Drink of the Month - Mead the subject that would not die.

Recap of last month. I want your mead recipies. This announcement will be repeated a LOT. I am also looking for someone to write a beginners beer making article. Talk to me.

Since I got exactly zero suggestions for new topics I thought I would redo a basic how to make mead article. All prices quoted at from Wine Art on Victoria (except the honey).

To begin you require:

1glass jug (plastic 4L jugs will work)$2.99
1bung (size 6.5 usually)$1.29
1fermentation lock$1.39
1package of yeast (1116)$0.99
1kilo of Honey (Country Bulk on Weber)$2.20
Campden tablets (small)$0.99
Potasium Sorbate (small)$1.39

In about a month you will need 5 wine bottles (750 mL). You will also need corks and a corker but I will sell corks singly ($0.01) and you can bottle at my house using my corker. As you can see you are looking at a total cost of $11.24. Of this $3.19 is ingrediants and the rest is equipment. This makes the mead VERY cheap. ($0.64 per bottle not bad eh?)


Disolve a campden tablet in 2L of water (warm works best) wash your big jug with this solution. Also wash any funnels, spoons, etc as well as the bung. Pour the honey into the jug. Add 1 campden tablet to the jug.

Add the water and the yeast. Shake VERY well. Put the lock in the bung and the bung in the bottle. Place it somewhere medium warm (75F or so).

Add a small amount of water to the lock (most have a line drawn on them to show the level). In a few days your mead will be bubbling away. In a month or so it will stop. When it does, add a half teaspoon of Potassium Sorbate (which kills the yeast). Wait a week or so to allow it to settle. Pour into bottles (siphon works wonders). Cork. Let it alone for 6 months or so. Try it.

That is the basic recipie. Simple modifications are available by adding a kilo of your favourite fruit. Strain out the pulp before bottling.

The basic mead will run about 12 % the fruit ones 14 or so. Try them and if you have any questions/problems simply call me.