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Forward Into the Past 12

DateApril 13, 2002
PlaceScholar's Hall
Adult Pre-Reg Price$2.50 / class-hour
$15.00 whole day
Child Pre-Reg Price$2.00 / class-hour
$10.00 whole day
Adult Day-Reg Price$3.50 / class-hour
$20.00 whole day
Child Day-Reg Price$3.00 / class-hour
$15.00 whole day
Site Cost$ 250.00
Speakers Cost$ 262.00
Advertising Cost$ 131.43
Other Costs$ 60.00

Interesting Stats         Class Statistics          Comments from Attendees

Interesting Stats
Speakers 57
Session Hours 102
Repeat hours 2 (1.96%)
Unique Hours 100
Canceled Hours2
Approx Attendance118
Number of hours attended / 7 91.29
Adult hours attended569
Child hours attended70
Average attendance per session-hour6.39
Most popular non-keynote sessionJapanese Tea Ceremony (17)
Groups ParticipatingSCA


16th Century Russian ClothingAstronomyAdapting Early Irish Poetics for the Modern RecreationistThe Art of the Fletcher IIBodices and CorsetsChildren - Bread and ButterArthurian Legends
Books, Articles, and ResearchThe Baltic CrusadeChildren - HeraldryBasic Stone CarvingByzantine Jewelry
Children - MusicCalligraphyChainmail - Advanced TechniquesDrop Spinning for BeginnersChildren - Basic Stitching
CeramicsCryptographyChildren - A day in the lifeChildren - HerbsEmbroidery - Blackwork
Introduction to Rennaisance DanceChainmail for BeginnersConquest Era clothing in EnglandThe Culture of Courtly Love: Who, What, When/Where, Why (or Why Not) and HowFashion AccessoriesFor your eyes only - Espionage and Intrigue
Leather ArmourChildren - DanceThe history of EmbroideryEmbroideryGames
Roles of Women in Norse SocietyCrossstitchMaking Musical InstrumentsJapanese History of the Azuchi-Momoyama Period (1543-1603)Japanese Tea CeremonyHistorical Techniques of Armoured Combat
Ship ModelsDueling and the Rapier CultureThe Mysteries of Henna UnveiledMiddle Eastern Dance for beginnersIntroduction to reading square notation
 Herbal WorkshopNorse IronworkingOn Being an Elizabethan GentlemanReading the TarotLife during the Tudor EraItalian for Re-enactors
 The History of the Rom (Gypsies)QuarterstaffPavillion MakingMedieval Medicine in China
 Medieval hats for modern headsPetsTextilesPretty Books - IlluminationScottish Life
 Norse Tool TimeSilver Point DrawingPronouncing Old NorseWhite Ruffs, Black Turtlenecks - Development of the English SonnetPrintmaking
PapermakingTudor Clothing The Real Braveheart 
 The Role of the Bard in Celtic SocietySuperstitionsVocal Projection Warp Weighted Loom
 Saxon History     

