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Leslie Falzone is a mom of two very active children, is married to a wonderful man, and works for the largest employer in Canada. In the SCA, Aibhilin kennari fra Skye, is a women living on Skye during the 9th Century. She spends most of her time cooking and playing with her kids and other children. She learned to cook under the guiding hand of her laurel Mistress Tamarra Amalthea of Romany and by experimenting on her friends.
Class: Introduction to Embrodery for Children

Ann Graham owns Silver Writing, which offers technical writing and editing services to both the high tech and manufacturing businesses in the Ottawa area. In DARC, she is known as Thora, a farm girl who moved to Jorvik with her husband. After he became too ill to work, she took over his stone and bone carving business. In the SCA Anne le Gris was born in 1452 at Wilton House in Somerset. After spending her formative years in Paris, she now lives with her artist husband in Venice. She fills her days with managing his atelier. Among other SCA projects, Anne is currently studying modal music composition.
Classes: Latin Poetry
               Soapstone Carving

Ann Cox is an obstetrical nurse who is an amateur textile enthusiast with special interest in Western Europe from 900 to 1400 AD. In DARC, Gudrun is a happily married woman with an interest in textiles.
Class: All About Linen

Beth Patchett is a stay at home mom and full time volunteer. For fun she sews and does textile research, or plays at being a Saxon lady. In Regia Ædwen is the current Group Leader for Wynmerestow, the Ontario group of Regia Anglorium. She enjoys sewing new clothing for her family.
Classes: How to dress like a moderately sucessful 11th Century Englishman
               Tips and tricks for handsewing

Bree Flowers is a student at the University of Western Ontario working on her second undergraduate degree. Neither of her degrees relate to anything medieval. Therefore, to keep her sanity she spends as much time as possible pursuing her extracurricular interests. She is a textile junkie and is firmly convinced that the entire purpose of life is to accumulate lovely fabrics. In the SCA, Eve the Just is a noblewoman living on the southern shores of Britain. She is equally comfortable in a Roman villa and in King Henry VIII’s court.
Class: Fingerloop Braiding

Brendan Smith is .... In the SCA Yoshikuri Nagayori is a samurai from the Mutsu province in northern Japan circa 1580. At that time the province was under the control of the daimyo Date Masamune, a Tokugawa supporter.
Classes: Comparing the Heian Era (794-1185) and the Sengoku Jidai (1543-1603)
               Japanese Folklore and Poetry
               Japanese History from 794-1467
               Japanese History from 1467-1603

Brian Laxson is known in the SCA as Lord Brian Goodheart called the Green Guy. Amongst other things he has been involved in the gaming both as a hobby and at the professional level. With two books published in the roleplaying game industry Brian brings the same emphasis on quality fun to SCA gaming.
Class: Practical Medieval Gaming

Caitrin De Santis is a Surgical nurse at the Ontario Veterinary College, Honours History student and owner of Romanza, a sewing and design studio for re-encators. Caitrin lives in Guelph with her husband Alfredo, three egocentric cats, and two horses (Drummer and Bella). Mistress Tangwystl d'Courci, Vicountess Ealdormere, Countessa Midrealm, Lives in the England of the 1530's. Before the real impact of the King's Great matter and the dissolution of the monasties was felt.
Class: Tudor Textiles

Chris Kerr is .... In Regia, Magnus Kjrr ....
Classes: Arms and Armour for 11th Century England
               Flint and Steel fire starting

Danute Dorion runs the office for an arborist and works part-time at a university library. In the SCA Alyce de Sheppey is a noble woman of the Middle Ages. She was born on the Isle de Sheppey and has travelled far and wide exploring her Norman roots and tasting the pleasures of other places. Currently she serving as the Baroness of Ramshaven.
Class: Poetry

