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Forward Into the Past 13

DateApril 12, 2003
PlaceScholar's Hall
Adult Pre-Reg Price$2.50 / class-hour
$15.00 whole day
Child Pre-Reg Price$2.00 / class-hour
$10.00 whole day
Adult Day-Reg Price$3.50 / class-hour
$20.00 whole day
Child Day-Reg Price$3.00 / class-hour
$15.00 whole day
Site Cost$ 250.00
Speakers Cost$ 277.30
Advertising Cost$ 22.47
Other Costs$ 299.50

Interesting Stats         Class Statistics          Comments from Attendees

Interesting Stats
Speakers 46
Session Hours 79
Repeat hours 1 (1.27%)
Unique Hours 78
Canceled Hours10
Approx Attendance100
Number of hours attended / 7 74.29
Adult hours attended512
Child hours attended8
Average attendance per session-hour7.54
Most popular non-keynote sessionFor your eyes only - Espionage and Intrigue (18)
Groups ParticipatingSCA


An Introduction to the Food & Cookery of the Late Middle AgesBasic SprangBeginner's Drop SpinningBasic Half-Uncial CalligraphyAdvanced Cryptography - Breaking CodesEveryday TheologyAdvanced Embroidery
Basic Stone CarvingBeginner's English Country DanceArthurian LegendsFor your eyes only - Espionage and IntrigueBrocaded Tablet WeavingChildish Writing Isn't Easy: creating really, truly medieval song lyrics
Beginner's Guide to HerbologyBeginners sewing for ChildrenBeginner's EmbroideryHistorical CombatInside the Harem: a look at the lives of "Middle Eastern" women
Beginner's Middle Eastern DanceBeginner's Tablet WeavingPersona DevelopmentIlluminationJapanese History of the Heian Era to the Edo Period
Books, Articles, and ResearchInstrument MakingChainmail - Advanced TechniquesStorytelling for Children - Part 2Japanese Poetry & StorytellingMedieval Maps and Mapmakers
Build Your Own Beer and MeadPalaeography: Calligraphy and Writing in the Middle AgesCreating the Kitchen - Pre Conquest Domestic TechnologiesThe Cutting Edge - an overview from the Dawn of Time to the development of the firearmStorytelling: a class with ZING!!!Norse Calendar - the rythym of lifeNorse Noises
Celtic KnotworkPastimes of the VikingsDivas, Drugs, and Academia: beyond beginner researchHand Sewing"To Singe the King of Spain's Beard": The Naval Conflict between England and Spain in the Late 16th CenturyPavilionsRapier Inne Playne Englishe
Chainmail for BeginnersGamesWarp Weighted Loom (Practicum)Siege EnginesWax Tablets
Commedia Dell'Arte: an Ancient art from a Modern perspectiveHeraldry for ChildrenItalian and Intermediate English Country DanceWood Carving (Practicum)  
Courtly Love and Troubador PoetryPoetic ElementsHerbal WorkshopKumihimo- The Art of Japanese Cordmaking  
Introduction to Storytelling for ChildrenSilver Point DrawingJapanese Tea CeremonyPoisons and their Uses in the Middle Ages   
Medieval Games for ChildrenMedieval plasticsSiege Engines for Children   

