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Christiana Maynard is a twelfth century landholder desperately trying to keep her liege from marrying her off. Adrienne Dandy is (still) a fourth year Honours history major at the University of Waterloo, desperately trying to avoid being thrust into the real post-graduate world.
Classes: A Peasant in King Edward's Court? (In Persona)
               Women in History - Queens
               Women in History - Nuns

Mistress Aibhilin of Skye is a 10th century Scot from the Isle of Skye, an island that the Norse seem to have taken over. Her favourite activities are feeding people and chasing after her two active bairns. Leslie Watson is a facilitator in a medical labratory. In her spare time she chases two very active per-school children.
Class: Early Period Cooking

Karen Murphy's day job as a technical writer a software firm in North Waterloo keeps her occupied when she isn't off being Lady Arnora Dunestan, a 15th century Lancastrian noblewoman whose favourite hobby is breaking English garment sumptuary laws.
Classes: Drafting Patterns
               Period Patterns

Ceallach is a 14thC Irish bonnaght who captains the troops of Kildrummy Castle. His non military pursuits are improving the drinking in the area, making better furniture for himself and persuading his wife not to run back to her Irish clan to escape the foul weather in Scotland. Kelly Rekuta is treasurer of an importing firm specializing in leather and stuff for the shoe trade.
Classes: Beer Making
               Wood Construction Practicum

Danute Dorion
No Bio Exists
Class: Middle And Late Period Fashions, 1350-1600

Darrell Markewitz
No Bio Exists
Class: Norse in America

Earl David is a 12th century English knight holding a keep on the marches. David Hutchinson is a forester fro Watelroo North Hydro.
Class: Courtly Love (In personna)

Lady Ealasaid Loganich na Kildare is a 13th century Irish Lady who has been forced by her lord to adopt the wonderful ways of the Scots! Joyce Morris is a mother of 3 and night dispatcher for a small trucking company.
Class: Scottish Life

Elina de Braose
No Bio Exists
Classes: Herbs
               Courtly Love (In personna)

Elizabeth (Kestrell) Cadfan is a demure merchant's widow living in London in the 14th Century, trying to earn her living by plying her trade as a girdler and ampuller.
Classes: Beasts in the Middle Ages
               Contraception, Virginity, and Prostitution

Eric Praetzel is an electronic/computer engineer, who is discovering the other side of life (dance, music, arts and crafts). One of these days he will discover the fleece of decisivness and develope a personna. For now his interests are sewing with colourful fabrics,dancing, weaving, playing music, and looking for other fun things to try.
Class: Old Dances

Fionn MacRory is a late eleventh century Irish bard from Connaught. Andrew Frey has a BA in History wih an option in Middle East Studies from the Univeristy of Waterloo and a Masters in Theological Studies from Conrad Grebel College.
Class: Irish Mythological History

Garwig was born in Sussex, England just before the turn of the 10th Century,Orphaned in his fourth year he was apprenticed by a local smith from whom he learned the basics of metalworking. Caught up by a call to battle from the local thegn, he perforce learned the art of repair and manufacture of armour - specifically chain mail. For his skill he soon acquired the title of "der waffenschmidt" - weapon or armoursmith. Gary Snyder is a kitchener grandfather working for Ontario Hydro and has been with the SCA for 10 years.
Classes: Beginners Chainmail
               Advanced Chainmail

Baroness Genvieve is 16th century French Noblewoman who sells sundry goods when she can spare the time between being Baroness and managing the Baron. Jennifer Johnson is a legal receptionist who would rather be teaching medieval history.
Class: Calligraphy/Illumination Practicum

Lady Gwendoline Rosamund is a 16th century noblewoman - the daughter of a diplomat. She travels with her father and spends much of her time in the Spanish and English courts. Danielle Nunn is a public relations specialist.
Classes: History of Lace-Making
               Lace-Making Practicum

Lady Marian of Heatherdale is a 14th century Scottish merchant's daughter who has been shipped off to France. Her mission: to wear daring French fashions and marry a handsome French landowner. Heather M. Dale is a 4th year Environmental Studies student at the University of Waterloo.
Classes: The Real Braveheart
               Introduction To Heraldry
               Arthurian Legends

Master Alasdair of Raasay is a travelling mercenary with an interest in many of the finer arts practiced in areas through which he has travelled. J. Caz Bentley is an itinerant teacher, carpenter, and stained glass artist who has passed his thirty- third year and therfore counts his blessings.
Classes: Stained Glass
               Wood Carving