Darrell Markewitz has worked as a consultant to major museums in the field of Living History. Major achievents include the creation of the 'Norse Encampment' for Parks Canada and the 'World of the Norse' for the Cranbrook Institute of Science. He worked on the Smithsonian's 'Vikings - North Atlantic Saga' and the Newfoundland Museum's 'Full Circle - First Contact'. He is a co-founder of the Dark Ages Re-creation Company. A professional blacksmith, he operates the Wareham Forge. In DARC, Darrell is known as Ketill Einarsson. Ketill, like many young Norse men from Norway, went 'a viking', and was involved in the battles in Ireland. He was fascinated with the work of the weapons smiths, and learned how to work iron, spending more and more time in the forge - and less and less on the battlefield. In his middle age, he decided to settle near Dubhlin with his wife Bera, spending his hard earned silver on a small farmstead. He now balances his work as a blacksmith with seasonal trading voyages to Jorvick and Birka.
Classes: Material Culture of the Viking Age
               Re-creating Medieval Objects
               Smelting Iron - report on ongoing experiments

Dave Cox is presently completing the Sir Sandford Fleming College "Museum Management and Curatorship Course" in Peterborough. He has professional experience in exhibit design, educational programming, the construction of reproductions and interpretation. His interpretive experience includes the middle ages, the 'dark' ages, settlement period Ontario and First Nations. David has preformed interpretation in classrooms, historic sites, community museums and on television. Through his association with 'DARC' David has done guest interpretation at 'Norsted' and museums including The Canadian Museum of Civilization. Dave enjoys moonlit walks on the beach and also states " I like Pie!"
Class: Historic Interpretation for the Re-enactor

David Blanchard is a technical writer, who spends most of his spare time hunting down information on Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages. Pan Volodymyr Blahuciak Esquire is a 13th -14th century Halician nobleman. Known for his esoteric knowledge and research, he is currently researching the history of the borderlands, now currently known as Ukraine.
Classes: Ukrainian costumes from 1000-1600
               Western Ukraine during the Time of the Mongol invasions

David Stamper is a house dad, and loving every minute of it. In the SCA, Albrecht Stampfer is a German of noble birth, who, having fallen on hard times, has taken up the trade of fencing teacher. He has moved to England in order to take advantage help encourage, interest in the new fangled rapier fight.
Classes: Getting a Handle on Hilts: The Development of the Sword Hilt 1450-1600
               Sidesword - Cut-and-Thrust Swordplay of the 15th and 16th Centuries

Deb Welch is a manufacturing scheduler from Kitchener who cares for one husband and 5 feline children. In the SCA, Sabh iughean an sTaggart is a 14th century Scottish / Irish lady with a Tudor alter-ego.
Classes: Hose

Elise Cormode is a writer and actress currently residing in Paris, Ontario. She has travelled extensively and studied at The American University in Washington, DC and the Czech National Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. In the SCA, Wencenedl inigena Jagomus of Rokesburg is a 12th Century woman from the Royal City of Rokesburg in the Scottish borders. Her father felt it was important she know how to read, so she was tutored by monks from Kelso Abbey on the other side of the Teviot River.
Classes: Heraldic Display
               Reconstructing the Viborg Shirt

David Clarke is a retired teacher of pottery and sculpture who still maintains a commercial studio and shop, producing hand made functional stoneware and porcelain pottery. In REGIA Foote the Potter comes from an Anglo-Saxon heritage somewhere in the north of England where clay deposits are to be found. As was traditional with potters of this time he travelled from clay deposit to clay deposit making and selling his wares of cooking pots, drinking vessels etc. As his reputation grew he was oft times employed exclusively by the local Thane.
Class: Anglo-Saxon Pottery and its use in Cooking

Francois van Heerden is a senior security analyst. In his other life, he has a serious problems distinguishing modern times from ancient realities. His abiding interest in all things astronomical and mystical has lead him to investigate the origins of how astronomy was used in previous ages and the sources of superstitions.
Class: Poisons and their Uses in the Middle Ages

Gary Snyder is a Kitchener grandfather working for Ontario Hydro and has been with the SCA for many many years. Garwig der Waffenschmidt was born in Sussex, England just before the turn of the 10th century. Orphaned in his fourth year he was apprenticed to a local smith from whom he learned the basics of metalworking. Caught up by a call to battle from the local thegn, he perforce learned the art of repair and manufacture of armour - specifically chainmail. For his skill he soon acquired the title of "der waffenschmidt" - weapon or armour smith.
Classes: Beginner's Chainmail
               Chainmail - Second Steps

