Drink of the Month - Misc

With this column, like the recipie column I am TRYING to create what you want. It is VERY hard to do that when none of you tell me what you want. Did you know that in the 5 months of publication my three regular articles (that's 15 articles each appearing in 50 copies, most of which are read more than once - say 750-1000 readers) I have received a TOTAL of 2 (yes two) comments. One each about dancing and drinking, and the drinking comment came from someone OUTSIDE this canton. The comment on dancing led directly to the article in the last dance column. So how about some feedback here. Do you want recipies for mixed alcholic drinks, non-alcholic drinks, period drinks, brewing/vintning articles or something else entirely. You tell me, PLEASE!

Mulled Apple cider - one of an almost infinite number of recipies

Ingredients: 2 quarts fresh apple cider; 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg; 1/8 teaspoon thyme; 1/2 teaspoon ginger powder; 7 sticks of cinnamon Garnish: 1 Tablespoon finely crushed sweet basil Simmer juice with spices for 7 minutes in a large enameled pot; break cin. sticks placing a portion in each drinking vessel (ie- a glass). Pour on warmed cider, sprinkling the top of the drink sparingly with sweet basil.

Now Here is the first of the glogg recipies I spoke of. To be truely appreciated you should be VERY cold and greeted at the door with a steaming mug.

Mix 10g whole cardemons, 10 g whole cloves, 25g whole cinnamon sticks with 1 L of vodka. Leave for 3-4 days. Strain the vodka. Mix the vodka with 1 bottle of cheap red wine, 1/2 bottle of non-vintage port. Add syrup sugar made from 250g casor sugar and a cup of water. Add 0.1L brandy and juice of 1/2 lemon.

[brandy can be used instead of vodka. In the dark past the spices were added to the wine which was heated. Lumps of hard sugar were placed on a grille above the wine and burning brandy or vodka was poured over them.]

To serve heat until it is very hot but not boiling, pour into small cups containing a few almonds and/or raisons. A spoon can be used for eating the raisons and almonds.

And as one final drink in honour of the people who will be doing the work at the upcoming event here is the recipie for "Autocrat's punch".

To 2 L of V-8 add one package of brewer's yeast. Shake well and drink.

Until next month then good gentles.