux Meadows NHS. He consulted on the educational programing related to the exhibits 'Vikings - North Atlantic Saga', and Full Circle - First Contact', which are now touring across North America. In 2001 he was a member of a team of specialists engauged in a project to reconstruct the orginal Viking Age iron smelter at L'Anse aux Meadows.
Class: Norse Ironworking

Grimbold No bio Yet
Class: Norse Tool Time

Albrecht Stampfer is a German of noble birth, who, having fallen on hard times, has taken up the trade of fencing teacher. He has moved to England in order to take advantage help encourage, interest in the new fangled rapier fight. David Stamper is a house dad, and loving every minute of it.
Class: On Being an Elizabethan Gentleman

Davin de la baliene is an early 15th century French son of a nobleman. As third son he has earned his way with his sword. As a mercenary, he joined forces with the Romanians in their fight against the Turks. There, he met his wife, the Gypsy Martya.
Class: Basic Stone Carving

Lady Ealasaid Loganich na Kildare is an Irish lady who was given in marriage by her father (whom she no longer speaks to!) to the Laird of Clan MacLeod. She went to the isle of Skye, where she tends to his household and his children and of course, the Laird himself. Joyce Morris is a devoted wife and the mother of 3 teenagers. In her spare time she works for a major hearing aid manufacturer in their repair department.
Classes: Pets
               Scottish Life

Lady Chiara da Montepulciano is the daughter of a late 15th c. Genoese merchant and plays a significant role in her family's business, most recently by negotiating a lucrative deal with the Sultan of Istanbul for 6 Arabian horses in exchange for the famous Montepulciano wine. Elyse Tera (BA., D.Ac) is an acupuncturist and shiatsu therapist in Ottawa and at various events in Ealdormere and beyond.
Class: Medieval Medicine in China

Eric Praetzel is an electronic/computer engineer, who is discovering the other side of life (dance, music, arts and crafts). One of these days he will discover the fleece of decisiveness and develop a persona. For now his interests are sewing with colourful fabrics, dancing, weaving, playing music, and looking for other fun things to try.
Class: Introduction to Rennaisance Dance

Thane Foote the Potter was found wandering in the widerness of Yorkshire, at the tender age of 32,covered in mud. The local gentry having overimbibed in the local brew made a spontaneous decision and exiled him to somewhere else. Having nothing but the mud he wore and necessity being the mother of invention, he used it to create his first pot. The legend continues. David Clarke is a professional studio potter and sculptor, erstwhile teacher retired, with special interest in the building of wood frame structures.
Class: Saxon History

Francois van Heerden is a senior security analyst working for a major financial institution. In his other life, he has a serious problems distinguishing modern times from ancient realities. His abiding interest in all things astronomical and mystical has lead him to investigate the origins of how astronomy was used in previous ages and the sources of superstitions.
Classes: Astronomy

Garwig der Waffenschmidt was born in Sussex, England just before the turn of the 10th century. Orphaned in his fourth year he was apprenticed to a local smith from whom he learned the basics of metalworking. Caught up by a call to battle from the local thegn, he perforce learned the art of repair and manufacture of armour - specifically chainmail. For his skill he soon acquired the title of "der waffenschmidt" - weapon or armour smith. Gary Snyder is a Kitchener grandfather working for Ontario Hydro and has been with the SCA for 12 years.
Classes: Chainmail - Advanced Techniques
               Chainmail for Beginners
               Ship Models

Lady Marian of Heatherdale is the daughter of a Scottish lord, in the time of King Edward Longshanks' occupation of the North. She is doing her bit for the rebellion by suffering through an alliance marriage on a prosperous, civilized estate in sunny France. Heather Marian Dale is a professional songwriter and performer in the Toronto area. She has recently released her first CD of original songs based on Britain's King Arthur legends, called "The Trial of Lancelot".
Classes: Arthurian Legends
               The Real Braveheart
               Vocal Projection

Master Alasdair of Raasay is a traveling mercenary with an interest in many of the finer arts practiced in areas through which he has traveled. J. Caz Bentley is an itinerant teacher, carpenter, and stained glass artist who has passed his thirty- third year and therefore counts his blessings.
Classes: Printmaking
               Silver Point Drawing

