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Speaker FAQ

Each year we get a number of questions from prospective speakers. A number of the more common ones are answered here.

Is there a projector/computer I can use?
Each room is equipped with a media centre, whiteboard (often without markers), overhead projector, and motorized screen. WLU maintains a website listing the contents of each room on this website. The media center has a VGA cable that can be connected to your laptop if you are comfortable with using your laptop to project. There is also a USB cable where you can plug in a key which will connect to the computer in the desk. There is also a digital camera with a built in light that can be used to show physical objects. The projection system can be turned on with a long press of the ON button on the desk. There are also buttons to select the built in computer (PC), DVD player (DVD), Overhead Camera, or Laptop (Laptop) as the source for the projector.

What is the makeup of the audience for these talks?
Attendees for the sessions are drawn from a broad range of society. There may be undergraduate or graduate students, faculty, re-enactors from a range of groups, other speakers, and the general public in your session. Their previous knowledge of the subject will therefore vary widely, as will their interest in your topic.

What do I have to pay?
Speakers do not pay an admission fee. You will have to pay for your own lunch - usually around $10. If you choose to attend a session that has a materials fee you will be asked to pay that fee.

Is lunch provided?
There is a caterer who will have lunches available but you will have to pay for your own lunch - usually around $10.

Where is FITP?
FITP will be held at the Bricker Academic Building at Wilfrid Laurier University. There is no specific address for the building but entering 30 Bricker Ave, Waterloo, ON into your map software is approximately correct.

Where do I park?
Please be careful parking as the university will issue tickets even on weekends. The restrictions on parking are available on-line. We suggest either lot 7 or on Bricker Ave, but there are many other lots you can use. A parking map is also available on-line.

I want to speak. Who do I talk to?
Submissions for presentations are due Jun 1, 2018 and may be submitted to Neil Peterson. See the call for speakers page for more details.

What should my submission include?
Submissions must include the session title, type of session planned, session description and speaker(s) biography. Descriptions and biographies should be 75-250 words. Examples can be seen in last years speakers and sessions.

I'd like to speak but I'm not sure what to talk about?
It is best to speak about something that you are passionate about. If you have several topics that interest you - you might want to look at the sessions that have been offered in the past, or the requests people have made. You can also contact Neil Peterson to discuss any idea you have.

How long is a session?
Sessions are 50 minutes long including the Q&A session. There is a ten minute break between sessions - Please help us stay on time do not go over your 50 minutes. If the speaker before you is not done at the 55 minute mark please do go into the room and begin setting up your session. Both your attendees and you have an expectation of being able to start on time and not be made late for their next session. If required a single topic can span multiple sessions, this is most common in hands-on workshops that require additional time to work on the craft/skill being taught. Session times can be seen here.

What kinds of talks can I offer?
Normal session types include:

What if I want to do something different?
Please email Neil Peterson and talk over your idea.

It is going to cost me to provide materials for the attendees in my session. Can you re-imburse me?
Materials fees may be requested to cover the cost of materials provided to the attendees. An example of such a fee would be a piece of bone for a bone carving session. Such fees should be kept as low as possible and provided on a cost-only basis. Please consider other options before providing handouts - we can host files on our webserver for example. We will be happy to collect this fee for you during our registration process. We provide each attendee who has paid a ticket. You should collect those tickets and bring them to the registration desk. We will provide you cash in exchange for the tickets. We will ONLY provide you cash for the tickets you give us not for the number of people in your session.

Can my presentation/paper be published?
Each year we accept submissions of presentations, notes, and papers. These are juried and the selected ones are published on our articles page. You are not required to submit your materials but are encouraged to do so.

Contact us if you have any questions or suggestions