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AEMMA - The Academy of Medieval Martial Arts is an organization devoted to the research and resurrection of Western Martial Arts. It is AEMMA's goal through study, practice and education to elevate Western Martial Arts to a level equal to that enjoyed by Eastern Martial Arts in our culture today. Brian Mcilmoyle is the lead instructor of AEMMA's Toronto chapter and Co-Founder of the AEMMA organization. Brian has been practicing and studying Swordsmanship for 17 years.
Class: Principals of Medieval Combat

Helewis atte Tunesende is a small Suffolk landholder trying to keep body and soul together while her king is off fighting Saladin. Adrienne Dandy is a documentation manager at a software company who lives in Toronto with her books.
Classes: Debunking Myths of the Middle Ages
               English History

Anne Cox is an obstetrical nurse who is an amateur textile enthusiast with special interest in Western Europe from 900 to 1400 AD.
Classes: Medicine
               Warp Weighted Loom

Yoshikuri Nagayo is a samauri from the late 1500's. The son of a powerful Daimyo, he came to Europe to find the assassin of his father and restore is family's honour.
Class: Japan - Beginning of the Edo Period

The Dark Ages Recreation Company works to create an environment that stresses historic re-creation of the early Middle Ages through the use of strict historic role playing and authenticity guidelines regulated by peer review. The events will be centered upon Northern Europe, in the period from 850 -1000 AD. Our events are primarily centered on the 'camp', and stress reproducing lifestyle and artifact use (experimental archaeology). Today's Instructors will include Darrell Markewitz, Neil Peterson, Dori and Pierre LaFontaine, and David Cox
Class: Viking Talk

Daniel No bio yet
Class: Mathematics

Alyce de Sheppey is a noble woman of the Middle Ages. She was born on the Isle de Sheppey and has travelled far and wide exploring her Norman roots and tasting the pleasures of other places. Danute Dorion is a contract worker whose experience is as diverse as her Medieval pursuits.
Class: Head Gear

Master Sylard of Eagleshaven is also Darrell Markewitz
Class: 'Damn things', 'Aunt Janes', and other oddities

Grimmbold Thorbjornsson is a late tenth century Norseman who is both a farmer and a stopgap blacksmith and carpenter. David Cox works as a machinist in Scarborough. He has pursued Norse and Medieval research for the past seven years and frequently volunteers as a resource person for schools and museums.
Class: Viking Hoaxes

Blahuciak Pan Volodymyr Blahuciak Esquire is a 13th -14th century Halician nobleman. Known for his esoteric knowledge and research, he is currently researching the history of the borderlands, now currently known as Ukraine. David Blanchard is a technical writer, who spends most of his spare time hunting down information on Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages.
Classes: The Baltic Crusade
               Military Orders in the Middle Ages

Garwig der Waffenschmidt was born in Sussex, England just before the turn of the 10th century. Orphaned in his fourth year he was apprenticed to a local smith from whom he learned the basics of metalworking. Caught up by a call to battle from the local thegn, he perforce learned the art of repair and manufacture of armour - specifically chainmail. For his skill he soon acquired the title of "der waffenschmidt" - weapon or armour smith. Gary Snyder is a Kitchener grandfather working for Ontario Hydro and has been with the SCA for 11 years.
Classes: Advanced Chainmail
               Beginner's Chainmail

No Bio Exists
Class: Viking Ship Building

The Honourable Lady Gwendoline Rosamond is an English Lady who spent her childhood following her Diplomatic father through the various courts of Europe. Her favorite place aside from Elizabeth's glittering court is the Spanish court where she met her husband. She is a very busy lady who loves to shop and can be found working on additions to her wardrobe, doing illumination or making bobbin lace and trying to avoid collecting new hobbies.Danielle Nunn-Weinberg works for an Internet company where she tracks down fraudulent users. She is also a graduated gemmologist, a budding jewellery designer, and a soon-to-be grad student.
Class: The Painted Face: cosmetics in the Middle Ages

Lady Marian of Heatherdale is the daughter of a Scottish lord, in the time of King Edward Longshanks' occupation of the North. She is doing her bit for the rebellion by suffering through an alliance marriage on a prosperous, civilized estate in sunny France. Heather Marian Dale is a professional songwriter and performer in the Toronto area. She has recently released her first CD of original songs based on Britain's King Arthur legends, called "The Trial of Lancelot".
Classes: Arthurian Legends
               The Real Braveheart