Gierhaerdt of Hildeschiem is a local chain-mail knitter. Weekdays he can be found in his shop building or repairing link armour for the pagans, and sabotaging armour for the Christians. Weekends he can be found drinking his profits in nearby Einbeck, where Bock beer will be invented 100 years after he dies. His hobbies include middle-eastern drumming, reading Germanic runes, and playing with things that go BANG and THUD. Jerry Penner is a 34 year-old electronic design engineer working for a small firm in London, where he designs and builds robots and commercial automation. He knits and sells chain mail in several local shops, and in his spare time plays with things that go BANG and THUD.
Class: Siege Attack Weapons - Theory and Practice

Raffe Scholemaystre is the household tutor living at Scarborough castle in 1380. Jim McColm is a grade 8 Special Education teacher in the area that used to be Scarborough Ont.
Class: Games

Joan Woodcott is a kitchen wench in a Tudor manor house. The days are long and the work is hard but she does get the scraps from the masters table sometimes, and the kitchen is never cold even in the midst of winter. Jo Duke has been a vegetarian on and off for over 10 years and likes the variety of Ethnic and Traditional food. She also edits the Newletter for the SCA Needleworkers Guild in Ontario and loves making and wearing hats.
Class: Medieval hats for modern heads

Lachlann Longshanks is also known as Justin Marshall who is a full time student at the University of Waterloo studying computer science. He has been in the SCA for 4 years and is interested in martial combat (specifically fencing and heavy fighting) and is interested in the Japanase and Welsh histories.
Class: Chainmail - Advanced Techniques

Kadhlin Ragnarsambatt was a small town girl living on the shores of Scotland in the mid 800s when evil Vikings raided the nearby Church at Iona and stole some of the women folk away. She was promptly renamed by her Viking captor, Ragnarr, who says he can't pronounce "that pig grunt language the Scots used" anyway. She now lives with Ragnarr in Iceland as his ambatt (personal body slave). Karen is a library clerk at the University of Waterloo, deeply bored by her day job. In the evenings and weekends, she rides herd on Leif the Licky, Ginger cat, her far too busy partner, Neil, and their new house in the quiets of St. Agatha.
Class: Roles of Women in Norse Society

Keja is 15th century Romany travelling the Baltics with her extended family, under the watchful eye of her Patron, Lord Vladimir Blahuciak. Karina Bates is a part time farmer, full time owner of an Internet Service Provider, spending what little of her time she has left in an Early Music Choir and researching Rom history, amongst other things.
Class: The History of the Rom (Gypsies)

Cainnear inghean Ui Chatharnaig was born in County Meath Ireland in the 11th century. When her mother died in childbirth and her father in the latest trade trip, Cainnear (Kon'ner) was sent north to live with her grandfather in Armagh. Not knowing the raising of girlchildren, he allowed her to spend most of her days in the local monastery where her love of books and their creation began and was nurtured. Cainnear recently moved from Northshield to Ealdormere and is slowly becoming acclimatized. Kelly Carney-Garlow is kept busy with her spouse, 8 year old daughter and 2 cats. A self employed contractor, she doesn't feel the need to explain the 12 boxes of stuffed animals and beanies in the garage. Ask and she might tell you about it.
Class: Pretty Books - Illumination

Cynred Broccan is an Anglo-Saxon from the 11th century who happens to be very interested in timber framing since that's how his home is built. He is also interested in blacksmithing, cause you just gotta have tools to do the job. He also likes beer, food and song in no particular order. Ken Cook is nuclear operator at Ontario Power Generation's Pickering plant. He also likes timber framing, blacksmithing, beer, food and song in no particular order. He lives in a converted barn, which just happens to use timber frame construction.
Class: Timber Framing

Kseniia Nikolaeva doch' is the youngest of five children living in her father's home in Iur'ev, a town west of Novgorod. Her life is currently being debated between her mother's desire for her to be a nun, her father's desire to marry her off, and her own desire to be her own woman. Kristina Jarvis is a somewhat part-time student in post-secondary school who is trying to reach her dream of being a journalist.
Class: 16th Century Russian Clothing