Gary van Lingen is presently a PhD student in the geography department at Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY). His is focusing on heritage tourism and heritage production, minority cultural survival in Europe, and the presentation of the past as a political tool of the present. In his spare time he works on historical epidemiology (plague/syphilis in mediaeval Europe), the concept of neo-mediaevalism, and the politics of public space. He has two BAs: mediaeval history (UWaterloo) and archaeology/geography (WLU). His MSc (Michigan Technological) is in industrial archaeology where he looked at community development on industrial frontiers (US, Canada, UK) and the history of technology (copper and iron smelting in particular).
Classes: The Archaeology of a Viking Iron Smelter Village in the UK
               Black Death
               Medieval Medicine

Grace Carr is an undergraduate an Wilfrid Laurier and soon to be a new mom. In the SCA, Satake Matsumi lives in the Japan of the Momoyama period, and enjoys calligraphy and kumihimo.
Classes: Comparing the Heian Era (794-1185) and the Sengoku Jidai (1543-1603)
               Introduction to the SCA

Heather Dale is a professional Modern Celtic singer-songwriter, whose music is inspired by ancient legends and life. For sound clips from Heather's recordings, along with her original re-tellings of the King Arthur legends, drop by In the SCA, Marian of Heatherdale is a Scottish alliance bride, sent to marry a disinterested French nobleman during the Scottish war against the usurper Edward Longshanks. She has adapted well to a new life filled with love-struck troubadours, fine wine and pleasant continental weather.
Class: Arthurian Legends

Heather Galoska is currently in her first year of teaching at King George Public School. She teaches grade 7 and 8 English. She enjoys researching the middle ages to keep her close to her university and academic ties. In the SCA, Brigit nic Larkin fra Galway is suffering from a persona crisis presently; she is originally an Irish woman, brought by her Norse husband to live in Iceland around the year 800. However, she has recently made a Tudor gown and is now dabbling with the likes of King Henry VIII in the 1500s.
Class: A "How to" and "History of" Blackwork Embroidery

Ian Walsh has a degree in theatre from the University of Windsor which he is putting to good use teaching period swordplay/stage combat classes and holding medieval demonstrations for local grade 4 classes as well as the public. In the SCA he is known as Lord Aelric of Blackthorn a 12th century English Noble...who often time travels to the 16th century to teach/participate in rapier/sidesword. He is currently the Deputy Kingdom Rapier Marshal in charge of Sidesword. Don Aeron of the SCA (David Biggs) will be the other presentor.
Class: Sidesword - Cut-and-Thrust Swordplay of the 15th and 16th Centuries

J. Caz Bentley is an itinerant teacher, carpenter, and stained glass artist who has passed his thirty- third year and therefore counts his blessings. In the SCA, Master Alasdair of Raasay is a traveling mercenary with an interest in many of the finer arts practiced in areas through which he has traveled.
Classes: 3D carving
               Silverpoint Drawing

Jean Ross is a registered nurse practicing in Halton with the Victorian Order of Nurse. She is happily married and has a lovely dog. In the SCA Aislinne of Alainmor is a 10th century saxon/viking lady. She specializes in glass bead making, textiles arts, and cooking.
Class: Introduction to Glass Bead Making

Judy McKay is a teacher from Ottawa who does not have enough time for her many hobbies. Iudith the Quiet Seeker lives in an Anglo-Saxon village on the north east coast of 11th century England.
Class: Sprang

Karen Peterson is a library clerk at the University of Waterloo, deeply bored by her day job except for the opportunities it provides to further her research efforts. Karen has demonstrated various parts of the textile process at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Haffenrefer Museum at Brown University in Rhode Island and at the Cranbrook Institute of Science in Detroit, Michigan. In DARC, Karen is known as Kaðlin Ragnarsambatt. Kaðlin was a small town girl living on the shores of Scotland in the mid 800s when Vikings raided the nearby Church at Iona and stole some of the women folk away. She was promptly renamed by her Viking captor, Ragnarr, who says he can't pronounce "that pig grunt language the Scots use" anyway. She now lives with Ragnarr in Iceland as his ambatt (personal body slave).
Classes: Fabric Dyeing in the Viking Age
               Sheep to Shoulders

Karina Bates is a part time farmer, full time owner of an Internet Service Provider, spending what little of her time she has left with Hurly Burly (an Early Music Choir & Ensemble) and researching Rom history, amongst other things. Keja is 15th century Romany travelling the Baltics with her extended family, under the watchful eye of her Patron, Lord Vladimir Blahuciak.
Classes: The History of the Rom (Gypsies)
               Re-Creating the Rom