Class (Full List)Speaker (Full List)TimeAttendence
"To Singe the King of Spain's Beard": The Naval Conflict between England and Spain in the Late 16th CenturyDavid Stamper3:005
Advanced Cryptography - Breaking CodesPeter Westergaard2:003
Advanced EmbroideryLarisa Kallaur-Telford4:007
An Introduction to the Food & Cookery of the Late Middle AgesTerence Scully, Ph.D.9:00 
Arthurian LegendsHeather Dale2:0016
Basic Half-Uncial CalligraphyMelanie Burrett1:00 
Basic SprangJudy McKay10:307
Basic Stone CarvingDavin de la baliene10:3012
Beginner's Drop SpinningSarah Hughes11:307
Beginner's EmbroideryLarisa Kallaur-Telford1:006
Beginner's English Country DanceSwannoc1:007
Beginner's Guide to HerbologyPaddy Gillard-Bentley10:3015
Beginner's Middle Eastern DanceValizan al Bassim al Rakkas10:307
Beginner's Tablet WeavingRob Schweitzer1:009
Beginners sewing for ChildrenChristine Olliffe11:301
Books, Articles, and ResearchAmy Menary10:302
Brocaded Tablet WeavingRob Schweitzer4:006
Build Your Own Beer and MeadCANCELLED10:30 
Celtic KnotworkChristine Olliffe10:3012
Chainmail - Advanced TechniquesGary Snyder, Justin Marshall, Tim Ireland1:009
Chainmail for BeginnersGary Snyder10:3011
Childish Writing Isn't Easy: creating really, truly medieval song lyricsHector of the Black Heights5:004
Commedia Dell'Arte: an Ancient art from a Modern perspectiveKevin Nunn10:302
Courtly Love and Troubador PoetryDanute Dorion10:305
Creating the Kitchen - Pre Conquest Domestic TechnologiesVandy Simpson, Darrell Markewitz1:0016
Divas, Drugs, and Academia: beyond beginner researchCANCELLED1:00 
Everyday TheologySusan Carroll-Clark, Ph.D.3:009
For your eyes only - Espionage and IntriguePeter Westergaard3:0018
GamesJim McColm1:004
Hand SewingAnne Cox2:0012
Heraldry for ChildrenJohn Olliffe1:001
Herbal WorkshopPaddy Gillard-Bentley1:0012
Historical CombatCANCELLED3:00 
IlluminationKelly Carney-Garlow4:0010
Inside the Harem: a look at the lives of "Middle Eastern" womenCANCELLED5:00 
Instrument MakingRichard Schweitzer11:306
Introduction to Storytelling for ChildrenLaurie Woodward10:302
Introduction to the SCADeborah Welch10:30, 1,2
Italian and Intermediate English Country DanceSwannoc2:004
Japanese History of the Heian Era to the Edo PeriodBrendan Smith5:008
Japanese Poetry & StorytellingBrendan Smith4:003
Japanese Tea CeremonyBrendan Smith1:006
Kumihimo- The Art of Japanese CordmakingMelanie Robbins2:004
Medieval Games for ChildrenTina Gaston9:001
Medieval Maps and MapmakersMarcus Burnham5:0011
Medieval plasticsCANCELLED1:00 
Norse Calendar - the rythym of lifeDave Cox4:009
Norse NoisesRichard Schweitzer5:006
Palaeography: Calligraphy and Writing in the Middle AgesSusan Carroll-Clark, Ph.D.11:3010
Pastimes of the VikingsNeil Peterson11:3017
PavilionsJohn Olliffe4:0010
Persona DevelopmentVladislav cel Inalt Tepelus3:0016
Poetic ElementsAnn Graham11:302
Poisons and their Uses in the Middle AgesFrancois van Heerden2:0013
Rapier Inne Playne EnglisheRoger Sumner5:004
Siege EnginesMark Patchett4:006
Siege Engines for ChildrenMark Patchett2:002
Silver Point DrawingJ Caz Bentley11:305
Spread of Christianity in IrelandCANCELLED11:30 
Storytelling for Children - Part 2Laurie Woodward3:002
Storytelling: a class with ZING!!!Hector of the Black Heights3:005
The Cutting Edge - an overview from the Dawn of Time to the development of the firearmDarrell Markewitz2:008
Warp Weighted Loom (Practicum)Jo Duke3:005
Wax TabletsMark Patchett5:005
Women in Norse SocietyKaren Peterson10:304
Wood Carving (Practicum)J Caz Bentley3:002

Summary of 54 Feedback Forms (spelling and grammar are that of the participants)

