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Forward Into the Past 7

DateJuly 12, 1997
PlaceWilfrid Laurier University
Adult Pre-Reg Price$2.50 / class-hour
$15.00 whole day
Adult Day-Reg Price$2.50 / class-hour
$15.00 whole day
Other Costs$ 900.00

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Interesting Stats
Speakers 47
Session Hours 89
Repeat hours 3 (3.37%)
Unique Hours 86
Canceled Hours5
Approx Attendance100
Most popular non-keynote sessionArthurian Legends (6,6)
Groups ParticipatingSCA


Begining Tablet WeavingDrafting PatternsBrocaded Tablet WeavingMiddle And Late Period Fashions, 1350-1600Lace-Making Practicum
Old DancesPeriod ShoesEarly Period Fashions (600 - 1350)Period PatternsHistory of Lace-MakingAdvanced Chainmail
Bawdy Songs & Love BalladsBeginners ChainmailMedieval ArcheryPeriod KnittingEnglish Country DanceMedieval Menus
Feast EtiquetteDance Source 1Introduction to Historical DanceItalian Renaissance DanceEarly Period CookingFeast for 8Period Snacks
Saxon LifeSpanish CookingMusic of the PipesRenaissance InstrumentsBeer MakingPewter Casting Practicum
Village Life: Exploring Rural Life through Archeological StudiesHerbsHistory of AromatherapyAromatherapy PracticumAdvanced EmbroideryIntroduction To Heraldry
Medieval WeddingsBeginning EmbroideryPysanky (Ukranian Egg Painting)Wood Construction Practicum
Hand-woven BasketsStained GlassA Merchant in VeniceThe Real BraveheartCalligraphy/Illumination PracticumWho's Who on the Battlefield
GypsiesWood CarvingCourtly Love (In personna)English Elementary Education in the Later Middle AgesConcepts of Chivalry (in Personna)Moorish SocietyBeasts in the Middle Ages
JugglingScottish LifeA Peasant in King Edward's Court? (In Persona)Development of Law7 Deadly SinsKassarian SocietyWomen in History - Nuns
Irish Mythological HistoryIntroduction to the SCA (1)Viking LifeCourtly FlirtationContraception, Virginity, and Prostitution Medieval Genealogies
 Fortune TellingGreat Medieval Sadists Women in History - Queens Introduction to the SCA (2)
  The Black Death Blacks in History  

