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Each year we get a number of questions from attendees. A number of the more common ones are answered here.

Who attends FITP (will I enjoy the talks)?
Attendees for FITP are drawn from a broad range of society. There may be undergraduate or graduate students, faculty, re-enactors from a range of groups, other speakers, and the general public. The speakers are aware that these different groups of people will be attending and try to make sure their session descriptions clearly tell you what will be covered and what level of experience they expect.

Is lunch provided?
There is a caterer who will have lunches available but you will have to pay for your own lunch - usually around $10.

Will there be vendors?
A number of vendors will be present at FITP. The exact list changes each year. Please see the Vendor's list for this year's list.

Where is FITP?
FITP will be held at the Bricker Academic Building at Wilfrid Laurier University. There is no specific address for the building but entering 30 Bricker Ave, Waterloo, ON into your map software is approximately correct.

Where do I park?
Please be careful parking as the university will issue tickets even on weekends. The restrictions on parking are available on-line. We suggest either lot 7 or on Bricker Ave, but there are many other lots you can use. A parking map is also available on-line.

I want to speak. Who do I talk to?
Please have a look at our Call for Sessions

What kinds of talks are offered?
Normal session types include:

How does a materials fee work?
Materials fees may be requested to cover the cost of materials provided to the attendees. An example of such a fee would be a piece of bone for a bone carving session. Such fees are kept as low as possible and requested on a cost-only basis. We provide each attendee who has paid the fee a ticket at the registration desk. If you do not have that ticket the speaker will not provide you with the materials.

Are the presentations/papers published?
Each year any speaker may submit their notes or papers. These are juried and approved submissions are put up on the articles page.

Contact us if you have any questions or suggestions