Brigit NicLarkin of Galway is a 9th century Celt who has been brought back to Iceland as a wife of a Northman. She enjoys sewing, weaving, embriodery and the bardic arts. Heather Galoska is in her third year at Trent University completing a major in English with a specialization in Medieval Literature and a minor in math.
Class: Reading Middle English

Lady Helen of Greyfells is an English lady of the early 15th century. She takes great interest in her wardrobe, and that of others, including her cousins in France. Helen Dolbey is a professional seamstress who has run her own custom bridal business, and worked for the Mounties, in thier custom uniform workshop. She lives in Ottawa with her darling fiance, Michael Ansfrid.
Classes: Cotehardies from Greenland Gowns
               14th century Sewing and textile information

Gierhaerdt of Hildeschiem is a local chain-mail knitter. Weekdays he can be found in his shop building or repairing link armour for the pagans, and sabotaging armour for the Christians. Weekends he can be found drinking his profits in nearby Einbeck, where Bock beer will be invented 100 years after he dies. His hobbies include middle-eastern drumming, reading Germanic runes, and playing with things that go BANG and THUD. Jerry Penner is a 34 year-old electronic design engineer working for a small firm in London, where he designs and builds robots and commercial automation. He knits and sells chain mail in several local shops, and in his spare time plays with things that go BANG and THUD.
Class: Siege Attack Weapons - Theory and Practice

Raffe Scholemaystre is the household tutor living at Scarborough castle in 1380. Jim McColm is a grade 8 Special Education teacher in the area that used to be Scarborough Ont.
Class: Games

The Honourable Lord Thevenin de la Cote d'Azure, Esquire is a mild mannered 14th C nobleman, also of good reputation, who enjoys championing his lady at grand tournaments. Known for his skills in a plentitude of sciences, he is a competent metalsmith and clothier. Kevin Jarbeau is a counsellor for a NGO, who spends most of his spare time planning and researching projects to do; the rest of his time is spent getting around to doing them.
Class: Belt Making

Kseniia Nikolaeva doch' is the youngest of five children living in her father's home in Iur'ev, a town west of Novgorod. Her life is currently being debated between her mother's desire for her to be a nun, her father's desire to marry her off, and her own desire to be her own woman. Kristina Jarvis is a somewhat part-time student in post-secondary school who is trying to reach her dream of being a journalist.
Class: Running a Russian Household in 1550

Rawnie Maddelaina bala Kameskro is a fifteenth century gypsy fortuneteller. Dale Gray is a housewife who busies herself raising a child
Classes: Gypsies
               Reading the Tarot

Wilfrid of Sweflingham appears at a number of points in history (occasionally under the aliases of Thorgeirr, Edmund or William), but is rarely found far from his bow. Marcus Burnham is a research geochemist living in Sudbury, where he tortures rocks until they reveal their secrets.
Class: Fletching

Viscount Edward the Red is a Norman knight who fought in the battle of Hastings, and later settled in northern England. Mark Patchett is a Software developer, a proud father, a die-hard weekend warrior, and a dabbler in various arts such as armouring, mail making, leather working, and woodworking ( and anything else he can fit into his dwindling spare time. )
Class: Basic Armouring Techniques

William Stalker was born in 1050 in the Orkney's of mixed Norse and Scottish descent. He spends most of his time hawking leather goods and archery supplies. Michael Kleinknecht is an insurance broker in Waterloo.
Class: Bowyer's Tools

Mohasaba is a Turkish lady who enjoys Middle Eastern dancing, and travelling to other countries to merchant. She is learning how to brew (for the infidels as Allah forbids her from drinking what she makes). She dances in the Arabic style, however she likes meeting dancers from far away lands and learning (stealing) their dance moves. Lori-Lee Craig has been dancing for over 7 years. She takes and teaches Middle Eastern dance class. She was part of a Cabaret dance troupe for a year but found she liked dancing in the SCA better as a student of Moria the Black. She enjoys the many aspects of different cultures, but mostly the food. She works as an Accounts Payable Clerk for TDL Group in Oakville. She also enjoys making pinata's, doing illumination, merchanting at events. She is also very much a cat person.
Classes: Middle Eastern Dance for beginners
               The Mysteries of Henna Unveiled