Class (Full List)Speaker (Full List)TimeAttendence
7 Deadly SinsSusan Carroll-Clark, Ph.D.2:155
A Merchant in VeniceLeonora da Liliacea1:15 
A Peasant in King Edward's Court? (In Persona)Adrienne Dandy11:001
Advanced ChainmailGary Snyder3:302
Advanced EmbroideryLeonora da Liliacea2:156
Aromatherapy PracticumTerra Jade Wallace1:1512
Arthurian LegendsHeather Dale10:00, 3:306,6
Bawdy Songs & Love BalladsRichard Schweitzer9:0012
Beasts in the Middle AgesElizabeth Cadfan4:309
Beer MakingCeallach2:152
Begining Tablet WeavingRob Schweitzer9:008
Beginners ChainmailGary Snyder10:003
Beginning EmbroideryLeonora da Liliacea10:005
Blacks in HistoryCANCELLED2:15 
Brocaded Tablet WeavingRob Schweitzer1:155
Calligraphy/Illumination PracticumGenvieve3:3015
Concepts of Chivalry (in Personna)Percival Winnett Kempe2:159
Contraception, Virginity, and ProstitutionElizabeth Cadfan2:1518
Courtly FlirtationMallik1:1511
Courtly Love (In personna)David Martin Failsworth, Elina de Braose11:004
Dance Source 1Marc Collins10:002
Development of LawRagnheithr Thorbjarnarsdottir1:153
Drafting PatternsArnora Dunestan10:0011
Early Period CookingAibhilin fra Skye2:158
Early Period Fashions (600 - 1350)Susan Carroll-Clark, Ph.D.11:003
English Country DanceMarc Collins3:302
English Elementary Education in the Later Middle AgesJim McColm1:154
Feast EtiquetteJanet Lloyd9:007
Feast for 8Margaret Trainor Cook3:305
Fortune TellingMaddelena bala Kameskro10:0012
Great Medieval SadistsLilibeta Rudenko11:0011
GypsiesMaddelena bala Kameskro9:005
Hand-woven BasketsRosmuire na Findlay ni Farquhar9:003
Herbal WorkshopPaddy Gillard-Bentley1:15, 3:307,10
HerbsElina de Braose10:0010
History of AromatherapyTerra Jade Wallace11:0011
History of Lace-MakingGwendolyn Rosamond2:151
Introduction To HeraldryHeather Dale4:304
Introduction to Historical DanceRosina del Bosco Chiaro11:005
Introduction to the SCA (1)Sarra Grahame, Neil Peterson10:006
Introduction to the SCA (2)Paddy Gillard-Bentley4:305
Irish Mythological HistoryFionn MacRuarrie9:009
Italian Renaissance DanceRosina del Bosco Chiaro1:153
Kassarian SocietyMoria The Black3:300
Lace-Making PracticumGwendolyn Rosamond3:304
Medieval ArcheryMichael Kleinknecht1:1512
Medieval GenealogiesCANCELLED4:30
Medieval MenusSarra Grahame4:309
Medieval WeddingsJo Duke9:006
Middle And Late Period Fashions, 1350-1600Danute Dorion2:157
Middle Eastern ("Belly") DancingMoria The Black2:15, 4:308,4
Moorish SocietyMallik3:306
Music of the PipesCANCELLED11:00 
Norse in AmericaDarrell Markewitz2:15 
Old DancesEric the Peacock9:002
Period KnittingMercedes Heloïse d'Abélard2:153
Period PatternsArnora Dunestan1:156
Period ShoesKevin Jarbeau10:002
Period SnacksJanet Lloyd4:303
Pewter Casting PracticumRichard Schweitzer3:3012
Pysanky (Ukranian Egg Painting)Lilibeta Rudenko1:153
Renaissance InstrumentsRobyn Whystler1:156
Saxon LifeKen Cook9:004
Scottish LifeEalasaid Loginach na Kildare10:009
Spanish CookingMercedes Heloïse d'Abélard10:003
Stained GlassJ Caz Bentley11:006
The Black DeathCANCELLED11:00 
The Real BraveheartHeather Dale2:158
Viking LifeRagnheithr Thorbjarnarsdottir11:006
Village Life: Exploring Rural Life through Archeological StudiesCANCELLED9:00 
Who's Who on the BattlefieldCANCELLED4:30
Women in History - NunsAdrienne Dandy4:304
Women in History - QueensAdrienne Dandy2:153
Wood CarvingJ Caz Bentley10:003
Wood Construction PracticumCeallach3:304

Which Class did you like the most? Why?
  • I canít decide!
  • Aromatherapy - very interesting hands on
          - neat teacher, I love practicums
  • Pewter Casting (3)
         - totally hands on - get to take a "work of art"home
          - fun, intersting hands on
  • Musical Instruments
          - great visual aids - interesting
  • All (6)       - but the ones with Hands On WORK!
          - interesting courses
          - informative and enjoyable
          - all good - varying limitation & problems but not bad
          - all ejoyble
  • Fortune Telling
  • Egg Painting
  • Chainmail
          - its like laying with a ???? puzzle
          - I really wanted to learn how to make chainmail and I did
  • Great Medieval Sadists
          - teacher is enthusiastic & knowledgable
  • Herbal workshop
          - participation
          - neat teacher, I love practicums
  • Patterns
          - very useful
          - very practical for making of a pattern
  • Lace Making
          - because there was enough time to acomplish something
  • Scottish life
          - the presenters
          - very smooth presentation touching different aspects
  • Courtly love
          - small and interesting - Earl Syr David is a good presenter
          - enlightening
  • Archery - small informal useful
  • Belly Dancing
          - fun
          - always wanted to go to a class in it
          - new moves
  • Arthurian legends - tons of info. & passion by speaker
  • Virgins, contraceptives (2)
         - most new stuff
         - instructor was very dynamic
  • Drafting patterns
         - Very helpful will use the information in my costume design
  • Tablet Weaving
  • Beginners embroidery (2)
  • Calligraphy
         - it was a fun class & now I can do calligraphy
  • Beasts
         - Engaging & prepared speaker - had taken the topic in Old English
  • Bawdy Songs & Love Ballads
         - interesting & informative
  • Braveheart
         - interesting, clear, good, enthusiastic lively presenter
  • Moors (2)
         - well enacted
         - enlightening
  • Bow Making
         - good preperation, good demonstration, variety of examples. answered questions, interactive
  • Saxon Life - was at Hastings last month
  • Herbs - Very Interesting
  • Black Plague - Lots of history
  • Viking - teacher did an excellent job
  • Shoes
  • Snacks - nice informal filling way to end the day

