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Christiana Maynard is a rarely seen twelfth century Norman. Adrienne Dandy is (finally) an Honours History graduate, who was unable to avoid being thrust into the real post-graduate world.
Classes: How do we know what we know?
               Peasant Life
               Women In History - Writers
               Women in History - Crusaders

Lord Augustin du Charbonnieres after serving at the court of 2 Princes and the court of a powerful landed Baron, took up the hammar and began pondering the riddle of steel because there was more money to be made in steel then in royal dungeons. Lord Augustin is apprenticed in blacksmithing and things political to Master Sylard of Eagleshaven. Gus Robert Gissing is a network anaylst for a waterloo software company and holds an honours bachlor degree in History with a minor in Classical Studies. He has too many interests and his greatest joy is to take his two children to the regional airport for french fries and to watch the Cesna's take off and land.
Class: Blacksmithing

Lauren of Wolfengau is fairly new to the Society for Creative Anachronism, and has an undefined persona. She enjoys dancing, archery, and is beginning to get involved in martial arts. Bernadette Steinhauser has just recently finished the Gerontology program at the University of Guelph, and is currently seeking employment in her respective field. If you happen to know of anyone..... :)
Classes: English Country Dance
               Introduction to the SCA

Brand Thorwaldsen was a fourteenth century German, and is now a first century Ealdormerean. He has been known to be a Herald, Squire, Seneschal, and is one of those easygoing fellows that just has to keep busy. Blair Wettlaufer owns his own collection agency, and deals with contract law, credit, bankruptcy, mortgages, fraud, court actions, credit bureaus, and other such unpleasant things which require him to be an easygoing fellow on weekends.
Class: Speaking Medievally

Lady Alyce de Sheppys is a 14th century french woman. Danute Dorion is an office technicial currently working in insurance.
Class: Medieval Fashions

Master Sylard of Eagleshaven has been a prominent citizen of Septentria 'almost since the very beginning'. Sylard is a late 10th century Norse merchant and craftsman living near Duhblin. Darrell Markewtiz operates 'the Wareham Forge' as a blacksmith specializing in historic reproductions. In the museum field, he has worked as an artisan / interpreter at a number of 1850's living history sites. Most significantly, he was the program designer for the 'Norse Encampment' interpretive program at the L'anse aux Meadow NHS.
Classes: Historical Interpretation for Re-enactors
               The History of Bladed Weapons - from the dawn of time to the firearm
               Shopping with Sylard - What a Norseman needs to own! (In Personna)

Lady Ealasaid Loganich na Kildare is an Irish lady who was given in marriage by her father (whom she no longer speaks to!) to the Laird of Clan MacLeod. She went to the isle of Skye, where she tends to his household and his children and of course, the Laird himself. Joyce Morris is a devoted wife and the mother of 3 teenagers. In her spare time she works for a major hearing aid manufacturer in their repair department
Classes: Scottish Life
               Women in History - Roles of Women

Ridwan al-Rawi is an early fourteenth century story teller from Edessa. Andrew Frey has a BA in History with an option in Middle Eastern Studies, a Masters in Theological Studies and works in Kitchener in the waste industry.
Class: Stories from the Middle East

Garwig der Waffenschmidt was born in Sussex, England just before the turn of the 10th century. Orphaned in his fourth year he was apprenticed to a local smith from whom he learned the basics of metalworking. Caught up by a call to battle from the local thegn, he perforce learned the art of repair and manufacture of armour - specifcally chainmail. For his skill he soon acquired the title of 'der waffenschmidt' - weapon or armour smith. Gary Snyder is a Kitchener grandfather working for Ontario Hydro and has been with the SCA for 11 years.
Classes: Advanced Chainmail
               Beginner's Chainmail

Gary Van Lingen is a graduate student in Medieval Studies at Wilfred Laurier University.
Classes: Archaeological Reconstruction of a Medieval Village
               Black Death