What Class did you like the most and why?
Only took one - 2 of mine were cancelled :(
       - very comfortable speaker, very informative
      - Nicolaa - church, concentrated info
The Cutting Edge
      - no reason given
      - he really knows the subject and presents it well, ie. good examples, excellent explanation.
Stone Carving
      -  fun to see results.
       - fun
Wax Tablets
      - I like it when we practice what we are taught
      - enjoy making things that are useful
      - no reason given
Bellydance / Middle Eastern Dance
      - I like it when we practice what we are taught
      - It's something you can't teach yourself. It is something that you can use for exercise (it's hands on) and
         it's taught well
      - new for me
Tablet weaving
      - enthusiastic experienced knowledgeable teacher
      - learned many tips I wouldn't have known otherwise - did however need more time
      - no reason given
Brocaed Tablet Weaving
       - it expanded the basic from an earlier class
      - no reason given
       - enjoy making things that are useful
      - Mainly because 3 of the 4 of us are kids and it was hands-on, also Gerwig was very nice and helpful
Advanced Chainmail
      -  It was very interesting and we got to learn how to construct new, advanced methods of chainmail
      - because I learned an awesome new type of chainmail
Seige Engines
       - enjoy making things that are useful
All of them. Vlad's my hero.
Mine! :)
Handsewing because I enjoyed learning seam finishing
Games - very useful to teach little kids.
       - very entertaining
       - dynamic teacher
      - captured audience attention, made the learning fun
      - great teachers, well organized material, cofident presentation
Medieval plastics
Well informed, well organized lectures - Instrument Making, Cooking Implements, Maps
Illumination - it was hands on, interesting to do.
Embrodiery - hands on and knowledgable instructor
Arthurian Legend
Just came for the dancing!
       - excellent teacher, very informative
       - great teachers, well organized material, cofident presentation
I really enjoy the class on Poisons. He appeared to know his information and material
Master Hector's "childish writing isn't easy" - captured audience attention, made the learning fun
Dancing great teachers, well organized material, cofident presentation
      - no reason given
      - lots of interaction with all participants (teacher(s) great)
      - Only attended one - but quite good
All norse classes and Knife class - personal interest area
Drop spinning
      - due to all the info provided
      - great teachers, well organized material, cofident presentation
      - I only took Gaerwen's drop spinning class but enjoyed it a great deal and learned.
      -  Knowledgable instructor
      - Interest and teacher
Herbal workshop
      - fun teacher, produced something where some creativity was allowed
      - Knowledgable instructor
      - it was hands on, have something to take home
Wood Carving
      - detailed explanations, patience and excellent demo

What Class did you like the least and why?
Bone, etc.
      -  No instructor (Are you listening, Hector?)
      - the one I was supposed to be teaching!
       - did not cover useage in SCA
      - was a bit dull, need something to liven it up
      - by rote reading
      -  all we did was paint, I know how to paint - should be longer
      - because I didn't learn more about technique.
Celtic Knotwork
      - I enjoyed it but it was less interesting than the other courses.
      - because I found it boring
      - Instructor taught directly from books, she lacked presentation - I wasn't aware that we needed graph
        paper and pencil
Norse Calendar - did not seem to be clear and organized
Persona - excellent teacher again, but too many ppl and warm room :(
Naval warfare (subject too dry)
Ignorant and uncritical instructors - Beginner's Herbs
History of writing / Calligraphy
       - would have been more interesting with practice
       - too textbook, need hands on
      - I wanted this to be hands on, to actually practise with pen and ink
Map Making and Map Makers
      - colour overheads would have helped make it more interesting, handouts were good but hard to see,
        too late in the day for strictly info course
      - but not for content, but I could barely hear it due to people in the hall making noise
The Cafeteria needs to be spread out or treated like 2 classes.
A talking class is good but add physical handouts or do something if possible.
Cancelled classes!
I only attended one.