Class (Full List)Speaker (Full List)TimeAttendence
16th Century Russian ClothingKseniia Nikolaeva doch'9:307
Adapting Early Irish Poetics for the Modern RecreationistTim Jennings11:304
Arthurian LegendsHeather Dale4:4510
AstronomyFrancois van Heerden10:306
Basic Stone CarvingDavin de la baliene1:3012
Bodices and CorsetsCatherine Ollerhead DeSantis2:309
Books, Articles, and ResearchAmy Menary9:304
Byzantine JewelryTom Telford3:4510
CeramicsLarisa Kallaur-Telford9:305
Chainmail - Advanced TechniquesGary Snyder, Justin Marshall1:306
Chainmail for BeginnersGary Snyder10:305
Children - A day in the lifeMargaret Trainor Cook1:30 
Children - Basic StitchingTracy Trombley4:45 
Children - Bread and ButterTracy Trombley3:45 
Children - DanceCaroline McLachlan-Darling10:30 
Children - HeraldryVladislav cel Inalt Tepelus11:30 
Children - HerbsPaddy Gillard-Bentley2:30 
Children - MusicMelanie Burrett9:30 
Conquest Era clothing in EnglandBeth Patchett1:307
CrossstitchRebecca Naugler10:303
CryptographyPeter Westergaard11:3010
Drop Spinning for BeginnersSarah Hughes3:459
Dueling and the Rapier CultureArtus Faucon10:3012
EmbroideryLarisa Kallaur-Telford1:305
Embroidery - BlackworkLeonora da Liliacea3:451
Fashion AccessoriesDanute Dorion3:455
For your eyes only - Espionage and IntriguePeter Westergaard4:4510
GamesJim McColm3:456
Herbal WorkshopPaddy Gillard-Bentley10:3015
Historical Techniques of Armoured CombatAEMMA3:4516
Introduction to Rennaisance DanceEric the Peacock9:3013
Introduction to reading square notationAnn Graham3:453
Introduction to the SCANeil Peterson9:30, 4,0
Italian for Re-enactorsAlfredo De Santis4:452
Japanese History of the Azuchi-Momoyama Period (1543-1603)Brendan Smith1:3010
Japanese Tea CeremonyBrendan Smith2:3017
Leather ArmourMark Patchett9:3020
Life during the Tudor EraCatherine Ollerhead DeSantis3:453
Making Musical InstrumentsRichard Schweitzer11:308
Medieval Medicine in ChinaElyse Tera3:455
Medieval hats for modern headsJo Duke10:304
Middle Eastern Dance for beginnersMohasaba1:305
Norse IronworkingDarrell Markewitz11:3013
Norse Tool TimeDave Cox10:306
On Being an Elizabethan GentlemanDavid Stamper1:302
PapermakingAudrey Hollinger9:300
Pavillion MakingDanute Dorion, Brian Dorian1:3014
PetsEalasaid Loginach na Kildare1:305
Pretty Books - IlluminationKelly Carney-Garlow3:454
PrintmakingJ Caz Bentley3:455
Pronouncing Old NorseRagnheithr Thorbjarnarsdottir1:309
QuarterstaffDaniele di Padola11:3015
Reading the TarotMaddelena bala Kameskro2:303
Roles of Women in Norse SocietyKaren Peterson9:3019
Saxon HistoryFoote the Potter10:308
Scottish LifeEalasaid Loginach na Kildare4:4516
Ship ModelsGary Snyder9:301
Siege Attack Weapons - Theory and PracticeJerry Penner9:30, 12,11
Silver Point DrawingJ Caz Bentley11:304
SuperstitionsFrancois van Heerden11:304
TextilesBeth Patchett2:307
The Art of the Fletcher IIMarcus Burnham1:309
The Baltic CrusadeCANCELLED10:30 
The Culture of Courtly Love: Who, What, When/Where, Why (or Why Not) and HowRoselyne de l'Estrangere2:303
The History of the Rom (Gypsies)Karina Bates10:302
The Mysteries of Henna UnveiledCANCELLED11:30 
The Real BraveheartHeather Dale3:457
The Role of the Bard in Celtic SocietyTim Jennings10:3017
The history of EmbroideryLeonora da Liliacea11:307
Timber FramingKen Cook9:300
Tudor ClothingCatherine Ollerhead DeSantis1:307
Vocal ProjectionHeather Dale1:3014
Warp Weighted LoomAnne Cox3:4510
White Ruffs, Black Turtlenecks - Development of the English SonnetAnn Graham2:303

Summary of 60 Feedback Forms

What Class did you like the most and why?

Advanced Chainmail - Fun, Informative - could have been longer though because of difficulty.
Arthurian Legends
      - No reason given
      - Well organized, very knowledgeable, really interesting
Art of Fletching II, because it provided me with an excellent comprehensive paper handout and in-person explanation and advice from a person with a lot of experience making arrows. A bonus was the handout from last year's Art of Fletching I (historical). My only suggested improvement for that would be a longer (2-hour) class incorporating both aspects.
Astronomy - excellent, clear presentation
Blackwork - No Reason Given
Byzantine Jewelry - something I'm interested
Calligraphy - No Reason Given
      - hands on
      - because I learned the most. The other classes I knew a bit about but I went into this one with nothing & we got to make & keep something
Chain mail
      - because I like medieval weapons and armour.
      - Garwig's beg. chainmail Chainmail, lots to learn
      - very successful because of the hand's on nature.
Chinese medicine
      - informative and interesting
      - well taught, thought provoking, fascinating
Cryptography - cause you made me choose one
Drop spinning
      - No reason given
      - handouts included kit of different types of wool, basic spindles, pictures to illustrate a specific stage in setting up the spindle and even cards for where to buy spindles and rovings! teacher was relaxed, hands on
Espionage - really knowledgeable teachers, fun and interesting
Herb Class
      - well done instructor was knowledgeable
      - lots of information, hands on and resources
      - interesting
      - hands on, lots of knowledge, something to take home
      - No reason given
      - really knowledgeable teachers, fun and interesting
History of Embroidery - well taught, good examples, good handout/visual aids really liked them all
History of ROM - very professionally taught
Introduction to the SCA - most helpful to newbie!
Leather Armour
      - informative with chance to put ideas into practice
      - practical& loads of info
      - No reason given
Longsword - by AEMMA
      - No reason given
      - No reason given
      - I liked the long sword combat because we learned hands on
      - great presentation
      - fun & interactive
      - it was amazing to learn about sword techniques while actually doing it
Japanese Tea Ceremony; because the Japanese culture should be more prominent in the SCA
Middle Eastern Dance Bellydancing
      - because I've wanted to do it for a L-O-N-G time
      - what a great instructor!
Norse Iron
      - great detail and well presented
      - interesting enthralling course
      - Sylard knowledge
Norse Tools - enthusiastic and knowledgeable instruction
Norse Women - No Reason Given
Old Icelandic because it was the perfect length, and was interesting enough to make me want to learn more
Pavillion Making
      - No Reason Given
      - lots of info
Real Braveheart - No Reason Given
Scottish Persona - No Reason Given
Siege Engines - very successful because of the hand's on nature.
      - No Reason Given
      - the teacher was organized and we got 2 files & soapstone to take home
      - fun to do
      - fun, humour
Tudor Clothing- I've read a lot about it but still learned something
Vocal Projection
      - No Reason Given
      - because I learned the most and was very relaxed afterward
      - Marion is helpful, informative, and entertaining, also I learned things I needed to know
Weaving - No Reason Given