Baroness Genveieve Chastellan d'Anjou is a 16th century French Noblewoman who sells sundry goods when she can spare the time between being Baroness and managing the Baron. Jennifer Johnson is a legal receptionist who would rather be teaching medieval history.
Class: Illumination

Lady Gwendoline Rosamond is an English Lady who spent her childhood following her Diplomatic father through the various courts of Europe. Her favorite place aside from Elizabeth's glittering court is the Spanish court where a certain handsome Don has caught her eye. She spends her time: shopping, collecting beautiful clothing and things, and waiting for her beau to come for her. Danielle Nunn-Weinberg is busy studying for her professional gemmology qualification exams, who loves pretty rocks and her handsome Don.
Class: Stripping an Elizabethian Lady

Lady Gwyneth ferch Gryffydd ferch Hew is a 12th century Welsh women. She is the last surviving member of her family and has inherited their lands in Gwynedd. She is also the widow of a Scottish highlander trying to keep one step ahead of any marriage which would cause her to lose control of her lands. Gwyneth spends her time in service to nobility and as far away fromt he watchful eye of the church as possible. Amy Hughes is attempting to finish her studies as an accountant and raise an energetic three year old named Robert. Amy has always been interested in Welsh history and particularly the pagan stories and myths.
Class: Holidays & History

Halfdan is an Irish-Norse bagpiper who recently left the merchant town of Dublin in search of more generous...uh...appreciative patrons in the Byzantine empire. John Mackinnon is a forensic technician and a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who has been teaching, playing and repairing bagpipes for 23 years.
Classes: Bagpipes for Beginners
               History of Bagpipes 101

Lady Marian of Heatherdale is a Scottish expatriate, whose marriage to a disinterested French nobleman cemented an alliance against King Edward Longshanks. Heather Marian Dale is a professional musician and environmentalist, and is currently recording her first CD.
Classes: Arthurian Legends
               The Real Braveheart
               Stories & Songs From Camelot

Inez Rosanera is a courtesan in in the Republic of Venice. The year is now 1548. A foreigner (from Spain), Inez is a singer and musician and a noted favourite amongst the religious community.... Kristine Maitland is a number of things. She is a freelance writer and social critic. She is an information broker and consultant. She is a puppeteer and storyteller. She is a singer, musician and songwriter. She studies Renaissance and Early modern history and specializes in "obscure" topics, namely: the Diaspora pre-1650, the history of sex and sexuality, women/gay studies, etc..... She is a public speaker and on the board of the Ontario Black History Society. In short, Kristine Maitland is a very busy woman.
Classes: Dangerous Beauties: the lives of courtesans in Renaissance and Early modern Italy
               Domination and Submission in the Middle Ages (Adults Only)

Master Alasdair of Raasay is a travelling mercenary with an interest in many of the finer arts practiced in areas through which he has travelled. J. Caz Bentley is an itinerant teacher, carpenter, and stained glass artist who has passed his thirty- third year and therfore counts his blessings
Classes: SilverPoint Drawing (In Personna)
               Wood Carving (Practicum)

Baroness Ursala na clan na rath lives on the side of a hill on the Isle of Mul with a bunch of other eccentric women in 10th century Scotland. Janet Lloyd is a jack of all trades who spends her time having fun.
Classes: Feast Ettiquette

Raffe Scholemaystre is the household tutor living at Scarborough castle in 1380. Jim McColm is a grade 7/8 Special Education teacher in the area that used to be Scarborough Ont.
Classes: Games - what were being played where and when
               Games - Early Norse and Anglo-Saxon
               Games at the time of the Hundred Years War
               Gaming at the turn of the Sixteenth Century

Joan Woodcote is a kitchen wench in a Tudor manor house. The days are long and the work is hard but she does get the scraps from the masters table sometimes, and the kitchen is never cold even in the midst of winter. Jo Duke has been a vegetarian for about 10 years and likes the variety of Ethnic & Period recipes.
Class: Medieval Menus