Janet Lloyd
No Bio Exists
Classes: Period Snacks
               Feast Etiquette

Raffe Scholemaystre is the household tutor living at Scarborough castle in 1380. Jim McColm is a grade 7/8 Special Education teacher in Scarborough, Ont.
Class: English Elementary Education in the Later Middle Ages

Joan Woodcote is a kitchen wench in a Tudor manor house. The days are long and the work is hard but she does get the scraps from the masters table sometimes, and the kitchen is never cold even in the midst of winter. Jo Duke has been a vegetarian for about 10 years and likes the variety of Ethnic & Period recipes.
Class: Medieval Weddings

Cynred Broccan is an eleventh century Anglo-Saxon who lives around Shrewsbury in Shropshire. He fought at Hastings, stood with Hereward the Wake and is now contemplating whether to swear fealty to the Bastard Norman or head off to Byzantium and the Varangian Guard. Ken Cook is a twentieth century fellow from Durham, he likes beer, good company and works at Bruce 'A' Nuclear Generating Station. And no, he doesn't glow in the dark.
Class: Saxon Life

William Stalker was born around 1066 in the Orkney Islands of Norse and Scottish descent. A merchant by trade he deals primarily in archery and leather good but like most Norsemen will generally acquire and sell anything he can make a profit on. Michael Kleinknecht is and insurance broker living in Waterloo. For the last several years he has been learning the art of bow building as well as other archery equipment.
Class: Period Shoes

Lorina J. Stephens is a professional and published writer and editor, currently involved with Canada's first on-line literary magazine, Maple Syrup Simmering. Signora Leonora daLiliacea is a 14th century Venetian merchant, very fond of rare spices and rarer embroidery.
Classes: Beginning Embroidery
               Advanced Embroidery
               A Merchant in Venice

Lilibeta Rudenko, AoA, cypher, OW, OGO, princess's favour, OL is a sixteenth century Cossack noblewoman who when she is not running her family's business of import/export and trade in Odessa, is visiting her cousins in Zaporozhia. Zofia Beloshchenko is an over-educated, under paid data entry/processing clerk for an insurance company. She is first generation Canadian and lives with her familiar, Sebastian, a black tabby.
Classes: Pysanky (Ukranian Egg Painting)
               Great Medieval Sadists

Rawnie Maddelaina bala Kameskro is a fifteenth century gypsy fortuneteller. Dale Grey is a housewife who busies herself raising a child
Classes: Gypsies
               Fortune Telling

No Bio Exists
Classes: Moorish Society
               Courtly Flirtation

fra. Guillermo di San Marino, holds a Bachelors degree from Renaissance Paris' Serbone and is now earns a living doing diplomatic work for various city states. (Also a field unrelated to his studies). Marc Collins, BA. Specialised in Mediaeval Philosophy and studied Renaissance Dance as part of a Drama Programme at the University of Toronto, is now gainfully employed in a field unrelated to his studies.
Classes: Dance Source 1
               English Country Dance

Margaret Trainor Cook
No Bio Exists
Class: Feast for 8

Born in Barcelona in the mid 16th century of Spanish and French Catalonian heritage, she currently is in the year 1568. She is an only child of merchant class parents who made their wealth through importing of goods from the East and the New World. Previously wed to a minor French Lord, she is now a widow with 1 child, a son, and lives with her parents whose age required her to return to Spain. Mercedes spends her time managing her family's holdings in order to ensure her son's future and she has little intention of remarrying. Her dealings required her to become familiar with the spices and food stuffs her family imports, and the cultures they came from.
Classes: Period Knitting
               Spanish Cooking

Michael Kleinknecht
No Bio Exists
Class: Medieval Archery

Viscountess Moria the Black is a woman of Norman-Irish descent who came upon the Khazarian culture quite by accident, and was adopted into the Turkic Nomadic Tribesmen of Khazaria known as the Rozakii. There she has learned a lot of the Khazarian way of life, including their social, political and religious structures, as well as their dance and artistic styles. Michelle L. Moll has an Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Psychology, and has worked in varying fields from Social Worker to Adjudicator. Her interests range from calligraphy and illumination, to dance, to Mongolian and Khazarian History. She currently divides her time between work, raising two small children and teaching both Middle Eastern dance, and Calligraphy and Illumination on an ongoing basis to members of the SCA.
Classes: Middle Eastern ("Belly") Dancing
               Kassarian Society

