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Forward Into the Past 8

DateJuly 4, 1998
PlaceRockway Mennonite Collegiate
Adult Pre-Reg Price$2.50 / class-hour
$15.00 whole day
Adult Day-Reg Price$3.50 / class-hour
$21.00 whole day
Site Cost$ 762.00
Speakers Cost$ 101.71
Other Costs$ 847.38

Interesting Stats         Class Statistics          Comments from Attendees

Interesting Stats
Speakers 44
Session Hours 77
Repeat hours 2 (2.6%)
Unique Hours 75
Canceled Hours4
Approx Attendance55
Number of hours attended / 7 55
Adult hours attended385
Child hours attended0
Average attendance per session-hour5.27
Most popular non-keynote sessionSpeaking Medievally (14)
Groups ParticipatingSCA


Basic Bobbin LacemakingAromatherapy Practicum988 and All That: An Introduction to Early Russian SocietyAdvanced ChainmailArchaeological Reconstruction of a Medieval VillageAlcoholBlack Death
Fortune TellingArthurian LegendsBagpipes for BeginnersArmour through the AgesBasic Armouring TechniquesBardic ApprenticeshipExpulsion of the Jews
Gothic Cathedrals A Building Built by Grace (In Personna)Bawdy Songs & Love BalladsEarly Reed InstrumentsBeginner's Guide to HerbologyBeginners Tablet WeavingBrocaded Tablet WeavingGaming at the turn of the Sixteenth Century
JugglingBeginner's ChainmailGames - Early Norse and Anglo-SaxonBow MakingDomination and Submission in the Middle Ages (Adults Only)Dame Medinia's AcedemyHistorical Interpretation for Re-enactors
BlacksmithingBuild A Friction DrumGames at the time of the Hundred Years WarDangerous Beauties: the lives of courtesans in Renaissance and Early modern ItalyLeatherWork
On Rope (Practicum)Folk Drumming in the OrientHolidays & HistoryEnglish Country DanceItalian Renaissance DanceEmbroidery (Practicum)Stripping an Elizabethian Lady
Peasant LifeGames - what were being played where and whenIntroduction to Historical DanceMedieval MenusScottish LifeEnglish and Scottish popular music (Practicum) 
SilverPoint Drawing (In Personna)GypsiesOral CulturePewter CastingSpicesFeast Ettiquette 
Stories from the Middle EastHistory of Bagpipes 101Shopping with Sylard - What a Norseman needs to own! (In Personna)The Real BraveheartStories & Songs From CamelotHeraldry 
 IlluminationWomen In History - WritersSex and the Church (Adults Only)Women in History - CrusadersHerbal Workshop 
 Saxon Heritage (In Personna) CANCELLED- Word-gold! Profit from the Viking Sagas The History of Bladed Weapons - from the dawn of time to the firearm 
 Wood Carving (Practicum)   How do we know what we know? 
     Middle Eastern Dance 
     Speaking Medievally 