Hlaford Cynred Broccan stood at Hastings and lived to tell the tale, if that wasn't enough he also stood with Hereward the Wake and lived to stir more trouble for the Norman invaders. Ken Cook worked at Westinghouse, Mount Forest and lived to tell the tale, if that wasn't enough he now works for Ontario Hydro Nuclear at Bruce 'A' and he lives to stir up trouble with the Norman invaders. (Haven't you heard something like this before.)
Classes: On Rope (Practicum)
               Saxon Heritage (In Personna)

Lord Nott is a merchant-sailor. He travels making his fortune shipping all and sundry from points in the Mediterranean to Britain. Previously, though not gainfully, employed as a travelling songster he retains the ear for a fine tune even though he never had the voice or (memory) for it. These days he can often be found playing a variety of unusual and middle eastern percussion instruments when not at sea. Lord Nott spent a short time in the King's army from which he has retired.
Class: Folk Drumming in the Orient

Aurilia Gabraina is an 11th century byzantine who constantly tries new crafts and spends far too much time embroidering. Larisa Kallaur is a historical interpreter with a B.FA in visual arts and B.A. in history currently pursueing a diploma in ceramincs (and who spends far too much time embroidering).
Class: Embroidery (Practicum)

Rawnie Maddelaina bala Kameskro is a fifteenth century gypsy fortuneteller. Dale Grey is a housewife who busies herself raising a child
Classes: Fortune Telling

Viscount Edward the Red is a Norman lord who fought in the battle of Hastings, and later settled in nortern England where he was granted lands. He is an avid warrior, and a dabbler in various arts. Mark Patchett is a Software developer, a die-hard weekend warrior, a part time armourer and a dabbler in various arts such as mail making, leatherworking, and woodworking, and is expecting his first child.
Classes: Armour through the Ages
               Basic Armouring Techniques

Dame Medinia is a late 16th century Irish woman who spent her youth at the court of Queen Elizabeth learning how to bend the rules and to have the most fun. She now flits between her properties in Ireland and the courts in England. Marsha McLean is a computer geek wannabe, a favourite among silk merchants, and proud mommy to the best little boy in the world.
Class: Dame Medinia's Acedemy

William Stalker was born in 1050 in the Orkney's of mixed Norse and Scottish descent. He spends most of his time hawking leather goods and archery supplies. Michael Kleinknecht is an insurance broker in Waterloo.
Class: Bow Making

Viscountess Moria the Black is a woman of Norman-Irish descent who came upon the Khazarian culture quite by accident, and was adopted into the Turkic Nomadic Tribesmen of Khazaria known as the Rosakii. There she has learned a lot of the Khazarian way of life, including their social, political and religious structures, as well as their dance and artistic styles. Michelle L. Moll has an Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Psychology, and has worked in varying fields from Social Worker to Adjudicator. Her interests range from calligraphy and illumination to dance, to Mongolian and Khazarian History. She currently divides her time between work, raising two small children and teaching both Middle Eastern Dance and Calligraphy and Illumination on an ongoing basis to members of the SCA.
Class: Middle Eastern Dance

Ragnar Logsogumadr "Silfarhandleggur" Thorbergsson is a tired old ex-viking who now makes his living as a trader and lawspeaker. Never one to give up a fun hobby he is still making trouble wherever possible. Neil Peterson is a software developer specializing in Computer-Human interaction. In his spare time he is a student of Archaeology at Wilfrid Laurier University and works with many groups to promote an appreciation of Norse History.
Class: Introduction to the SCA

Onami is a samauri currently in the service of the Khan in China. Brent Connel is disatisfied.
Class: LeatherWork