Aurelia Gabraina is an eleventh century byzantine court lady who has a taste for fine period couture. Larisa Kallaur-Telford is usually found stitching madly away mostly for friends and family but occassionally for herself. She is degreed in art history and Byzantine studies. By day she is a full-time ceramic artist.
Classes: Ceramics

Leonora da Liliacea is a retired Venetian spice merchant who now fills her days embroidering. Lorina Stephens owns and operates with her husband a business catering to the historical re-enactment community, supplying cooperage, historical sewing patterns, and handsewn, embroidered garments. She is a professional artist, textile artist, writer, and entrepreneur.
Classes: Embroidery - Blackwork
               The history of Embroidery

Rawnie Maddelaina bala Kameskro is a fifteenth century gypsy fortuneteller. Dale Gray is a housewife who busies herself raising a child.
Class: Reading the Tarot

Wilfrid of Sweflingham, Archer General to His Majesty, appears at a number of points in history (occasionally under the aliases of Thorgeirr, Edmund or William), but is rarely found far from his bow. Marcus Burnham is a research geochemist living in Sudbury, where he tortures rocks for a living.
Class: The Art of the Fletcher II

Margaret of L'Errain No Bio yet
Class: Children - A day in the life

Viscount Edward the Red is a Norman knight who fought in the battle of Hastings, and later settled in northern England. Mark Patchett is a Software developer, a proud father, a die-hard weekend warrior, and a dabbler in various arts such as armouring, mail making, leather working, and woodworking ( and anything else he can fit into his dwindling spare time. ) Class: Leather Armour

Dionysia de Troyes Youngest daughter of 12 children, 10 of which are girls. I have been fostered out to my elderly great Uncle because of 'indiscretions' with a local Lord's son... which ended up with me pregnant. My family turned a blind eye because he was of higher social standing, and this is a time-honoured way of climbing the social ladder. All was happy, until he died in a fall from a horse. His family subsequently decided that I was a liability and denied that the child was his. Obviously, since I could sleep with him out of wedlock I was a *complete* tramp. I am currently studying music and hope to some day become good enough to become a trobaritz in the court of Eleanor d'Aquitaine. Melanie Burrett is currently on maternity leave from the Waterloo Regional Library caring for her squeaky-new daughter. When she gets off maternity leave she'll be looking for work, as she got pregnant in the middle of a contract (OOPS:)! Some time in the fall she will start looking for work as a technical writer or adult educator teaching computers, which is what she was doing at the library.
Class: Children - Music

Mohasaba is a Turkish lady who enjoys Middle Eastern dancing, and travelling to other countries to merchant. She is learning how to brew (for the infidels as Allah forbids her from drinking what she makes). She dances in the Arabic style, however she likes meeting dancers from far away lands and learning (stealing) their dance moves. Lori-Lee Craig has been dancing for over 7 years. She takes and teaches Middle Eastern dance class. She was part of a Cabaret dance troupe for a year but found she liked dancing in the SCA better as a student of Moria the Black. She enjoys the many aspects of different cultures, but mostly the food. She works as an Accounts Payable Clerk for TDL Group in Oakville. She also enjoys making pinata's, doing illumination, merchanting at events. She is also very much a cat person.
Class: Middle Eastern Dance for beginners

Ragnarr Kennari is a tired old ex-viking who now makes his living as a trader. Never one to give up a fun hobby he is still making trouble wherever possible. Neil Peterson is a software development manager working on his PMP certification. In his spare time he is a student of Archaeology at Wilfrid Laurier University and works with many groups to promote an appreciation of Norse History.
Class: Introduction to the SCA

Mistress Thaninieyaieres is an 11th century herbalist. Having finished her apprenticeship with Mistress Tamarra Amalthea of Romany, she set up her own apothecary called Wyte Wythy Moon. She has apprenticed Caitryn of Chalcewell, and has her eye open for one or two more. She can be seen at various tournaments and events racing after her son Liam the Curious. Paddy Gillard-Bently is a twentieth century hair-stylist (who does blood-letting too) struggling to make a name as a writer.
Classes: Children - Herbs
               Herbal Workshop