I liked them all
All were good.
All were great but armour & combat were the coolest (for the kids) history and theory for adults.
Well done, lots of info & a lot of fun.
All of them because they were fun!
All - they were great

What Class did you like the least and why?
Astronomy errors
Books, research = leader late and we had to find her downstairs
Bread and butter. because it was too young for me
Corset Class not detailed enough
Cryptography - was expecting to do more ourselves
      - slightly confusing but still well done
      - I would have liked to see outdoor games
Henna - oops [teacher was VERY late - org.], but she caught up with me later
Japanese history
Medieval Instruments
Middle Eastern Dance
SCA Intro - I'd pretty much learned all of it online but it is good for a total newbie
Norse Women
      - not prepared
      - Teacher needs to be more involved/lively/energetic
      - boring
      - only because I didn't learn much beyond what I've picked up through casual reading. I still enjoyed it though.
      - No reason given
Old Norse Pronunciation
      - 'cause she seemed to run out of steam early without people to prompt her with questions, could have enjoyed a 'repeat after me' approach
      - because I'm not a linguist
Print Making - not enough to fill time
Quarter Staff
      - instructor was disorganized, very little hands on, not informative
      - very unorganized. format was wrong of this environment, seemed like fight practice
Russian Clothing - the subject matter is good but the speaker needs to learn to plan and focus more to avoid digression and while giving credit to others for their research is good - consistently referring to it as such and not interpreting tends to distract from the tack as well
Saxon history
      - they talked about stuff that only members would understand, and not a lot about saxon history
      - because all we talked about was pots
Siege Engines
      - I found the siege engine talk a little disappointing. After I registered, I remembered the multitude of popsicle stick catapults that I had seen about at previous collegiums etc. and realised that I was not interested in the building side of the class. However, I think I was hoping for more from any talk that went with it. In the end I found this very simplistic and uninspired, with the talk read word for word from printed out notes, no use of the blackboard for illustrations of the different engines, trajectories etc. and no spark. Although I would probably recommend this class as being a good one for younger audiences (who love to play with bits of wood and glue and have a toy to take away (to annoy their parents) at the end of the class) or people who know nothing about sieges, I would not put it high on my list for adults who wish to learn more about the subject.
      - I think the presenter could have had a better knowledge of the historical forms and uses of seige weapons and warfare, and not passed along some common misconceptions. The practical aspect (building the miniature catapult) was entertaining. I think it would be improved if the presenter brought a model or diagram of a similar miniature that could be made with mostly period materials (e.g. sticks, nails, string, etc.) rather than modern (popsicle sticks, hot glue, plastic spoon). This would allow serious re-enactors to take their quick-assemble model home and use it as a guide to building a more period one to bring to feasts. That said, it was still a worthwhile class.
      - presenter was filling in for someone else, information repeat of much of previous session "Conquest Era Clothing" taught by same person
      - because you didn't give her long enough to prepare
Warp Weighted Loom - because it was too long for what we did

None. I wanted to know the information so didn't dislike any
I couldn't count one class as "least" as they were all great!
None, they were all great!
I really enjoyed them all. I was very impressed. Lots of fun!
The only thing that might be considered bad was that there wasn't enough time
N/A I loved them all
I liked all of them N/A
I liked them all
The last one, but only because I was tired and fell asleep

