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Alisaundra Juliana de Sentis was born in 1550 in the province of Catalonia, the daughter of a wealthy french textile merchant. At an early age, her parents sent her to Valenciennes to stay with her aunt and uncle. It was there she was taught her letters, amongst other things, by Father Francesco, the family priest and scholar. Alisaundre became a collector of manuscripts, incunabula and fine books and she now takes care of the family library in Paris, France.
Amy Menary (B.A., B. Admin. Dip., M.I.St.- in progress) works at Wilfrid Laurier University in the library.
Class: Books, Articles, and Research

Anne le gris was born in 1452 at Wilton House in Somerset. After spending her formative years in Paris, she now lives with her artist husband in Venice. She fills her days with managing his atelier. Among other SCA projects, Anne is currently studying modal music composition.
Ann Graham owns Silver Writing, which offers technical writing and editing services to both the high tech and manufacturing businesses in the Ottawa area.
Class: Poetic Elements

No bio yet
Class: Hand Sewing

Yoshikuri Nagayo is a samauri from the late 1500's. The son of a powerful Daimyo, he came to Europe to find the assassin of his father and restore is family's honour.
Classes: Japanese Tea Ceremony
               Japanese History of the Heian Era to the Edo Period
               Japanese Poetry & Storytelling

Lady Dwynwen was born and raised in Wales. But life there was not all she wished for. She left home at a young age and traveled to the fair lands of Ealdormere where she made her home in Septentria. There she helped found the Incipient Canton of Greenhithe. While traveling in the shires of Ealdormere, far from her home she met Lord Angus MacDonnell. Whom she did marry. They moved from Septentria to the lands of the Barony of RamsHaven where she is currently enjoying her time as Baronial Seneschal.
Christine is a stay at home mom, and mother to two daughters, aged 5 1/2 and 10 months. Most of her time when not looking after the children is spend doing mundane embrodery projects, gardening, cycling, playing various musical instruments, and working on her web site.
Classes: Beginners sewing for Children
               Celtic Knotwork

Alyce de Sheppey is a noble woman of the Middle Ages. She was born on the Isle de Sheppey and has travelled far and wide exploring her Norman roots and tasting the pleasures of other places.
Danute Dorion is a contract worker whose experience is as diverse as her Medieval pursuits.
Class: Courtly Love and Troubador Poetry

Darrell Markewitz is a Living History specialist who designed and implemented the 'Norse Encampment' interpretive program for Parks Canada at L'Anse aux Meadows NHS. He consulted on the educational programing related to the exhibits 'Vikings - North Atlantic Saga', and Full Circle - First Contact', which are now touring across North America. In 2001 he was a member of a team of specialists engauged in a project to reconstruct the orginal Viking Age iron smelter at L'Anse aux Meadows.
In DARC, Darrell is known as Ketill Einarsson.  Ketill, like many young Norse men from Norway, went 'a viking', and was involved in the battles in Ireland. He was fascinated with the work of the weapons smiths, and learned how to work iron, spending more and more time in the forge - and less and less on the battlefield. In his middle age, he decided to settle near Dubhlin with his wife Bera, spending his hard earned silver on a small farmstead. He now balances his work as a blacksmith with seasonal trading voyages to Jorvick and Birka.
Classes: Creating the Kitchen - Pre Conquest Domestic Technologies
               The Cutting Edge - an overview from the Dawn of Time to the development of the firearm

Dave Cox is a museum studies student with an extensive background in museum exhibits.
In DARC, Dave Cox is known as Grimbold. He joined the crew a while ago (from the home countries). He and his wife, Gudrun, lately added their dottir Astrid to the crowd and of course bring their thrall Kadja along to care for the youngster and whatever else needs doing. Grimbold tends to spend his time carving antler and bone but doesn't limit himself to making just little things from those materials.
Class: Norse Calendar - the rythym of life

Albrecht Stampfer is a German of noble birth, who, having fallen on hard times, has taken up the trade of fencing teacher. He has moved to England in order to take advantage help encourage, interest in the new fangled rapier fight.
David Stamper is a house dad, and loving every minute of it.
Class: "To Singe the King of Spain's Beard": The Naval Conflict between England and Spain in the Late 16th Century

Davin de la baliene is an early 15th century French son of a nobleman. As third son he has earned his way with his sword. As a mercenary, he joined forces with the Romanians in their fight against the Turks. There, he met his wife, the Gypsy Martya.
Class: Basic Stone Carving

No bio yet.
Class: Introduction to the SCA

Francois van Heerden is a senior security analyst working for a major financial institution. In his other life, he has a serious problems distinguishing modern times from ancient realities. His abiding interest in all things astronomical and mystical has lead him to investigate the origins of how astronomy was used in previous ages and the sources of superstitions.
Class: Poisons and their Uses in the Middle Ages