Kate Appelman works at a library, where she does minimal cataloguing and prepares materials with labels and covers. She is known in the SCA as Rylla. She enjoys harping, singing and most crafts.
Class: Games for Children

Kelly Carney-Garlow is a divorced repair technician/data entry clerk for the Sears Service department in London, Ontario where she fixes all manner of vacuums, sewing machines and other appliances. In the SCA Cainnear inghean Ui Chatharnaig was born in County Meath Ireland in the 11th century. When her mother died in childbirth and her father in the latest trade trip, Cainnear (Kon'ner) was sent north to live with her grandfather in Armagh. Not knowing the raising of girlchildren, he allowed her to spend most of her days in the local monastery where her love of books and their creation began and was nurtured.
Classes: Illumination
               Illumination for Children

Ken Cook is apprenticed to a blacksmith and every once in a while he acrtually swings a hammer and makes metal objects. In REGIA, Cynred Broccan is an Eleventh Century Saxon apprenticed to a Viking blacksmith. When he's actually swinging a hammer instead of a spear or sword he shows an enthusiasm second to none.
Class: Mastermyr box

Laura Witham is currently finishing a Molecular Biology and Genetics degree at the University of Guelph. In the SCA, Tsikno phoro i roovni is 15th century Romany whose wanderings have taken her to fair Ramshaven.
Class: Peasant Dance

Laurie Woodward is a newly-graduated Graphic and Website Designer. Previously a portrait photographer and an E.C.E. assistant, Laurie loves all kinds of artistic expression. One favourite is writing and telling stories for grown ups and children. She is also the proud mother of Joe, her nine-year-old son (who chooses not to participate in the SCA). Laurie hopes to see her name in print some day. In the SCA, Naja Kesali is a Rom from Muscovite Russia, a rare thing indeed. She's seen the rebuilding of the Kremlin by many artists of Rennaisance Italy and followed them west when they returned home. Raised in Moscow, she'd lived in the same home all her life. She'd been widowed for many years when she left a large family of grown children and grandchildren to travel. Fortunately, in 16th century Russia most people are literate so she can and does correspond with her family constantly. In Ealdormere she has become comfortable in the scribe's guild as well as amongst the bards, and she enjoys being a chronicler.
Classes: A Child's Intro to Storytelling Parts I and II
               Making Tassels And Tassel Dolls

Dr. Leigh Symonds received her undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto where she specialized in Anthropology with a minor in Celtic Studies. She then completed both her masters and doctorate degrees at the University of York in the U.K, concentrating on urban and regional landscapes in Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Scandinavian England. Currently, she is researching prehistoric and early medieval landscapes in the North Atlantic region, specifically the Isle of Man. Her research interests include landscape archaeology, GIS and computer applications in archaeology, gender and ethnicity. Recent publications include: ‘Territories in Transition: the construction of boundaries in Anglo-Scandinavian Lincolnshire’, Anglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology and History (2003, volume12, 28-37); Landscape and Social Practice: the production and consumption of pottery in tenth century Lincolnshire, (2003, British Archaeological Reports, British Series 345); ‘Traveling Beneath Crows: Representing socio-geographical concepts of time and travel in early medieval England’, co-authored with Rik Ling, (2002, Internet Archaeology, volume 13).
Class: Warp and Weft, Sword and Spear: exploring the construction of gender in Viking and Anglo-Saxon communities

Lorina Stephens is a professional watercolour and textile artist, among other things, who runs an historically based sewing pattern and cooperage business with her husband - Five Rivers Chapmanry. In the SCA, Signora Leonora Pallavicini is a retired Venetian spice merchant who now runs an embroidery workshop in England where she lives with her husband.
Class: Gold Embroidery Practicum

Mark Patchett has been fighting in the SCA for 13 years, where he is a Knight, and currently in charge of Armoured Combat for Ontario. He also enjoys doing "rebated steel" combat in the living history group Regia Anglorum. Mark also enjoys "building things" - armouring, mail making, woodworking, leatherworking, and anything else he can fit into his dwindling spare time. He is also a full time software developer and father. In REGIA Edward the Red is a Norman Knight, a veteran of the Battle of Hastings,living in England.
Classes: Arms and Armour for 11th Century England
               Flint and Steel fire starting

