The Dance of the month
Well in past issues we have covered: Hole in the Wall; Gae Gordon (Scotland the Brave); Maltese Bransle; Salinger's Round; Horse's Bransle; Bransle de Charlotte; Scottish Bransle; Rufty-tufty; Heart's Ease; Black Nag; and Belle Qui. Since we have our ball coming up on the 3rd of March I would like to spend the next 3 practices and 2 issues adding a little more (say a pavanne or two) and touching up what we already know. So the next couple of dance of the month articles will be fairly small.

So for today let's do the Earl of Salsbury and karabushka.

Earl of Salsbury Pavanne:

Left Set up the hall
Single OUT (away from partner) then back
Double (R) backwards
Left Set - turning to face partner and joining hands.
Bransle up the hall, then Bransle Down
Double (R) backwards away from partner
Left Set towards and past partner (left shoulders together)
Four steps in place (L,R,L,R) rotating in place counter clockwise
Double R backwards (away from partner)
Left set towards partner joining hands and swing counter-clockwise 1/2 turn
Bransle up hall, Bansle Down, turning to face up the hall on the last note
Double R backwards
Repeat the entire dance

Remembering that a left set is Single L, Single R, Single L, Double R; and that a Bransle is a Single sideways. All of this is, of course, supposed to very very slow and graceful.


6 Singles (R,R,L,L,R,R)
Turn to face partner
Circle away (3 steps), clap, circle together, clap
join R hands, rock together then apart and change sides
Circle away (3 steps), clap, circle together, clap
Join R hands, rock together then apart and return to original places.

Warning: Like the Maltese Bransle, this is one of those dances which gets progressively faster, so you really need to be on your toes for this one ... literally...

Well that should do for this month, better start attending the practices.