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DateMar 25, 2000
PlaceRockway Mennonite Collegiate
Adult Pre-Reg Price$2.50 / class-hour
$15.00 whole day
Child Pre-Reg Price$2.00 / class-hour
$10.00 whole day
Adult Day-Reg Price$3.50 / class-hour
$21.00 whole day
Child Day-Reg Price$3.00 / class-hour
$15.00 whole day
Site Cost$ 768.00
Speakers Cost$ 299.43
Advertising Cost$ 201.17
Other Costs$ 21.54

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Interesting Stats
Speakers 53
Session Hours 106
Repeat hours 3 (2.83%)
Unique Hours 103
Canceled Hours7
Approx Attendance51
Number of hours attended / 7 51.57
Adult hours attended352
Child hours attended9
Average attendance per session-hour3.65
Most popular non-keynote sessionA Ceramic Whistle (8)
Groups ParticipatingSCA


Bawdy Songs & Love BalladsArthurian LegendsAdvanced ChainmailBeginner's Tablet WeavingAromatherapy
Beginner's Guide to Freestyle EmbroideryAstronomy, its uses and practices in the Middle agesDame Susanna, Anchoress (In Personna)Faeries, Goblins and Trolls, Oh My!Buying a Book of Hours (In Personna)Basic Music Reading
Black DeathBasic Tunic MakingLeather ArmourChildbirthBelt Making
Beginners BlacksmithingBlacksmithing - open shop
From Tree to Casket: a discussion of the construction of a 16th century German jewelry boxBeginner's ChainmailIntermediate Hand DrummingThe Cobbler's ScienceBrewingThe Art of Building a Persona
Hose for men and womenBeginner's Hand DrummingIron working in the Middle AgesLife on the First CrusadeCodes and CommunicationsBrocaded Tablet WeavingLate 16th century Italian Dance
JugglingBirch Bark HornOuterwearMedieval Calendars and the Labours of the MonthsHats and HeadgearFighting With a LongswordMead - a medieval drink
Preserving FoodBowyer's Art and ToolsPuppetry: history and techniquesBasic Medieval PatternsHerbal WorkshopHolidays and HistoryMongolian Costume
Silver Point Drawing (In Personna)Cross-stitch 101The Real BraveheartHow Shall a Man be ArmedIntroduction To Renaissance DanceThe Mysteries of Henna Unveiled
TheatreEnglish HistoryMiddle Eastern DanceMaps & MapmakersThe Oseberg Viking Ship Burial
Wisdom and Lies - tales from the Middle EastGamesMusician's Jam SessionChildren: Rune stonesA Passion for Learning: Taking the Next Steps in Research
 GypsiesVegetarian FoodThe Tudors go to the moviesSpices Reading the Tarot
 Italian Rennaissance Women's FashionChildren: Story TellingViking TalkChildren: Stories Stained Glass
 Medieval Medicine Children: Messy Cooking  Tapestry
Paper Making   Children: Drumming
 Timber Framing in Anglo Saxon England     
 Wood Carving    

Class (Full List)Speaker (Full List)TimeAttendence
A Ceramic WhistleRobyn Whystler8
A Passion for Learning: Taking the Next Steps in ResearchSusan Carroll-Clark, Ph.D.4:45 
Advanced ChainmailGary Snyder11:30 
AromatherapyTerra Jade Wallace3:455
Arthurian LegendsHeather Dale10:30 
Astronomy, its uses and practices in the Middle agesRufina Saavedra10:30 
Basic Medieval PatternsArnora Dunestan1:302
Basic Music ReadingCANCELLED3:45 
Basic Tunic MakingBeth Patchett10:302
Bawdy Songs & Love BalladsRichard Schweitzer9:30 
Beginner's ChainmailGary Snyder10:30 
Beginner's Guide to Freestyle EmbroideryArnora Dunestan9:306
Beginner's Hand DrummingSeonag NicThomais, Streonwold Wulfesbana10:30 
Beginner's Tablet WeavingRob Schweitzer1:305
Beginners BlacksmithingAugustine du Charbonnieres9:300
Belt MakingSelena Mann, Kevin Jarbeau3:455
Birch Bark HornRichard Schweitzer10:30 
Black DeathGary Van Lingen9:30 
Blacksmithing - open shopAugustine du Charbonnieres1:303
Bowyer's Art and ToolsMichael Kleinknecht10:30 
Brocaded Tablet WeavingRob Schweitzer3:453
Buying a Book of Hours (In Personna)Percival Winnett Kempe2:30 
ChildbirthAnne Cox2:30 
Children: DrummingRobyn Whystler4:45 
Children: EmbroideryAibhilin fra Skye10:30 
Children: Messy CookingAibhilin fra Skye1:30 
Children: Rune stonesNeil Peterson, Ragnheithr Thorbjarnarsdottir, Robyn Whystler3:45 
Children: StoriesPavel2:30 
Children: Story TellingSigurd11:30 
Codes and CommunicationsPeter Westergaard2:30 
Cross-stitch 101Pavel10:302
Dame Susanna, Anchoress (In Personna)Susan Carroll-Clark, Ph.D.11:30 
English HistoryAdrienne Dandy10:30 
Faeries, Goblins and Trolls, Oh My!Paddy Gillard-Bentley1:30 
Feast EtiquetteJanet Lloyd9:30,  
Fighting With a LongswordAEMMA3:45 
From Tree to Casket: a discussion of the construction of a 16th century German jewelry boxMila Little9:30 
GamesJim McColm10:30 
GypsiesMaddelena bala Kameskro10:30 
Hats and HeadgearJo Duke2:30 
Herbal WorkshopPaddy Gillard-Bentley2:304
Holidays and HistoryEleanor ferch Hew3:45 
Hose for men and womenBeth Patchett9:30 
How Shall a Man be ArmedAEMMA2:30 
Intermediate Hand DrummingStreonwold Wulfesbana, Dur of Hidden Mountain11:30 
Introduction To Renaissance DanceSarah Scroggie3:45 
Introduction to the SCANeil Peterson9:30,  
Iron working in the Middle AgesDarrell Markewitz11:30 
Italian Rennaissance Women's FashionPavel10:30 
Late 16th century Italian DanceSarah Scroggie4:45 
Leather ArmourMark Patchett1:30 
Life on the First CrusadeRhys ap Bledri1:30 
Maps & MapmakersMarcus Burnham3:45 
Mead - a medieval drinkRhys ap Bledri4:45 
Medieval Calendars and the Labours of the MonthsPercival Winnett Kempe1:30 
Medieval MedicineGary Van Lingen10:30 
Middle Eastern DanceMohasaba1:30 
Mongolian CostumeJoleicia of Litchfield4:45 
Musician's Jam SessionCANCELLED1:30 
OuterwearAenflaed of Wansbeck11:30 
Paper MakingAudrey Hollinger9:303
Preserving FoodEleanor ferch Hew9:30 
Puppetry: history and techniquesRufina Saavedra11:30 
Reading the TarotMaddelena bala Kameskro4:45 
Siege Attack Weapons - Theory and PracticeJerry Penner9:30, 5,8
Silver Point Drawing (In Personna)J Caz Bentley9:30 
SpicesJanet Lloyd2:30 
Stained GlassJ Caz Bentley4:45 
TapestryAdrienne Dandy4:45 
TextilesAnne Cox10:30 
The Art of Building a PersonaArnora Dunestan4:45 
The Cobbler's ScienceCANCELLED1:30 
The Mysteries of Henna UnveiledMohasaba4:452
The Oseberg Viking Ship BurialDave Cox4:45 
The Real BraveheartHeather Dale1:30 
The Tudors go to the moviesCatherine Ollerhead DeSantis1:30 
TheatreRoberto Muchado9:30 
Timber Framing in Anglo Saxon EnglandKen Cook10:30 
Vegetarian FoodJo Duke11:30 
Viking TalkDave Cox, Neil Peterson, Darrell Markewitz, Ragnheithr Thorbjarnarsdottir1:30 
Wisdom and Lies - tales from the Middle EastDur of Hidden Mountain9:30 
Wood CarvingJ Caz Bentley10:30 

