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Machining services

We have a shop rate that is very competitive with the industry and if your project is outside the working envelope of our current machinery, we can successfully manage the subcontracting of the project to area industry.


Our 3 Axis CNC milling machine is capable of working within an envelope of 9.0 inches on the X axis, 6.0 inches on the Y-Axis and 9.0 inches on the Z-axis to close tolerances. Files in popular CAD/CAM formats are easily transformed into programming for our work center.  


Our shop can turn pieces up to 2.0 inches in diameter in steel, aluminum alloys, brass, bronze and copper.  We do larger pieces of more exotic materials in partnership with leading machine shops in the area.  


Mars Soil Simulant

What is MDS-2 simulant?
MDS-2 is the result of the second series of experiments using Mermaid Dunes data from the Mars Pathfinder mission by NASA in 1997. The material is made of selected compounds based on alpha x-ray spectra data returned by the Mars Pathfinder mission and new understandings of Mars geology. The material is manufactured and processed to mimic the Mermaid Dunes morphology.

We believe it is vital that any Martian simulant used in research should be analogous to known sites on Mars and keyed to data obtained from those sites. Just as there can be no single "Earth simulant," Martian simulant is as varied as the locations where it was sampled.


What makes MDS-2 unique?
While other available soil simulants are processed terrestrial soils from a characterized geographical location, Harder Gissing simulants are manufactured from industrially pure chemical compounds and as such are not classified as a biological soil material. The manufacturing process allows us to create a sterile material that can be shipped without the restrictions that would normally be placed on a processed soil material. The simulant is also minerally and morphologically consistent from batch to batch due to controls in its manufacture. With processed organic soil simulants, there can be variations in the material due to variances in its deposition in the area it is being quarried.