Mistress Thaninieyaieres is an 11th century herbalist. Having finished her apprenticeship with Mistress Tamarra Amalthea of Romany, she is seting up her own apothecary called Wyte Wythy Moon. She has apprenticed Caitryn of Chalcewell, and has her eye open for one or two more. She can be seen at various tournaments and events racing after her son Liam the Curious. Paddy Gillard-Bently is a twentieth century hair-stylist (who does blood-letting too) struggling to make a name as a writer.
Classes: Beginner's Guide to Herbology
               Herbal Workshop

Pavel is a little confused. Paul Woodard is a research officer for the government of Canada and is only slightly less confused.
Class: Juggling

'Master' Richard Larmer is a travelling mason who has worked on numerous cathedrals in Burgundy, Orleans, Flanders and now has returned to his native England to complete a fine English Cathedral. He would like to tell you about his latest project which should be the crowning achievement of his life. Andrew Lowry is a Professional Engineer who has never built a building.
Class: Gothic Cathedrals A Building Built by Grace (In Personna)

Martin Bildner of Wismar, AoA, OGO is a sculpturer, pewter-caster and musician from early 14th century Germany. Richard Schweitzer of Waterloo, BA, BEd, isn't much different
Classes: Bawdy Songs & Love Ballads
               Pewter Casting

Lord Rufus of Stamford is a Saxon born in 1098 in the village of Stamford, with a great many hobbies and interests to keep himself busy. Some of these hobbies include tablet weaving, archery, leather work (primarily bottles), choral singing, and playing the harp. Robert Schweitzer is a chemistry teacher in Toronto.
Classes: Beginners Tablet Weaving
               Brocaded Tablet Weaving

Robyn Whystler the Younger (1511-1583) is a music historian and printer from mid 16th century England and Germany. T. Shawn Johnson holds a B.A. in music with a specialization in the music of the middle ages and renaissance. He continues his studies privately while working at the University of Guelph Library.
Classes: Build A Friction Drum
               Early Reed Instruments

Rosina del Bosco Chiaro tried opening a dance school in Firenze, but found that no one would attend a school run by a woman, and the only clients were really expecting a brothel. Vivian Stephens has made money torturing software and Irish musicians.
Classes: Introduction to Historical Dance
               Italian Renaissance Dance

Emma Dansmeyla is a post viking Dane. Sarah Scroggie just graduated university in Computer Science and Technichal Theatre and is currently looking for a job.
Class: Basic Bobbin Lacemaking

Baroness TSivia bas Tamara v'Amberview <O.L.> is a bona-fide Ealdormerian "Jurassic Peer", and founder of two of the SCA's first Ontario groups. She received her Laurel in 1983, in Balladry and Research, and is a Scottish Bard during the period of Robert the Bruce. Shelley Rabinovitch is a former radio reporter now completing her Ph.D in religious studies at the University of Ottawa. She is a part-time university professor, and did her undergraduate degree with the late Dr.Edith Fowke of York University (Order of Canada), considered one of Canada's top folklorists.

Sigurd is a viking lord and Bard to the royal family. Bosah Vandenberg is a story teller and folksinger from Kitchener. He has an enduring love of English, scottish and Irish folklore.
Classes: Bardic Apprenticeship
               Oral Culture

Mistress Nicola'a de Bracton of Leicester is a pleasant and well traveled lady of noble birth with a penchant for all things with garnets. Susan Caroll-Clarke (web page) is a Ph.D. student in Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto dividing her time between her reasearch, her many cats, her sewing projects, and her neglected husband.
Classes: 988 and All That: An Introduction to Early Russian Society
               Sex and the Church (Adults Only)

Lady TerraJade Wallace is an early 1300s Welsh woma who travels and merchants with her husband. She was trained by her mother in the ways of the apothecary to care for her family and servants. Linday Kleinknecht has been a registered massage therapist for the past seven years and working with aromatherapy.
Class: Aromatherapy Practicum

Don Zadok ben Soloman ibn Alfakhar is a 13th century Spanish Jew originally from Castile. Michael Nunn-Weinberg is a Database Administrator and Internet developer.
Class: Expulsion of the Jews

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