Garwig der Waffenschmidt was born in Sussex, England just before the turn of the 10th century.   Orphaned in his fourth year he was apprenticed to a local smith from whom he learned the basics of metalworking.   Caught up by a call to battle from the local thegn, he perforce learned the art of repair and manufacture of armour - specifically chainmail.   For his skill he soon acquired the title of "der waffenschmidt" - weapon or armour smith.
Gary Snyder is a Kitchener grandfather working for Ontario Hydro and has been with the SCA for many many years.
Classes: Chainmail - Advanced Techniques
               Chainmail for Beginners

Marian of Heatherdale is the daughter of a Scottish lord, in the time of King Edward Longshanks' occupation of the North.   She is doing her bit for the rebellion by suffering through an alliance marriage on a prosperous, civilized estate in sunny France.
Heather Marian Dale is a professional songwriter and performer in the Toronto area.   She has recently released her first CD of original songs based on Britain's King Arthur legends, called "The Trial of Lancelot".
Class: Arthurian Legends

Hector of the Black Height likes to teach. He teaches heavy weapons combat. He teaches poetry writing and storytelling. He will teach just about anything you ask him to, actually, and he's usually honest enough to tell you if he doesn't know much about what he's teaching. He also carves bone occasionally in the shop of Corwyn and Domhnail Galbraith and writes essays. Hector wins the prize as the first teacher ever to bring a home made space helmet as a necessary prop for a class!
Arthur McLean is a Federal public servant and is the father of a SCAdian born in 1996 C.E. (please work out his son's present age so the webmaster for this site doesn't have to update).
Classes: Childish Writing Isn't Easy: creating really, truly medieval song lyrics
               Storytelling: a class with ZING!!!

Master Alasdair of Raasay is a traveling mercenary with an interest in many of the finer arts practiced in areas through which he has traveled.
J. Caz Bentley is an itinerant teacher, carpenter, and stained glass artist who has passed his thirty- third year and therefore counts his blessings.
Classes: Silver Point Drawing
               Wood Carving (Practicum)

Raffe Scholemaystre is the household tutor living at Scarborough castle in 1380.
Jim McColm is a grade 8 Special Education teacher in the area that used to be Scarborough Ont.
Class: Games

Jorunn (Jhone Woodcote) joined the crew of the DARC longship for their voyage to Norstead some three summers hence. She took her loom on board, but the distractions were great and the seas rough so took nearly a year to weave one sleazy Saxon headrail.
Jo Duke started medieval recreation about 12 years ago, and started weaving narrow wares (inkle & table) soon after. She is now a member of the Sudbury Weavers Guild where she weaves for a few hours a week on a variety of (modern) cloth looms slightly more productively than on the Warp Weighted Loom and the Inkle Loom she has at home.
Class: Warp Weighted Loom (Practicum)

Angus MacDonnell is the youngest son, of a scottish highland family. He came to Ealdormere about seven years ago, after exploring the New World.
John Olliffe received his BA in Psychology from Wilfrid Laurier University. He is a husband and father to two daughters. He currently is employed by CAS.
Classes: Heraldry for Children

Judith the Quiet Seeker
No bio yet
Class: Basic Sprang

Lachlann Longshanks is also known as Justin Marshall who is a full time student at the University of Waterloo studying computer science. He has been in the SCA for 5 years and is interested in martial combat (specifically fencing and heavy fighting) and is interested in the Japanase and Welsh histories.
Class: Chainmail - Advanced Techniques

Karen Davidson is a library clerk at the University of Waterloo, deeply bored by her day job except for the opportunities it provides to further her research efforts. Karen is a relative new-comer to Viking Age research.
In DARC, Karen is known as Kaðlin Ragnarsambatt. Kaðlin was a small town girl living on the shores of Scotland in the mid 800s when Vikings raided the nearby Church at Iona and stole some of the women folk away. She was promptly renamed by her Viking captor, Ragnarr, who says he can't pronounce "that pig grunt language the Scots use" anyway. She now lives with Ragnarr in Iceland as his ambatt (personal body slave).
Class: Women in Norse Society

Cainnear inghean Ui Chatharnaig was born in County Meath Ireland in the 11th century. When her mother died in childbirth and her father in the latest trade trip, Cainnear (Kon'ner) was sent north to live with her grandfather in Armagh. Not knowing the raising of girlchildren, he allowed her to spend most of her days in the local monastery where her love of books and their creation began and was nurtured. Cainnear recently moved from Northshield to Ealdormere and is slowly becoming acclimatized.
Kelly Carney-Garlow is kept busy with her spouse, 8 year old daughter and 2 cats. A self employed contractor, she doesn't feel the need to explain the 12 boxes of stuffed animals and beanies in the garage. Ask and she might tell you about it.
Class: Illumination

