Ragnar's Drink of the month Club
This month: Hippocras (hippo- chris)
Alchol Content: LOW
Taste: very heavy

The recipie itself comes from His Grace Caridoc's Miscelleny (The last one I will be publishing). I first had this drink at Tadashi's coronation in Tree-Girt-Sea back in AS XXIV. It takes like a mulled red wine (which in a way it is). This drink is not for everyone (I was the only person at our table who liked it -- mind you that meant that I got to take a bottle home to venshavn and didn't have to share it). I reccommend trying it in small batches to begin with.

"Hippocras (Goodman p.299/28)

To make powdered hippocras, take a quarter of very fine cinnamon selected by tasting it, and half a quarter of fine flour of cinnamon, and= ounce of selected string ginger, fine and white, and an ounce of grain of paradise, a sizth of nutmegs and galingale together, and bray them all together. And when you would make your hippocras, take a good half ounce of this powder and two quarters of sugar and mix them with a quart of wine, by Paris measure. And note that the powder and the sugar mixed together is the Duke's powder.

Grind them all together. To make hippocras add 1/2 ounce of the powder and 1/2 lb (1 cup) of sugar to a quart of boiling wine. Strain through a sleeve of hippocrates (a tube of cloth closed at one end). We generally use somewhat less of both sugar and powder than the recipie calls for. "

Good luck. Next month we discuss mead recipies (and maybe vintning).