Melanie Burrett is currently trying to finish off a B.A. in Classics (Greek and Roman history, language and culture) and a Library Technician Diploma. In the meantime she's doing contract work and thinking about finding a permanent job. She enjoys calligraphy and illumination, early music, heavy fighting, and weaving. In the SCA Muirenn ingen Morgair is a member of the community of holy scholars at Kildare in the year 742. Kildare is the mixed-gender monastic community founded by St. Brigit. She has a husband and a daughter (because the Irish always did things their own way, even taking holy orders). Her husband had an argument with the Abbot and went off to Skellig Michael to cool off for a few years. During the meantime Muirenn is spending her days looking after her daughter, weaving, learning Latin, and copying out the scriptures and textbooks for sale to other monasteries in Ireland and on the continent.
Classes: Calligraphy
               Children's Calligraphy
               Playing Dance Music

Michael DeMoor is a Ph.D student in philosophy at the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto.
Class: Aristotle and the Perennial Threat of Heresy

Neil Peterson is a software development manager working on his PMP certification. In his spare time he is a student of Archaeology at Wilfrid Laurier University and works with museums, libraries, and various groups to promote an appreciation of Norse History. In DARC, Neil is known as Ragnarr Thorbergson. Ragnarr is a tired old ex-viking who now makes his living as a trader. Never one to give up a fun hobby he is still making trouble wherever possible.
Classes: Havamaal: Words of Wisdom
               Pastimes of the Vikings

Nick West Bfa (Bachelor of Fine Arts), Ba(History), HBSc(Psychology) I spend my weekdays locked in a maximum security psychiatric hospital, and they pay me to be there. On the weekends I spend my time in my shop, putting together whatever project my Lady's heart desires. I love to research. I spend many nights scouring the online data bases from the university of Toronto. Embroiled in that is my active participation in the SCA. My persona is Augustyn Ely the second son of a 14th C physician. I spend most of my time on the archery range and enjoy tossing twigs.
Classes: Executions in Medieval Briton and Europe
               The Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon

Nina Bates is currently a stay at home mom of 4 with one son left at home. She is very lucky that he likes to dress up and helps feed her need to costume. In the SCA, Odette plays in 1520-1530, in Calais, France.
Class: Practical Tips for making French Hoods

Paddy Gillard-Bentley is a twentieth century hair-stylist (who does blood-letting too) and playwright. Thaninieyaieres is an 11th century herbalist. Having finished her apprenticeship with Mistress Tamarra Amalthea of Romany, she has set up her own apothecary called Wyte Wythy Moon. She has two apprentices...and not enough time.
Classes: Herbs - a workshop
               History of Herbs

By day, Paul J. Cahill is a mild mannered computer tech working for a internet service provider in central Ontario. By night, he co-owns a Karate school, teaching 3 nights a weeks. Paul is a member of the SCA, where he studies 'Late-Roman Britain', 'European Tournament Culture' of the 12th-14th centuries as well as the historical applications of archery, soldiery, leather working and armour making.
Class: Soldiers of Late/Post Roman Britain 350 to 450 AD

Richard Schweitzer is a teacher, artist and musician currently busy working on his new "farm" north-west of Orangeville. In the SCA, Martin Bildner is a pewter-caster, instrument maker and musician from the town of Wismar in the early 1300s. In Darc, Rig is a Skald of no fixed address (his wife has a terrible time keeping track of him).
Classes: Norse Music
               Norse Poetry

Robert Schweitzer is a chemistry teacher in Toronto. In the SCA Master Rufus of Stamford is a Saxon born in 1098 in the village of Stamford, with a great many hobbies and interests to keep himself busy. Some of these hobbies include tablet weaving, archery, leather work (primarily bottles), choral singing, and playing the harp.
Classes: Beginner's Tablet Weaving
               Brocaded Tablet Weaving

Robyn Bennett is a data manager with an online market research firm. Her hobbies include reading (since she was 2 1/2 years old), writing (one short story sold so far), and the SCA. In the SCA, Catherine of Eoforwic is from a late 16th century rural English upper middle class family. She was sent to the Royal Citie of Eoforwic to learn how to conduct herself as a lady. Since then she has learned to dance; write dance choreographies, poetry and songs; act as Eoforwic's WebMinister; and, when reminded by her teacher, shows up to the occasional fencing practice.
Classes: Beginner's English Country Dance
               Intermediate English Country Dance and Beginner 15th Century Italian Dance