Arminius the footsore is a mercenary soldier of peasant birth in the 11th century. After working his way up through the ranks he took work bodyguarding a nobles son on crusade, were a slight difference of opinion led Arminius to push his employer off of a parapet. After making his way back to England by less travelled routes, he managed to find a position in the house guard of a merchant family in the Hebrides where he is unlikely to be discovered by his previous employer's family.
Kevin Nunn is an artist and performer. He is the owner of About Face, a company that produces masks, theatrical props and teaches mask related theatre.
Class: Commedia Dell'Arte: an Ancient art from a Modern perspective

Aurelia Gabraina is an eleventh century byzantine court lady who has a taste for fine period couture.
Larisa Kallaur-Telford is usually found stitching madly away mostly for friends and family but occassionally for herself. She is degreed in art history and Byzantine studies. By day she is a full-time ceramic artist.
Classes: Advanced Embroidery
               Beginner's Embroidery

Naja Kesali Orekhov is a woman of the Rom who's kumpania settled in Russia in the time of Ivan the Great. She grew up on the estate of her father's patron, a Boyar of the Russian court and when, after marriage, eight children, and widowhood, she found herself rootless once more, her further travels led her to the shores of Ealdormere, where she lingers today.
Laurie Woodward is currently heading back to school for a career change but has been involved in children's entertainment in a variety of capacities for many years now.
Classes: Introduction to Storytelling for Children
               Storytelling for Children - Part 2

Wilfrid of Sweflingham was once a 13th century sailor along the East Anglian coast of England. Owing to a number of misunderstandings he is now the Ealdormere kingdom cartographer (he thinks).
Marcus Burnham is an analytical geochemist living in Sudbury, where he tortures rocks and maps and makes them reveal their secrets.
Class: Medieval Maps and Mapmakers

Viscount Edward the Red is a Norman knight who fought in the battle of Hastings, and later settled in northern England.
Mark Patchett is a Software developer, a proud father, a die-hard weekend warrior, and a dabbler in various arts such as armouring, mail making, leather working, and woodworking ( and anything else he can fit into his dwindling spare time. )
Classes: Siege Engines
               Siege Engines for Children
               Wax Tablets

Muirenn ingen Morgair is a member of the community of holy scholars at Kildare in the year 742. Kildare is the mixed-gender monastic community founded by St. Brigit. She has a husband and a daughter (because the Irish always did things their own way, even taking holy orders). Her husband had an argument with the Abbot and went off to Skellig Michael to cool off for a few years. During the meantime Muirenn is spending her days looking after her daughter, weaving, learning Latin, and copying out the scriptures and textbooks for sale to other monasteries in Ireland and on the continent. Melanie Burrett is currently trying to finish off a B.A. in Classics (Greek and Roman history, language and culture) and a Library Technician Diploma. In the meantime she's doing contract work and thinking about finding a permanent job. She enjoys calligraphy and illumination, early music, heavy fighting, and weaving.
Class: Basic Half-Uncial Calligraphy

Lady Gwendyon Casgudcath is a young Lady from Wales whose interests lie in fighting and learning...anything.
Melanie Robbins is an Accounting Clerk who recently moved to Fergus Ontario.
Class: Kumihimo- The Art of Japanese Cordmaking

Neil Peterson is a software development manager working on his PMP certification. In his spare time he is a student of Archaeology at Wilfrid Laurier University and works with many groups to promote an appreciation of Norse History.
In DARC, Neil is known as Ragnarr Thorbergson. Ragnarr is a tired old ex-viking who now makes his living as a trader. Never one to give up a fun hobby he is still making trouble wherever possible.
Class: Pastimes of the Vikings

Mistress Thaninieyaieres is an 11th century herbalist. Having finished her apprenticeship with Mistress Tamarra Amalthea of Romany, she set up her own apothecary called Wyte Wythy Moon. She has apprenticed Caitryn of Chalcewell, and has her eye open for one or two more. She can be seen at various tournaments and events racing after her son Liam the Curious.
Paddy Gillard-Bently is a twentieth century hair-stylist (who does blood-letting too) struggling to make a name as a writer.
Classes: Beginner's Guide to Herbology
               Herbal Workshop

Piero di Paxiti da Vincenza is a man well-known to the authorities in Venice, who travels with caution, drinks in moderation, and very rarely speaks of his work.
Peter Westergaard is a software consultant who travels too often and a part-time web developer, who likes brewing, dancing (all eras), singing, and entertaining the idea that he'll actually learn to play the guitar.
Classes: Advanced Cryptography - Breaking Codes
               For your eyes only - Espionage and Intrigue

Martin Bildner is a pewter-caster and musician from the town of Wismar in early 14th century Germany.
Richard Schweitzer is a teacher, artist, and musician currently residing in Sudbury, Ontario.
Classes: Instrument Making
               Norse Noises