What other classes would you like to see?
  • History of constantinople, Ottaman Empire
  • It's not a class, but I'd like to see a quiet room (and advertise it).
  • Armouring, leather working
  • weapon making
  • more practicum classes
  • Hats, headwear, many ways to wear a veil, etc
  • Beginning Romanian or Latin
  • More Illumination! (so we can go)
  • Something on folklore resources or period music styles
  • Historical Combat, since it was cancelled.
  • More hands-on with handouts. More late period stuff.
  • Historical Combat, Arthurian legends, Poisons, Knives, Naval War, 1639 Rapier
  • Jewellry making, Celtic history, Beading, English History, Medieval Garb, Henna Tatooing
  • More hands on. Things to do that I need an instructor. For example, Calligraphy with Pen and Ink.
  • Shoe-making, costume history/various periods, beginners/intermediate sword fighting/archery
  • leather armour, leather masks and comnedia
  • Toys, Children in the Middle Ages
  • More
  • Calligraphy :)
  • Wood Carving
  • Medieval medicine
  • Basics of Norse poetry - how to write Eddic sagas, etc. Intro to singing - for the would be Bardic types
  • Tudor Customing, Elizabethan embrodiery
  • Intermediate levels for sprang, tablet weaving
  • more nationalities represented ie. nice to see history of Japan
  • any needlework
  • making a drinking horn
  • more advanced classes
  • Something more practical on cooking, but that's a facility problem

How did you hear about us?
You made me carve tokens for you
SCA x 14
from my daughter x 2
My dad's friend
well, this guy I know convinced me to teach....
I got pestered into teaching by the autocrat
I began fencing with SCA about a year ago with friends
work with an SCA member
I heard about it from my Dad's friend
SCA website x 3
At one of my fight practices and on the mailing list for the Barony.
knew & email
Been Here Before
Came last year. told by friends.
have been coming for 4 years, on email list
I'm engaged to Ragnarr....Neil. :)
Group meeting
Ramshaven email list and website
from last year - last from a friend
Participated previously
previous history

Other Comments
Keynote Speaker is a good thing - Need more Q and A time
Excellent day! I like the keynote speaker thing
Really enjoyed keynote speaker
Liked the Keynote
The change of afternoon hours to the hour from this morning's half hour with *only* 1/2 hour for lunch - was not enough time for lunch for either the teachers (who some seemed not to get lunch at all) to students who arrived at least 1/2 hour late.
Had fun teaching - Good turnout! (9 in the morning, 11 in the afternoon) Must change name of 2nd class, though - maybe "Chainmail - Stage 2"?
Great event, dance and speak are great ideas
I may risk teaching again
Huzzah for FITP!
More care with tracks would be good - eg.Poisens not against Crypto (I'm just complaining because I wanted to take Poisens!)
Spread out classes or double some up to allow people to plan a more complete schedule - split Pavilions and other classes
I would like to teach again, it was fun!
All of the courses were excellent
It might be better to start a little bit later (10am) and finish later (6) for those who are travelling far
Japanese History was very interesting
Plenary lecture good, but 11-12:30pm would be better. On list of classes: map or at least say "rooms 1-5 on ground floor, 6-16 upstairs". Could schedule noisy or smelly classes at end of hall (Rm.6) as wall between 14 and 15 is very thin
All the good classes in same time slots. Not much of a selection at end of day.
Should have bead making classes, sewing classes, etc.
It would be nice to either have a longer lunch or more than one food line to speed lunch
Lunch needed to be longer
very well presented
Good job!
Lots of fun
Overall was fun and informing
The time alloted for the practicums wasn't enough
Wider selection this year - fabulous!
Enjoyed participating and meeting old friends

Keep Keynote
Move Keynote to later
Label rooms with classes
Keep the half hour lunch but for the hour before and after, halve the # of classes available so more people will choose lunch, May need to change prices