Russ Sheldon is a computer technician and the owner of an Internet Service Provider. His hobbies are to numerous to mention but his one great love is anything dealing with archery, modern or historical. Within the SCA he is Dafydd ap Sion, Welsh bowman in the army of Edward the III. Ludicrous bowman within the society and Kingdom Archery Marshal for Ealdormere.
Classes: Archery through the Middle Ages
               Problems with Modern Reference material With regards to Medieval Archery

Sarah Hughes makes her living doing Account Management, Project Coordination and Graphics Management in a variety of fields. In REGIA Gudrun is a Norse woman living in 10th C York
Class: Drop Spinning for Beginners

Sarah Scroggie is the technical director at Theatre Orangeville and as a result is a very busy young lady. In DARC, Asa is a very busy young lady.
Class: Naalbinding

Sue Corbishley is a technical support professional with a small ISP in Peterborough who would like to be independently wealthy enough to fund her varied hobby interests. In sharp contrast to her job, her interests are reading, pre 19th century music, research into historical cooking and textiles, and participating in 19th and 18th Century re-enactment and the SCA. She lives with another computer person who doesn't live in the modern age and two cats who run her life. In the SCA Anne Tinker is the daughter of an English tinker who shlepped his daughter all over the continent and had temerity to die in the Middle East before seeing to her future. Force of personality, a pleasant voice and an ability to feed large numbers of people have enabled her to travel back towards her native land. She's been getting a lot lost and sidetracked in the process...but really doesn't mind all that much.
Class: How we Eat

Susan Carroll-Clark holds a PhD in medieval history from the University of Toronto, but these days works as a business analyst, project manager, and herder of techies at a large bank. She continues her historical research as an independent scholar, and recently completed a term as the editor for the SCA's international magazine, Tournaments Illuminated. She lives in Toronto with her fellow-historian husband and three stripy cats. Nicolaa de Bracton lives in London, England in the year 1252, having recently relocated from her native Leicester to a new home in the growing mercantile area on London Bridge, where she and her husband are involved in the cloth trade. She has a brother in the personal retinue of Earl Simon de Montfort and another brother studying theology at Oxford with the Order of of course, religion and politics are always subjects of great interest, as are the local City guild intrigues....
Class: Understanding Historical Sources

Linday Kleinknecht has been a registered massage therapist for the past ten years and working with aromatherapy. In the SCA Terra Jade Wallace is an early 1300s Welsh woman who travels and merchants with her husband. She was trained by her mother in the ways of the apothecary to care for her family and servants.
Class: Medieval Campfire Cooking

Tina Gaston works when she must but prefers to spend her days stitching at one thing or another. In the SCA Tina is known as Lady Cairean ingen Fiachnae who was born into a matiarcal irish family in the late 1200's, she was raised there until her mothers death at age 8 when her father returned to his homeland of England. There Cairean was taught to manage a household and married at 17 to an aging lord. At 21, upon her husband's death she returned to Ireland to her mother's people where one of her husband's servants introduced her to his son. They fell in love, and had 2 beautiful little girls. Lady Cairean and her family then, a little over a year ago, moved to the Kingdom of Ealdormere.
Classes: Colouring
               Lucet Braiding
               Lucet Braiding for Children

Trudi Wright is a graduate student in the History department at the University of Guelph. Her thesis focusses on the depiction of gender in medieval Wales (500 - 1100). She joined the SCA in 1996 in Victoria, BC, while serving in the Canadian Navy. Sciath ingen Chauig is a Chatelaine in her father's home in Strathclyde. Her duties include training the domestic servants, and overseeing all household activiites. She takes particular delight in beekeeping, music, and storytelling.
Classes: English civil war
               Religious women

Dan Blair works for a computer wholesaler in Kitchener. In the SCA Vladislav cel Inalt, after much travelling, has settled down to the comfortable life of a war of attrition with the Osmanli turks in 15th century Wallachia. A man needs to keep busy after all.
Class: The Fall of Constantinople

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