Piero di Paxiti da Vincenza is a man well-known to the authorities in Venice, who travels with caution, drinks in moderation, and very rarely speaks of his work. Peter Westergaard is a software consultant who travels too often and a part-time web developer, who likes brewing, dancing (all eras), singing, and entertaining the idea that he'll actually learn to play the guitar.
Classes: Cryptography
               For your eyes only - Espionage and Intrigue

Ragnheithr kennari, less formally known as Heithr, is a late 9th century Norwegian emigrant to Iceland. She and her husband Vali emigrated to Ealdormere, and have the holding Vindheima in the lands of RamsHaven, over which they are currently the gothar. Heithr joined the SCA in November 1974 when her interests were piqued by the fighters she saw on the grounds of the University of Manitoba. Since then, Heithr has herself fought, had some lessons in fencing, participated in archery shoots, researched her homeland and its effects on the known world, and learned such domestic arts as sewing, embroidery, drop spinning, dyeing, patterning, cooking, brewing, and leatherwork. Her speciality is the laws and customs of Iceland in its formative period.
Class: Pronouncing Old Norse

Lady Branwen is a minor noble living in Wales around 1400. Rebecca Naugler is a mdieval history buff who has had a finger in every pastime she can over the past 6 years.
Class: Crossstitch

Martin Bildner is a pewter-caster and musician from the town of Wismar in early 14th century Germany. Richard Schweitzer is a teacher, artist, and musician currently residing in Sudbury, Ontario.
Class: Making Musical Instruments

Roselyne de l'Estrangere is a 13th-century noblewoman. Despite having received an extraordinarily bookish education, she has none the less managed to marry a handsome Italian noble and produced the most exquisite girl baby of all time. ("Next time a boy, for sure!") Sue Kronenfeld is a Ph.D. student at the Centre for Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto. More than this, she is the mother of the adorable one-year-old toddling around in a medieval gown, and rejoices to live in an era in which girl babies are considered as important as boys, and equally in need of instruction in Latin and ancient Greek.
Class: The Culture of Courtly Love: Who, What, When/Where, Why (or Why Not) and How

Gaerwen of Trafford is a woman of Welsh descent living in the time of the Dane Law. Due to her perverse nature and interest in her neighbours she has taken to wearing Norse dress so that, amidst other reasons, she may display her great wealth at every opportunity. Her love of fibre arts has her pursuing spinning, cardweaving, needlework and embroidery though she has yet to get the knack of naalbinding. Sarah Hughes makes her living doing Account Management, Project Coordination and Graphics Management in a variety of fields.
Class: Drop Spinning for Beginners

Garraed Galbraith - Tim Jennings is the general manager for one of Canada's leading family theatre companies. He has worked as a professor of theatre production at both the College and University level. Tim has an almost fanatic interest in traditional folk music and the "bardic tradition", and explores these areas as his primary interest in the SCA
Classes: Adapting Early Irish Poetics for the Modern Recreationist
               The Role of the Bard in Celtic Society

Graem deListe de Cherbourg can occassionally be found stealing enemy spears at Pennsic but otherwise enjoys bardic arts, good food and drink and giving his wife pretty baubles. Tom Telford enjoys researching 10-12th century european arts and technology including architecture, metalsmithing/jewelry (i.e. making baubles for his wife) as well as music and social studies. He also is well read in Norman and Plantaganet dynasties.
Class: Byzantine Jewelry

Martya cel Indaratnic Lapusneanu is the only daughter in a family of sons. A member of the Kalderash wandering Gypsy tribe she grew up in Romania. She was given much freedom to roam amongst the native peoples, writing down their stories and exploring their lands. Through her brothers who were joined with those fighting the Turkish invaders she met her husband, a French son of a nobleman, by the name of Davin. Tracy Trombley's bio is still to come.
Classes: Children - Basic Stitching
               Children - Bread and Butter

Vlad No Bio
Class: Children - Heraldry

No Bio Exists
Class: Calligraphy

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