Lord Rufus of Stamford is a Saxon born in 1098 in the village of Stamford, with a great many hobbies and interests to keep himself busy. Some of these hobbies include tablet weaving, archery, leather work (primarily bottles), choral singing, and playing the harp.
Robert Schweitzer is a chemistry teacher in Toronto.
Classes: Beginner's Tablet Weaving
               Brocaded Tablet Weaving

Roger Lackpants
Completely unaccredited as a fencing instructor, Roger Sumner has been fencing for over ten years, starting with courses in modern foil at the University of Waterloo fencing club. He took up amateur rapier about eight years ago, and has studied fencing, duels and duelists ever since.
Class: Rapier Inne Playne Englishe

Gaerwen of Trafford is a woman of Welsh descent living in the time of the Dane Law. Due to her perverse nature and interest in her neighbours she has taken to wearing Norse dress so that, amidst other reasons, she may display her great wealth at every opportunity. Her love of fibre arts has her pursuing spinning, cardweaving, needlework and embroidery though she has yet to get the knack of naalbinding.
Class: Beginner's Drop Spinning

Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton is a well-educated lady associated with the household of Simon de Montfort in Leicester and a patroness of the College of St.  Nicholas, a community of scholars.
Susan Carroll-Clark holds a Ph.D.  in medieval history, is an avid hockey fan, and herds cats in her spare time.
Classes: Everyday Theology
               Palaeography: Calligraphy and Writing in the Middle Ages

Swannoc has been dancing for almost 4 years, teaching for almost three of those years and can often be seen dancing at events. She has recently started to choreograph new dances. Out side of dancing Swannoc does heavy fighting, spinning, embroidery and drabbles in the bardic arts when the muse hit her on the head with a tune. When Swannoc's alternate persona takes over she is a first year history student at the university of Guelph who loves all kinds of dancing.
Classes: Beginner's English Country Dance
               Italian and Intermediate English Country Dance

Dr. Scully is a Professor Emeritus of French Language and Literature at Wilfred Laurier University. In order to give his students a greater sense of the reality of the Middle Ages, he and his wife Eleanor (a lecturer at the Stratford Chefs School on medieval and renaissance food) used to put on an annual banquet for the students with decor, costumes, entertainment, authentic music (by the Faculty of Music) and, of course, food. Dinner was roughly 20 different dishes -- as well as the bread and hipocras. Because very few medieval recipes were available at the time, and he had experience with the manuscripts of the period, he began to transcribe and translate microfilm copies of old recipe collections. Since there seemed to be some interest in medieval food and cookery, he began to have the translations published. The Archives of the Canton of the Valais in Switzerland asked him to transcribe and edit a manuscript recipe collection they knew they had but hadn't paid any attention to, and that nobody else knew existed. It turned out to be the "Du fait de cuisine" of Master Chiquart (in Savoy, dated 1420). Perhaps the best survey of cookery and banquet preparation in the Middle Ages.

His book credits include his recently published "Early French Cookery: Sources, History, Original Recipes and Modern Adaptations" (University of Michigan Press, May 2002), "the Art of Cookery in the Middle Ages", and "Early French Cookery" (with his wife).
Class: An Introduction to the Food & Cookery of the Late Middle Ages

Timothy of Eire
No Bio Yet
Class: Chainmail - Advanced Techniques

Lady Airean Ni Fiachnae was born into a matiarcal irish family in the late 1200's, she was raised there until her mothers death at age 8 when her father returned to his homeland of England. There Airean was taught to manage a household and married at 17 to an aging lord. At 21, upon her husband's death she returned to Ireland to her mother's people where one of her husband's servants introduced her to his son. They fell in love, and had 2 beautiful little girls. Lady Airean and her family then, a little over a year ago, moved to the Kingdom Ealdormere.
Tina Gaston works when she must but prefers to spend her days stitching at one thing or another.
Class: Medieval Games for Children

Valizan Ibn Fredeh is a 15th-century Arabic sheikh that has wandered into these northern lands and is constantly amazed at the strange customs he beholds in the people living here, such as this need to "document" those movements that come so naturally to Arabs when they celebrate.
Class: Beginner's Middle Eastern Dance

Vandy Simpson has brought her years of research and practise in the culinary and textile arts to several museum re-enactments, and has provided costuming for the ongoing Viking Age re-enactment activities in L'Anse Aux Meadows, Nfld.
In DARC, Vandy is known as Bera. Bera lives in the recently founded city of Dublin with her husband, Ketill. Together, they occassionally join a group that travels widely in search of trade goods. Bera is a skilled and popular cook with the trading crew, and fills her spare time with making cloth and clothing.
Class: Creating the Kitchen - Pre Conquest Domestic Technologies

No Bio Yet
Class: Persona Development

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