In day to day life Neil Peterson is a computer software engineer. As Kyrie Ragnar Thorbergsson, a 9th century Norseman who is retired from the Viking trade for more peaceful merchanting pursuits, he prides himself on his mead-making, jewlery, and talent for making petty kings quake in fear.
Class: Introduction to the SCA (1)

Thaninieyaieres is an 11th century herbalist. Having finished her apprenticeship with Mistress Tamarra Amalthea of Romany, she is seting up her own apothecary called Wyte Wythy Moon. She has apprenticed Caitryn of Chalcewell, and has her eye open for one or two more. She can be seen at various tournaments and events racing after her son Liam the Curious. Paddy Gillard-Bently is a twentieth century hair-stylist (who does blood-letting too) struggling to make a name as a writer.
Classes: Herbal Workshop
               Introduction to the SCA (2)

Paul is an enigineer who is also an avid juggler, and has been known to even occasionally do it moderately well. Pavel is his Russian SCA persona who also, coincidentally, is an avid juggler.
Class: Juggling

Perceval Winnett Kempe, a 14th Century English noble, is a man-at-arms who has moved within the English tournament circuit. He raised his sword across the Channel against France and also in the Holy Lands. Currently, he instructs squires and their families on how they can aspire to knighthood. Patrick Haynes is a medieval recreationist and studies practical chivalric concepts (as opposed to literary concepts), who in his daily life, markets hospital software and adores his girlfriend, Ceridwyn.
Class: Concepts of Chivalry (in Personna)

Ragnheithr Thorbjarnarsdottir
No Bio Exists
Classes: Viking Life
               Development of Law

Martin Bilder of Wismar, AoA, OGO is a sculpturer, pewter-caster and musician from early 14th century Germany. Richard Schweitzer of Waterloo, BA, BEd isn't much different.
Classes: Bawdy Songs & Love Ballads
               Pewter Casting Practicum

Lord Rufus is a Saxon born in 1098 in the village of Stamford, with a much greater interest in a wide variety of crafts than in farming. Some of these hobbies include archery, leather work (bottles), tablet weaving, choral work, and playing the harp. Robert Schweitzer is a high school teacher currently teaching algebra in adult education classes.
Classes: Begining Tablet Weaving
               Brocaded Tablet Weaving

Robyn Whystler the Younger (1511-1583) is a music historian and printer from mid 16th century England and Germany. T. Shawn Johnson holds a B.A. in music with a specialization in the music of the middle ages and renaissance. He continues his studies privately while working at the University of Guelph Library.
Class: Renaissance Instruments

Rosina del Bosco Chiaro had been a lady-in-waiting to Battista Sforza at the court of Urbino, but left hurridly, shortly before it was discovered that four dance manuals had disappeared from the library. Vivian Stephens is an unemployed software tester. She makes money playing bodhran, but charges more to stop.
Classes: Introduction to Historical Dance
               Italian Renaissance Dance

Rosmarie is the daughter of a scottish merchant who has aspirations to her fathers job and does many (legal) things to help witht he finances. Linda Watson is a customer service specialist for a major financial institution.
Class: Hand-woven Baskets

Heather Fraser is a young mother, a science fiction writer, and a recent graduate of theological college. Any one of these is enough to keep her busy for a lifetime. Sarra Graeham of Birnham is a 12th century Norman lying low during the English civil war of Stephen and Matilda. She has dabbled in scribery, court music, cookery, and court intrigue to keep clothes on her back; she is silent about which of the above pay better.
Classes: Medieval Menus
               Introduction to the SCA (1)

Mistress Nicola'a de Bracton of Leicester is a pleasant and well traveled lady of noble birth with a penchant for all things with garnets. Susan Caroll-Clarke is a Ph.D. student in Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto dividing her time between her reasearch, her many cats, her sewing projects, and her neglected husband.
Classes: Early Period Fashions (600 - 1350)
               7 Deadly Sins

Terra Jade Wallace is a Welsh merchant in the 1320s. Growing up on a remote sheep farm, her mother taught her healing arts with herbals & scents that she continues to use & teach during her travels through the known world. Linday Kleinknecht is a Registered Massage Therapist for the past 6 and a half years in Waterloo who has been involved in the SCA for the past 3 years.
Classes: History of Aromatherapy
               Aromatherapy Practicum

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