Ragnarr "Silfarhandleggur" Thorbergsson Kennari is a tired old ex-viking who now makes his living as a trader. Never one to give up a fun hobby he is still making trouble wherever possible. Neil Peterson is a software development manager. In his spare time he is a student of Archaeology at Wilfrid Laurier University and works with many groups to promote an appreciation of Norse History.
Class: Introduction to the SCA

Pavel is a little confused. Paul Woodard is a research officer for the government of Canada and is only slightly less confused.
Classes: Cross-stitch 101

Piero di Paxiti da Vincenza is a man well-known to the authorities in Venice, who travels with caution, drinks in moderation, and very rarely speaks of his work. Peter Westergaard is a software consultant who travels too often and a part-time web developer, who likes brewing, dancing (all eras), singing, and entertaining the idea that he'll actually learn to play the guitar.
Classes: Code making: A Study
               Code breaking: A Practice

Martin of Wismar, AoA, OGO, AG and Ealdormere's KMoAS is a sculpturer, pewter-caster, bard and musician from early 14th century Germany. Richard Schweitzer of Mount Forest, BA, BEd isn't much different except he's paid to teach it rather than do it.
Classes: Bardic Arts
               Pewter Casting

Lord Rufus of Stamford is a Saxon born in 1098 in the village of Stamford, with a great many hobbies and interests to keep himself busy. Some of these hobbies include tablet weaving, archery, leather work (primarily bottles), choral singing, and playing the harp. Robert Schweitzer is a chemistry teacher in Toronto.
Classes: Beginner's Tablet Weaving
               Double Faced Tablet Weaving

Roeloff Dolderson
No Bio Exists
Class: Knife Sharpening

Roselyne de l'Estrangere is a 13th century noblewoman. Having received an extraordinarily bookish education, she has no the less managed to marry a handsome Italian Noble and is expecting their first child. Sue Kronfield is a Ph.D. student at the center for Medieval studies at the University of Toronto. Coincidentally, she is also expecting a baby.
Class: Middle English as a second Language

Rosmuire Findlay ne Farqhar lives in the 14th century as the daughter of a Scottish Laird. Linda Watson is a married (and harried) mother of two with a yen for historical costuming. She has been involved in the SCA in some form since 1989.
Class: Basic Fashion

Emma Dansmeyla is a post viking Dane. Sarah Scroggie just graduated university in Computer Science and Technichal Theatre and is currently looking for a job.
Classes: Introduction to Rennaissance Dance

Lady Selena Fairhyrst of York is a 14th C woman of good reputation with an eye for nice fabric and interested in all things made from cloth and metal. Selena Mann is a cartography student at Sir Sanford Fleming College who enjoys gardening, canoeing and camping.
Class: Belt Making

Seonag NicThomais is the youngest of six children and the only daughter of Laird Connor MacThomas. Born in 1347, Seonag left her family to avoid an arranged marriage and now resides in Septentria. Skilled with bow and sword she earns her keep as a mercenary. Sandy Woodhouse is a chemical analyst for Environment Canada
Classes: Beginner's Hand Drumming
               Intermediate Hand Drumming
               Making Mead

Streonwold Wulfesbana is an 11th century Saxon blacksmith/merchant, forced into several voyages to the Mediterranean as a result of the political climate in his homeland after a certain Duke landed in 1066. He has traded, fought, and played with many of the peoples in the fertile crescent, and this is where he learned to love the Arabic hand drum. Steve Benetti is a Machined Parts Planner at a local aerospace firm who relieves the industrial boredom, working iron at the forge, playing drums, and fighting in heavy armour.
Classes: Beginner's Hand Drumming
               Entertaining with Drums
               Intermediate Hand Drumming

Lady TerraJade Wallace is an early 1300s Welsh woman who travels and merchants with her husband. She was trained by her mother in the ways of the apothecary to care for her family and servants. Linday Kleinknecht has been a registered massage therapist for the past seven years and working with aromatherapy.
Class: Aromatherapy

Tim Jennings is the general manager for one of Canada's leading family theatre companies. He has worked as a professor of theatre production at both the College and University level. Tim has an almost fanatic interest in traditional folk music and the "bardic tradition", and explores these areas as his primary interest in the SCA
Class: Poetics

Valizan No bio yet
Class: Beginner's Middle Eastern Dance for Men

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