What class did you like least? Why?
  • Liked them all (8)
  • The ones scheduled at the same time I was teaching
  • Viking Life
          - enjoyed it but re-enactment lagged at times
          - it was still good
          - required class involvement that the class did not understand
  • Wood Construction - 2 hrs. of slides
  • Wedding       - teacher read notes
          - not accurate
          - wasnít prepared, very slow paced
          - good info. but speaker was slow, boring, inaudible no pizzaz
          - nerves (I taught it)
  • Lace - too frustrating for me but very well done
  • Irish Mythology
          - presenter knowledgable but not well organized
          - speaker was not prepared
          - needs more stories
  • Pewter       - very frustrating! I have little artistic ability, would have liked some sample patterns
  • Fashion 1350-1600       - very vague about periods and designs, jumped around a lot, not very specific
  • Juggling       -The first part (history) was kind of boring but it was still fun
  • Education - it wasnít a very interesting topic
  • Early Cooking       - speaker has lost notes, little focus, ultimately few cooking ideas
          - lecturer was not very well organized, didnít give useful information, picking her feet!
          - bit vague as to specifics but problems with her computer note crash
  • Whoís Who - no teacher
  • Herbs - not enough time to absorb info
  • Beasts - dark room late in day

What other classes would you like to see?
  • Leather working
  • Shoe making
  • Piping
  • Herb lore
  • Wine
  • Mead
  • Cut Lace embroidery
  • more practicums
  • Advanced Callig / illum - working in period materials
  • 2 hr history of British Isles
  • Do-able crafts, not like the pewter fiasco
  • medieval conversation
  • Weapon Smithing
  • Raiding Villages
  • Silverpointing
  • Bards / Storytelling
  • Personna names
  • Geneology
  • Circlet Making
  • More Famous women
  • Medieval Holidays & Celebrations
  • Vellum / bookbinding
  • Lapidary
  • Earlier periods (550-750AD)
  • Vikings
  • No more - I couldnít get to all the ones I wanted as is
  • More games
  • Jewelry
  • I was a bit disappointed because although I attended practicums almost exclusively I got very little hands on time. Instructors may want to do less talking and let the class do more "doing" while they talk.

How did you hear about us?
  • Friends - 14
  • Internet - 3
  • poster
         UW - 2
         UT - 1
         WLU - 2
         UG - 2
  • Signs - 1
  • Pale - 2
  • Tidings - 1
  • SCA meeting - 5
  • Newspaper - 2
  • Previous attendee - 5

  • Lots of fun
  • Well worth the drive, hope to be able to attend next year (from Manitoba)
  • I learned a lot more where the instructors dropped out of personna and enjoyed myself more very nice time
  • I had a great time
  • Collegium is better than EKU
  • It would be nice to be able to buy coffee on site
  • Excellent. I keep returning. This is year 2
  • You need help promoting this event!
  • 1st time here - great! Worth driving all night and getting no sleep (from Ohio)
  • Great event. Just wish we could do it all in garb and with day food.
  • Generally a good day. Congrats to organizers and teachers
  • Great day
  • This year is much more organized than last year. I enjoyed coming
  • It was worth the 2.5 hr drive
  • Should not discourage participants from wearing garb
  • it was fun
  • main area was interesting, starts too early
  • The $15 book is a great idea
  • Liked the change of venue
  • better room temperatures not too cold
  • better washrooms and lounges
  • nicely organized
  • was fun to meet some of you from north of the border
  • Bayou tapestry would be a great class
  • class times too short
  • overall the collegium was well done
  • Some classes needed more time (weaving) all ??? through in good time. No delays
  • Arnora forgot the measuring tapes so we couldnít take our measurements & make a pattern
  • Advanced tablet weaving needed to be 2 hrs we didnít have time to do any
  • great fun. Maybe longer day / fewer classes at one time
  • proper safety equipment essential for hands on, especially with general public in attendance
  • Well run, had fun instructing
  • please hold period knitting again
  • I only found out about the collegium 1.5 weeks ago. Any chance of earlier notice?
  • Class time was too short