Well folks its time to play catch-up. I will be setting out the steps for as many of the dances we have learned in the last few weeks as I can fit in these two pages so the comentary on them may be a little skimpy. I would also like to take some space to tell you of the Bryniau Ball coming up. At the first meeting in March (March 3) I will be teaching NO NEW DANCES. I will provide music (maybe even real muscians) and we will hold a ball. In the Februrary Phoenix I will publish the dance card for the ball and I will promise that each dance we will do will have been taught at least three times before the ball. All of the dances will also have been published here in the PHOENIX before hand. Your support for this will, of course be necessary. I will NOT be playing the role of junior high school teacher and setting up dance partners. We have plenty of people and I will even atempt to import some ladies to even the numbers up a little. I am also going to make the assumption that you people come out to dance practices to learn, well you can't learn much from the side of the hall. GET OUT THERE AND DANCE. Asking a partner for the dance isn't that bad, REALLY!

OK, here endeth the lecture on to the dances.

Scotland the Brave (Gay Gordon)

Point front (L), step behind (L), to the side (R), together (L), point front (R), step behind (R), to the side (L), together (R), Point (L) front, Point back (L).
Step (L,R,L), hop(landing on your L), step (R,L,R), turn
Step (L,R,L), turn(pivot on L leads into first step on R), back (R,L,R), hop
Step (L,R,L), turn, back (R,L,R), hop
Step (L,R,L), turn, back (R,L,R), hop
Lords walk forward turning ladies (4 Turns)
Turn to original position and repeat

Watch out for that lead five step, it's tricky. The turns with a partner also need consideration.

Malteese Bransle

2 x {Step (L), together (R), Step (L), kick (R), step (R), together (L), step (R), Kick(L)}
This is a SET of BRANSLE DOUBLES. (i.e. double L, double R)
Left hip in, snap, right hip in, snap, left hip in, snap, 3 claps
Right hip out, snap, left hip out, snap, right hip out, snap, 3 claps turn while kicking (L,R,L)

This dance is a relic of the crusades and shows it. Picture if you will a pile of knights belly dancing for the ladies. Does the hip to the center mean more now?

Salinger's Round

Verse 1: 8 Slides L, 8 Slides R
CHORUS: 2 x {Towards middle (L & together, L & together),Back up (R,L,R), [Hop L, Hop R], Turn around}
(The two hops in [] are refered to as a "SET" so the line could have been written: double back (R), set, turn)
Verse 2:
Beer hall run
Beer hall run
Verse 3:
Siding L (4 steps forward (L,R,L,R), 4 steps back (R,L,R,L))
Siding R (4 steps forward (L,R,L,R), 4 steps back (R,L,R,L))
Verse 4:
Arming L (8 turning steps)
Arming R (8 turning steps)

Remember that siding is a GREAT time to flirt, a slightly more skillful flirt can be done during the set in each chorus.

Horse's Bransle

4 sets of bransle doubles
Lords: 2 scrapes with the right foot, step (R), turn (L)
Ladies: 2 scrapes with the right foot, step (R),turn (L)

The paw, step and turn can be tricky, just remember that it is to move you a half position around the circle so you wind up with a new partner to flirt with. A LARGE number of dancing feature this "trading your partner in on a newer model". Wait until we do the official bransle (nicknamed "toss the duchess")

Bransle de Charlotte (circle)

2x {Double L,kick L, kick R, double R}
2x {double L, kick (L,R), single R, kick (L,R,L), single L, kick (R,L,R), double R}

Scottish Bransle (circle)

2x {double L, double R, single L, single R},
double L single R, single L double R, double L, single R, kick (L,R,L), cparoile,
then repeat all

Rufty-Tufty (sets of 2 couples facing in holding hands)

Verse 1: 2x {double in, reverance,double out}
CHORUS: face partner, set, turn, set, turn, join R hands, double out, turn in, double in cloverleaf out (1 1/4 turn) join hands L with corner, double out, turn in, double in, cloverleaf back to partner
Verse 2: Siding
Verse 3: Arming

I liked this one even it is does make you dizzy. Must look real good from above.

Heart's ease (set up as rufty tufty)

Verse 1: 2x { double in, reverance, double out}
CHORUS: join hands with corner, double back, double in, face corner and join both hands, spin 1 turn (lady into set), join hand with partner, double in, double out, face partner, join hands and spin
Verse 2: Siding
Verse 3: Arming

Black Nag (3 couples in a line)

2 x { double up hall, double back}
Couple 1 does a 4 beat galumph, then couple 2 then couple 3, then all turn around
Couple 3 does a 4 beat galump back, then couple 2 then couple 1, then all turn around
Siding with your partner (R then L)
Man 1 and lady 3 switch, man 3 and lady 1 switch, couple 2 switches, all turn around
reverse back to original positions, then turn around
arming (R then L)
Lords Hey, then Ladies Hey.
Dance then repeats