Class (Full List)Speaker (Full List)TimeAttendence
988 and All That: An Introduction to Early Russian SocietySusan Carroll-Clark, Ph.D.11:003
Advanced ChainmailGary Snyder1:153
Archaeological Reconstruction of a Medieval VillageGary Van Lingen2:1511
Armour through the AgesMark Patchett1:155
Aromatherapy PracticumTerra Jade Wallace10:006
Arthurian LegendsHeather Dale10:007
Bagpipes for BeginnersHalfdan Blackanvil11:000
Bardic ApprenticeshipSigurd3:304
Basic Armouring TechniquesMark Patchett2:157
Basic Bobbin LacemakingSarah Scroggie9:000
Bawdy Songs & Love BalladsRichard Schweitzer10:007
Beginner's ChainmailGary Snyder10:002
Beginner's Guide to HerbologyPaddy Gillard-Bentley1:150
Beginners Tablet WeavingRob Schweitzer2:15 
Black DeathGary Van Lingen4:307
BlacksmithingAugustine du Charbonnieres9:003
Bow MakingMichael Kleinknecht1:156
Brocaded Tablet WeavingRob Schweitzer3:301
Build A Friction DrumRobyn Whystler1:158
CANCELLED- Word-gold! Profit from the Viking SagasCANCELLED1:15 
Dame Medinia's AcedemyMedinia3:300
Dangerous Beauties: the lives of courtesans in Renaissance and Early modern ItalyInes de Rusconi3:3011
Domination and Submission in the Middle Ages (Adults Only)Ines de Rusconi2:155
Early Reed InstrumentsRobyn Whystler11:002
Embroidery (Practicum)Larisa Kallaur-Telford3:305
English Country DanceBernadette Steinhauser1:156
English and Scottish popular music (Practicum)CANCELLED3:30 
Expulsion of the JewsZadok ben Soloman ibn Alfakhar4:301
Feast EttiquetteJanet Lloyd3:305
Folk Drumming in the OrientKnott Maelsson10:002
Fortune TellingMaddelena bala Kameskro9:0010
Games - Early Norse and Anglo-SaxonJim McColm11:001
Games - what were being played where and whenJim McColm10:001
Games at the time of the Hundred Years WarJim McColm2:152
Gaming at the turn of the Sixteenth CenturyJim McColm4:303
Gothic Cathedrals A Building Built by Grace (In Personna)Richard Larmer9:004
GypsiesMaddelena bala Kameskro10:005
HeraldryBernadette Steinhauser3:303
Herbal WorkshopPaddy Gillard-Bentley3:303
Historical Interpretation for Re-enactorsDarrell Markewitz4:303
History of Bagpipes 101Halfdan Blackanvil10:002
Holidays & HistoryGwyneth ferch Gryffydd11:005
How do we know what we know?Adrienne Dandy3:301
Introduction to Historical DanceRosina del Bosco Chiaro11:008
Introduction to the SCABernadette Steinhauser, Neil Peterson10:00, 1,1
Italian Renaissance DanceRosina del Bosco Chiaro2:156
Medieval FashionsDanute Dorion9:00, 3,2
Medieval MenusJo Duke1:158
Middle Eastern DanceMoria The Black3:309
On Rope (Practicum)Ken Cook9:002
Oral CultureSigurd11:002
Peasant LifeAdrienne Dandy9:003
Pewter CastingRichard Schweitzer1:157
Saxon Heritage (In Personna)Ken Cook10:001
Scottish LifeEalasaid Loginach na Kildare2:157
Sex and the Church (Adults Only)Susan Carroll-Clark, Ph.D.1:1511
Shopping with Sylard - What a Norseman needs to own! (In Personna)Darrell Markewitz11:007
SilverPoint Drawing (In Personna)J Caz Bentley9:004
Speaking MedievallyBrand Thorwaldsson3:3014
SpicesJanet Lloyd2:154
Stories & Songs From CamelotHeather Dale2:153
Stories from the Middle EastFionn MacRuarrie9:005
Stripping an Elizabethian LadyGwendolyn Rosamond4:307
The History of Bladed Weapons - from the dawn of time to the firearmDarrell Markewitz3:305
The Real BraveheartHeather Dale1:153
Women In History - WritersAdrienne Dandy11:004
Women in History - CrusadersAdrienne Dandy2:157
Women in History - Roles of WomenEalasaid Loginach na Kildare3:302
Wood Carving (Practicum)J Caz Bentley10:005

Which Class did you like the most? Why?
  • Arthurian Legends - great topic, enthusiastic and organized instructor
  • Arthurian legends - well organized and knowledgeable teacher
  • Arthurian Legends - Heather Rocks!
  • Domination
  • Domination - Bizarre Topic and enthusiastic instructor
  • Archaeology of Med. Villages/ Blackdeath - well researched, organized, objective
  • Black Death - informative
  • Herbal workshop - Enjoyed hands on aspect and interest in natural healing
  • Herbal workshop - fascinating
  • History of knives - knowledgeable teacher w/ excellent displays
  • History of knives
  • Basic Armouring - good presentation
  • Expulsion of Jews from Spain - well prepíd, not a lot of generalities
  • Illumination and Dance
  • Medieval Games
  • Speaking Medieval - covered a wide area of important and informative material on an interesting manner
  • All that attended
  • Woodworking - wealth of information
  • Illumination - very enjoyable
  • Sylardís shopping - depth and range of knowledge
  • Shopping with Sylard

What class did you like least? Why?
  • Medieval women - not enough detail
  • Medieval Menus - class seemed to second-guess instructor
  • Women in history /writers - instructor was disorganized
  • Women in History /writers - disorganized
  • Medieval women writers - lacked focus
  • Peasant Life - least preparation
  • Peasant life - Teacher not able to fill time
  • Leather work - hoped to see examples of technique
  • Italian Dance - too hard to learn
  • Sex and the Church - Presenter wasnít comfortable, spoke too fast

What other classes would you like to see?
  • Torture
  • 14th or 15th Century Italian Renaissance
  • Music
  • Medieval myths
  • Joan of Arc
  • Renaissance Women/ women writers
  • Warfare for beginners (tactics, etc.)
  • Higher level classes
  • Renaissance Cryptography and Espionage
  • Persona efforts

How did you hear about us?
  • E Ė List
  • Attended previously (6th collegium attended)
  • Attended last years event, (Internet for previous year)
  • 7 x in the SCA
  • FITP letter <prev. attendee>
  • Tidings
  • 6x friends

  • Really well done.
  • Mighty quiet around here
  • More info in tidings
  • The site seemed more together this year; excellent to have exclusive site (directions need to be better)
  • Rm. 202 is hot, small and stuffy; there is also no blackboard
  • Very unhappy with this years web site. Hard to read, impossible to print out. Poorly organized, hard to register, directions poor, maybe a map will help.
  • Website needs improvement. Needs to be easier to read, need a map to find the place
  • Medieval games should be longer
  • Signs to site please, need map
  • Thought there was a broad choice of seminars
  • Directions difficult to use
  • Wonderful
  • Too many parallel classes
  • Nice location but out of the way if you donít have a car