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Last Update: February 10, 2005

This page also needs some more work but I'm not going to hold things up until its done. Here's the description I've got so far and maybe a couple of pictures to act as a placeholder until I can get back to this area.

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Persona Description
Ragnarr owns a knarr ]a trading boat] called the Særhest (seahorse pronounced Sire-hest) and takes a crew out on trading trips now and again. The actual crew varies from trip to trip but lots of regular folks are to be seen. These trips usually turn a profit but it never seems to be quite as good as hoped for. But at least it makes enough to keep the boat in good repair.

Ragnarr started viking with many of his Danish friends. As the years passed and he started slowing down he began to spend more time on trading than raiding. Now he splits his time at his home in Iceland and travelling to trade. He's usually found sitting near a pile of trade goods whiling away the time by gaming and gambling, or carving (usually soapstone to keep his nice soft viking hands in good shape). He is often attended by his ambatt Kaðlin. Some say he is too lenient with her but he seems untroubled by this (maybe he's just gotten used to her).

It is worth noting that within the bounds of DARC I do many of the same things I do in the SCA. There is simply a much stronger focus on authenticity.

Carving I like to play with a knife and a variety of materials. I've carved wood, horn, antler, amber, and soapstone. I tend to do all of this work with my small belt knife (about a one inch clip point blade). Its not an attempt to recreate specific pieces, more a way to keep my hands busy while I'm doing other things.
Ah fun and games. It started with Tafl many years ago and expanded into pasttimes as a class.
Norse Language I'm working with Ragnaheithr Kennari locally and a mailing list to try and learn something more about the language Ragnarr should be speaking. Its an evil language to try and learn.



A photo from my first trip to L'anse aux Meadows in 1996. I was hired to come in as a re-enactor to work at the L'anse aux meadows site. This was my station. A shutroom (bedroom) off the end of the main hall. We set up a bed here and laid out trade goods, and weapons around the room. I spent my days carving things and playing tafl with the staff and visitors. A "stock" photo from the same trip. Me on gaurd. Still the 1996 trip. Discussing navigation tips with a passing tourist. This cool pic is from our 2000 trip out to work at the opening of Norstead in Newfoundland. A fellow by the name of Paul Comptom owns a viking boat out there and he took the bunch of us out for a sail. The weather was typical (read lousy) windy, drizzly, cold. Under motor power (ask transport canada not me why a viking boat needs all the things they made Paul put on his boat) the ride was a little rough. Under sail it was slower but very comfortable. With the bunch of us on the boat all in our layers of wool and linen it was very comfortable (in this pic I'm not even wearing my coat it was so comfy) This pic was taken at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in 2002. DARC had been hired to provide some additional interaction for the public to go with the Smithsonian's Viking Exhibit that the CMC was hosting. VERY hot long weekend.