Which Class did you like the most? Why?
  • All of them but especially Black Death and childbirth because the instructor was so knowledgable. Also I like acedemic type courses.
  • They were all great. Fascinating, lots of information.
  • Tarot cards and Gypsies appealed to my interests & Anchoress was really interestings and well set up too.
  • Tudors go to the movies - but was the only student. Was well prepared with lots of video reference and good hand out. Would take class again.
  • Basic long sword - very good hands on overview
  • Embroidery & Oseberg. Instructors really knew their subjects, topics Iím very interested in.
  • Arthurian Legends - filled in information I didnít know
  • Chainmail - very useful for costume & armour. Very well taught though it should be longer than one hour
  • Middle Eastern Dance - well taught and exciting. Durr and Mohasaba are great
  • Papermaking - its was hands on with a finished product
  • Papermaking, Beltmaking - excellent teachers, material, everything
  • I loved Middle Eastern Dance. It was well planned and had a great teacher. It was a great experience and I hope it continues
  • Chainmail
  • Theatre, English History - both very informative
  • Blacksmithing open shop - a good chance to practice my smithing skills

What class did you like least? Why?
  • Astronomy, but it was okay, just the others were spectacular.
  • None all awesome.
  • Wisdom & Lies - it was primarily Arabic stories that were confusing and not very interesting.
  • None
  • Liked them all
  • Cobblery - the instructor did not show & no notice was given in time to get to another class.
  • All were great
  • Discussion groups - to much minutae
  • Theatre was a dissappointment because it wasn't theatre, it was the history of theatre -- there's a big difference
  • English history - not a practicum

What other classes would you like to see?
  • All the ones I missed! (how to build a persona, crusades). Also myths, faery tales, cultures
  • All I didnít get to see this time. Irish and celtic beginnings interest me.
  • Life as Royalty, superstitions, differences in culture during Medieval times
  • Astronomy
  • Calligraphy
  • Elizabethian Costume
  • Spinning
  • Loom weaving
  • Armour or weapon construction
  • Medieval hairstyles, accessories, and jewelry
  • Fencing
  • Cobblery
  • I think what you had was fine
  • Beginning chainmail
  • Armouring
  • Jewelry

How did you hear about us?
  • 3 @ Chapters
  • 4 @ SCA
  • This is my 7th FITP
  • Email, newletters, event announcements
  • 2 @ Internet event listing
  • 3 @ Aquantaince with SCA & internet
  • return visitor - 4th collegium

  • I was very impressed with the extensive skills and knowledge of the presenters. They had done exhaustive research and presented with enthusiasm. We will definitely be back. Very Interesting.
  • Canít Wait to join the SCA
  • Costumes are interesting. Good Job. Be careful not to plan some types of workshops at the same time.
  • Music was too loud in central area at lunch
  • Would like to see more repeated classes
  • There were so many great sounding classes it was impossible to get to all of them. Perhaps this could be a two day or twice a year event
  • Compendium was missed
  • I was overall happy with the day and I wish the organizers the best
  • Chainmail needs to be longer (2hrs or more)
  • Glad the theatre guy came this year. I would be interested in compendiums for 1999, 2000