What other classes would you like to see?
basketweaving again
not sure yet
Tudor Elizabethan garb for men & _fitting_ said garb
I'm not sure
How to research for A&S
any other persona info.
Non European civilizations info
Wood carving
Period cooking
More costuming besides Viking & Tudor
Early period embellishment
leather working
pewter casting
more diverse costuming, ie. mongol, etc.
wood carving
Stained glass
mosaic - practicums
day long clothing making
Ask me in December
you covered it, just can't be in more places at once!
any on needlework, textiles, etc
Arrow making - not just fletching
practical building construction - description of techniques and materials
chain mail
chain mail
history of postmedieval/medieval battles in Europe and Asia
battle techniques ie. flanking the enemey
Sewing of a garment start to finish
English country dance
jewellry designs
Norse shoes
I don't know
Some followups to previous years classes, to advance or learn more then just the basics of things
more adv(anced) classes
women's headdresses/veils
lapidary (stones/gems)
norse cooking
dyeing fabric/spun wool/raw fleece

Other Comments
Not enough Posters
Great Day, thanks!
Troll needs clarification on cheques, we were not allowed to pay by cheque
Very enjoyable, thank you
larger class sizes
Was a good time
Being more organized so we can make the most of a 1 hour class would be great, Extending classes like instruement making.
you covered a wide variety of classes which seemed interesting but unfortunately I arrived late and only had time for 1 class
This is my 1st FITP & I will definitely come back next year. Space out the classes that have similiar themes.
The Japanese samauri class, Beginning Chainmail and (maybe) Scottish Life would have benefitted from some kind of simple hand-out
This is great, keep it going
I would strongly disagree with Garwig's opinion that his class was incomplete or of such a poor quality that it was worth a refund... Garwig is way too modest and I am not sure what he expected he should have done.
This was my first FITP....thank you for a wonderful day!
Book Illumination - this was a very good course. The handouts were excellent and the instructor knowledgeable and comfortable teaching. I was itching to actually try some techniques. This may not have been possible but would have been nice.
The Seige Engines class would have benefitted from some pictures of the various types of engines (ballista, etc.)
Want real tables to cut fabric & put sewing machines on!
Heraldry (children) - We really enjoyed this but it got better when I grabbed a few blank sheets and we could take notes and try to draw some of the emblems. A future class could have blank shields and have the child (or adult) draw a crest.
Some of the lecturers didn't have notes, they should have. It would have avoided the awkward apologies when they forgot a name or other fact. Not a big deal, I was impressed with their ability to talk on their feet, it was certainly better than I'd have done. I realize that many of them have not had any formal training in teaching.
Very interesting, wished I could have done more
Great, as last year!
Always a good day at FITP
Keep up the good work
Handouts in some classes would be good and pictures, videos, etc.
You should make the classes longer and hold classes more often. Even make "theme days"
The food was good!
Had a great time but longer (2 days) would be great.
Great food at lunch!
Always love the experience and chatting with participants
Everthing was great, I am looking forward to the next time
Vocal Projection talked about breathing, but didn't get to a point of making noises or experimenting
It was a great day
Excellent - keep it up as i love it all!
This is one of my favourite event/demos, I only wish it could be longer, even over two days so that I could get in all the classes I'd like to take
Instead of children's classes, paid babysitting may be better.
I'd like to see more public come out because I really think we have something good to offer here - lifelong education is a good thing! I can only see this happening with a drastic increase in advertising.
Overall, the day went very well, we'll certainly return next year.
The overall organization was excellent, well done!
The food was excellent and reasonably priced. You need better flow through the line if possible.
The instructors I had were very knowledgeable and passionate about their subject matter.
Med. Combat was awesome
Quarterstaffs was boring till they were able to try some things
Saxon History was very boring
I didn't like the Dance class
I mainly came for the Fletching class, but I enjoyed the other classes I attended. Unfortunately, some of the other classes which I would have liked to attend were offered at conflicting times. There is not a lot that you can do about that, except perhaps encourage more of the instructors to offer their class twice during the day. (I can see that a problem with this might be smaller attendance at each class). Alternately, you could offer cloning services.
Scottish Life was interesting, though the laird was a little scary!

How did you hear about us?
poster in Stratford
SCA, x17
biweekly meeting in Canton
fight practice, x2
Ragnarr, x3
Ealdormere events calendar, x7
Friend, x12
Tidings, x3
don't remember
we were here last year, x2
through the tidings and from Canton members
I taught
through co-workers
at Skeldergate
through local group
Jerry Penner (the Chain Mail Guy)
I heard about this event through the Heather Dale's Amphisbaena Music newsletter, which mentioned the classes she was teaching and had links to the event site and the Ealdormere site.